Welding Helmet Stickers and Where To Buy Them

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April 8, 2021
welding helmet stickers

Welding doesn’t have to be tedious and serious. With all the hard work welders put into their work to render excellent output, they deserve a bit of fun. Let these custom welding helmet stickers bring out the fun and camaraderie in the workplace, but not without learning important safety tips first.

“Funny welding helmet stickers” ranks high up on a welder’s most searched terms. It’s good to know welders can still keep it light in spite of their heavy-duty line of work. Helmets not only give welding operators protection from common work hazards but also serve as blank canvases for cool welding helmet stickers. But as with the different tools used in their occupation, welders should still practice a certain amount of caution with these fun accessories.

Safety Tips in Using Welding Helmet Stickers

Before you check the stores where you can buy cool welding helmet stickers, here are some tips on how you can enjoy while maintaining your safety. 

  1. Position the sticker properly: Ensure that the place where you will put the sticker does not inhibit you from performing your welding tasks efficiently. For instance, do not put the sticker in areas that will block your view. If you are wearing a full helmet, do not cover any air passage.
  2. Stick just the correct number of stickers: When you’re looking for welding helmet stickers, you’ll discover a bunch of different welding helmet sticker packs being sold online and offline. Keep yourself from using all of them and filling your welding helmet with stickers. 
  3. Use stickers solely for design: While stickers have medium-strength adhesives, don’t make the mistake of using them to cover any dents on your helmet. You should take your helmet to repair experts right away to avoid any possible danger. 

Dangers of Welding Helmet Stickers You Should Watch Out For

According to experts on construction safety, here is the list of the disadvantages of using stickers for welding helmets. 

  1. Not having a full helmet inspection: Stickers on a welding helmet could hinder a full assessment with some parts being covered. There may be cracks or quality decline in your helmet that wouldn’t be accessible to safety personnel for inspection. 
  2. Adhesives slowly affect the helmet's protection quality: Before using welding helmet stickers, check the materials and chemicals used for the adhesives. Ensure that it would not affect your helmet's quality like other adhesives do. 
  3. Risk of electric resistance: This is an extreme danger that rarely happens but is still a concern according to the Occupational Safety and Health Administration (OSHA). Always check the state of your helmet before putting the stickers on.

Ten Stores Where You Can Buy Welding Helmet Stickers

Now that you know the dos and don'ts of using stickers, you are now ready to hunt for some fun sticker packs. We have listed here ten stores where you can find funny welding helmet stickers that can make an otherwise serious welding place lighter and more fun.

  1. Moonstone Rose

You’ll love the hilarious designs Moonstone Rose has. Their funny welding helmet stickers include the following:

  • My thoughts are dirty, but my welds are clean.
  • World’s Okayest Welder
  • Welder, noun. (wel-der) A person who fixes stuff you can’t.
  • Welding. It’s like sewing with fire. 

You’ll have a good laugh in the workplace if you choose Moonstone Rose funny welding helmet stickers based on the text designs above.

  1. Zonon

Zonon offers welding helmet sticker packs containing 100 pieces of stickers with two copies for each design. This is great for when you want to give the entire department a motivational boost or reward for a hard day’s work. If there are several teams of welders in your company, the stickers on your helmets can be a fun way to identify yourself with your group. The designs are mostly visual rather than text-heavy.

The Zonon welding helmet stickers are durable. They are water and tear-resistant, so trust that they will stick on your helmet for a very long time.

  1. Kakembo Stickers and Decals

A hardcore job deserves hardcore accessories. Do you know the meaning of skull designs? Kakembo gives you all that and more with their sticker packs. Offering badass designs that may or may not warrant an “explicit” label, Kakembo is a treasure trove of cool welding helmet stickers for badass welders. Take a look at some of their text designs:

  • Burn with the best.
  • Weld like hell!
  • You reap what you weld. 
  • The Weldfather. 

Aside from having cool designs, Kakembo Stickers and Decals boast UV-resistant stickers that are also invulnerable to shrinking, wrinkling, and stretching, thanks to their 100% vinyl composition.


Another store where you’ll find the most amusing designs is BITEXPRESS. The store has assorted stickers with characters, texts, and a combination of both. They offer welding helmet sticker packs that can really lighten the mood in the workstation.

Some of the designs you can expect are the following:

  • Skilled labor isn’t cheap. Cheap labor isn’t skilled. 
  • Warning: Touching my tools may result in severe injury or death.
  • Warning: To avoid injury, do not tell me how to do my job.

These stickers can bring joy for a long time because they are made of vinyl that can withstand wrinkling, stretching, and even UV rays. Even rain and any liquid cannot penetrate its waterproof quality.


Most of the designs of FAVORGEAR have a general theme, so if you are looking for a break from welding, this is the store for you. FAVORGEAR sells welding helmet sticker packs of 50, and all of them are UV and water-resistant. They are durable and won’t wrinkle or tear easily. 

  1. Pudada

Welders are often portrayed as men and women with strength and ready to take on complex and detailed tasks. Pudada captures these characteristics through their designs featuring tough characters. The risk of danger is always present in the nature of a welder’s work; this is visually reflected on Pudada’s welding helmet stickers.

  1. Outus

Do you have a considerable team of welders of more than a hundred? Outus offers up to 300 stickers in their welding helmet sticker packs. With assorted designs, the group will not have a problem losing their helmets because of the same sticker designs. 

You can choose from skull designs, designs featuring the American flag, warning and caution designs, and more with this brand’s vast assortment.

The decals Outus offers have a laminated outer layer. So, in terms of durability, you are sure that it is water-resistant and will tear only after extremely long periods. 


“Danger: Stupid kills.” “Goal: Safety first.” These are just some of the texts included in RYUPLT’s catalog. It is at par with other stores' designs with a mix of skull, American flag, and construction safety signs designs. 

Welding helmet sticker packs of 100 are available, so you can surprise the team when you get to the workstation.

Under the rain or sun, RYUPLT’s quality remains solid as they are also resistant to water and IV rays. 


Funny welding helmet stickers at their finest are sold at AMAZINGSTICKERS. Stopping your laughter will be truly challenging when you see the texts on their designs. 

  • Some people just need a high-five in the face with a chair. 
  • Warning: Use my tool at your own risk.
  • Ask my foreman, he knows everything.
  • Keep calm, and oh, that’s the problem. 
  • You can’t fix stupid. Not even with duct tape. 
  • CSI. Can’t Stand Idiots.

The hilarious designs will certainly make any work area alive with good vibes and even better humor.

  1. Jackson Welding Helmet Stickers

The Jackson Welding Helmet Stickers offer only the best. They give your helmet a more sophisticated look with their chic designs. These include popular brands, such as Jack Daniels and John Deere. These cool welding helmet stickers can really turn your helmet into an awesome armor that will make you feel good no matter how challenging the weld.


Who knew welding could be this fun and exciting! Have this level of motivation every time you go to work. Flex your hilarious and cool welding helmet stickers to your workmates and spark fun conversations in the workplace. Just be mindful of the safety precautions before anything. Your safety should be top priority!

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