How A Women's Welding Helmet Makes A Difference

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June 3, 2021
Women’s Welding Helmet

It’s not enough to say that having personal protective equipment (PPEs) means it will be widely accessible to welders of all shapes, sizes, and sexes. In fact, many women nowadays are still prone to injury at work due to having the wrong welding helmet on, together with incorrect fittings for other safety gear.

This brings certain questions to our attention, such as the price of a proper welding helmet for women and what kind of workplace dangers the right helmet can eliminate. 

This article will discuss the problems related to protective equipment for women, three key features of female welding helmets, and what brands you should consider.

Tired of the same fitting of safety gears that obstruct your productivity for the day? You don’t have to be patient with the wrong kind of protective gear; remember that your safety must always come first. Read on to find out more about female-designed personal protective equipment today!

Women’s Personal Protective Equipment

It is rare to find personal protective equipment for female welding operators due to their population size in the welding community. According to the Bureau of Labor Statistics, women comprise about 5% of the welding community, making it relatively rare to find a welding marketplace catered for women.

Aside from the scarcity of welding helmets and other welding safety gear, there are other problems related to what female welders have testified regarding standard-sized or styled welding helmets. Here are two noteworthy points and primary reasons why women are unable to execute basic welding techniques:

  1. They are uncomfortable wearing the regular male welding helmet.
  2. They are at risk of exposure to flames and other toxic chemicals.

To prove the points above, here are some detailed characteristics and observations concerning universal-sized welding helmet fittings and why a female welder's helmet is necessary for all female welders.

  • Customized or personalized welding helmets can be unreasonably expensive.
  • Not all welding shops can provide smaller-sized welding helmets for women.
  • Even the smallest welding helmet tends to be huge for women to see anything.
  • When ordering a custom helmet, it needs to be made from scratch to be fully functional.
  • Should female welders have no other resources, they need to personally rearrange, fix, and alter their most available helmets in any way they can to use them.

The common misconception is that people think wearing PPEs is enough when wearing the wrong kind can lead to a series of disasters, project mistakes, and irreversible accidents, including the following:

  1. Open flame burns
  2. Scratches
  3. Bruises
  4. Deep cuts

While it may be difficult to go by these accommodations, several manufacturing companies have made the effort to give female welders the most comfortable and safe welding gears to get their workpieces finished.

Say goodbye to all the hazards at work because personal protective equipment for women is just around the corner. With the presence of this initiative, female welders don't have to travel far and wide.

Not only that, this initiative has made a difference by opening several companies' product lines to various welding operators across all shapes, sizes, sexes, and personal tastes. This is not only a creative milestone but a powerful engine to invite other people to join the welding community.

Women’s Welding Helmet

Now that we see the importance of personal protective equipment among women, it is crucial to take a closer look at the functions of a women's welding helmet. Besides understanding what they are, we will underline the 3 elements that make up the best women's welding helmet.

Our basis will be grounded on its differences from a regular men's welding helmet, the types of existing models of women's welding helmets, and the affordability of women's welding helmets available in stores today.

Key Differences

While a women's welding helmet is not at par with the men's welding helmets, their main difference lies in comfort, convenience, and creative design. The women's collection would typically comprise an easy-to-use auto-darkening welding feature for hobbyists, farmers, DIY enthusiasts, construction workers, and maintenance staff.

A female welder's helmet is provided with a key feature to see clearly while fixing the helmet in place to protect their heads. These helmets also come with an auto-darkening filter (ADF), wherein you get excellent optical clarity even in 0.1 milliseconds. Thus, it is perfect for arc welding procedures where welding operators frequently employ MIG and TIG cutting torches or welders.

If you think that this is the only feature a women’s welding helmet has, there is also an effective women’s auto-darkening welding helmet that comes with three selectable sensitivity settings:

  1. A normal setting used for most types of welding processes
  2. A close-range friendly setting for the welders who work nearby
  3. A low-current setting for projects that require stable arc welding

The ideal welding helmet should also have an integrated user-selectable dark shade, and a light and dark time filter switch to maximize every female welder’s experience. In summation, the welding helmets of women should have the same performance as the common male's helmet. They would only diverge in terms of aesthetic design (e.g., color, shape), purpose, and type of welding activity.

Welding Helmet Model

If you are interested in exploring your women’s welding helmet options, we highly recommend that you check out any Lincoln products offered in your nearest welding retail store. They offer welding helmet models specially designed for female welders with promising aesthetic and functional attributes.

Finally checked out the store but don't know what to buy yet? Underneath, you will find two of their amazing women's welding gear and why women are pleased to find these being sold in physical stores and online:


This product is described to be Lincoln's latest evolution because of its mid-priced auto-darkening classification. It provides the best optical quality and is described by our team of experts to be an improved headgear anchored on flexibility and user comfort.

Showcasing a 4C lens technology upgrade, this welding helmet can improve image visibility while reducing eye strain. It does this wonder by minimizing the helmet view screen's traditional lime green coloring.


This product can be packaged together into one bundle to meet every female welder's demands for helmet specifications and accessories. It also operates through solar energy and has an auto-darkening effect like the 2450 Jessi Welding Helmet, with the same additional features.

To meet every female welder’s demands for helmet specifications and accessories, this product can be packaged together into one bundle. What makes this another good option is its sensitivity and dark to light delay controls; it can be adjusted to accommodate different welding procedures and work environments.

To learn more about Lincoln women’s welding helmets, you may check out similar products on Amazon.

Helmet Affordability

The price range for women’s welding helmets varies depending on the manufacturing company. Ideally, they would have the same cost as a men’s welding helmet, starting at $30.00 per item.

While reviews would say that the women’s type costs more due to the number of female buyers for welding tools versus the target market, there will always be sales and specific brands that target construction and welding tools for women.


There's no doubt that more and more women are engaging in construction and welding-related activities. Evidently, a piece of welding helmet can make a difference as we continue to expand the welding community across all sectors in society. 

While it is a small victory to learn about manufacturing companies that produce supplies of women's welding helmets and other personal protective equipment, these milestones should not be underestimated.

For as long as we promote welding helmets and other safety gears at people's convenience, great things are sure to happen in the welding industry. Did this article help you? Let us know what you think by sharing your insights in the comments.

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