A Detailed Review of the Waylander Svalinn Welder's Blanket for a Smoker

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August 4, 2022
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It is no secret that welding can be a dangerous profession. Welders are constantly exposed to many dangers, including fires, explosions, and health hazards. Good thing experts have designed ways to minimize and even prevent those risks.

Welders and construction workers rely on their safety equipment to perform flawlessly every time – and that is why the Waylander Svalinn welder's blanket for a smoker is a valuable accessory for your protection. 

In this detailed review, we will take a closer look at what makes this welding blanket great and some of its key features and benefits. Let's explore! 

Waylander Svalinn Welding Blanket Smoker Cover: Under a Microscope

Waylander welding blanket in black
Source: https://webshop.waylanderwelding.com/

Waylander Welding has been fabricating safety apparel and welding blankets for years. They are created for welders and tested by welders. So rest assured, their products are made for safety in all welding conditions. 

Like all of their products, the Waylander welding blankets are specialized heat-resistant materials that protect you and your welding station from the extreme heat and sparks produced during welding. Check out the Svalinn welder's blanket for a smoker in detail. 

Fiberglass Blanket

Welding can easily damage your furniture and other objects nearby. You can easily ignite a fire with weld splatters and sparks, and the intense heat can cause serious burns, from flash burns to third-degree burns. 

Take extra precautions when welding with Waylander fiberglass blanket. Thanks to its high heat resistance, fiberglass fabric can withstand temperatures up to 1,000 degrees Fahrenheit. This makes it an ideal choice for welding blankets, which protect nearby workers and equipment from the intense heat of the welding process. 

Dual-Side Vermiculite Treatment 

On top of using a fiberglass fabric for fire protection, Waylander also uses vermiculite as another layer of protection. Vermiculite is a type of mineral that can withstand high temperatures. 

Thus, the Svalinn welding blanket can put out flames up to 1,400 degrees Fahrenheit with the combination of fiberglass and vermiculite.

Reinforced Kevlar Stitching

Kevlar thread is a high-strength, heat-resistant material used in a variety of applications. Its strength and heat resistance make it ideal for fire-resistant clothing, reinforcing tires, and making bulletproof vests. 

In addition, Kevlar does not break down in high heat, making it ideal for even aerospace and automotive applications. Waylanderuses Kevlar to stitch the ends of their welding blanket. Thanks to this flame-retardant material, the Syvalinn became the ultimate flame-proof material. 

Strengths of the Waylander Welder's Blanket 

Thermoplastic helmets, layered-leather gloves, and five level shades are many of the safety gear a welder must possess. The Waylander welder's blanket is a valuable protection for your safety and your surroundings. 

Here are the many reasons why the Waylander Syvalinn welders blanket for a smoker is a must-buy. 

Multi-Purpose Fire and Smoke Retardant 

Welding involves using high temperatures to melt metal, producing a lot of smoke. The Waylander blanket helps deflect the heat away from the welder and blocks out the smoke. This allows welders to work safely without inhaling harmful byproducts coming from their welds.

But you can use it for many other applications, despite it being called a welding blanket for a smoker. 

  • Protecting the floor surfaces or ground under a fire pit
  • Retaining smoke in the grill during cold weather 
  • Keeping the temperature steady in your smoker

Skin-Friendly Protection

Blankets with fiberglass have a harsher feel to them because they easily harden up when exposed to high temperatures. But due to infused Vermiculite, the Waylander blanket became tolerable for body protection. This makes the blanket low-irritant to the skin.  

Brass Grommets for Flexible Positioning 

While most grommets for welding blankets are metal, a brass grommet offers several advantages over other materials. Regarding thermal conductivity, a brass grommet is far more conductive than stainless steel or metal, making them less likely to break or tear. 

At first glance, brass grommets might not seem essential to a welder's blanket. However, these metal eyelets serve an important purpose: they give you the flexibility to hang the blanket in various ways. 

Whether you are using it to cover up your table or furniture, the grommets allow you to easily change the way the blanket is laid out. 

Reusable Safety Gear

Waylander tops its competitors due to its long lifespan. Due to its reinforced hem and dual heat-retardant materials, this welding blanket will last for many years, making it an excellent investment for any workshop. 

They are also much more convenient than disposable welding blankets, making them a cheaper option in the long run. 

Weakness of the Waylander Welding Blanket  

The Svalinn welding blanket comes in three different sizes: 

  • 3' x 3'
  • 6' x 4'
  • 6' x 6' 

At 6 ft by 6 ft, this welder's blanket is the perfect size for small welding projects. It is also large enough to cover an average height welder. However, other welders have larger welding equipment and space to cover, so sometimes, they end up buying two 6' x 6' Waylander blankets instead of one. 

We hope in the future Waylander can give larger sizes, so their welding blankets have extra cover for accidental fires. Having an 8' x 8' blanket will give Waylander a more competitive edge against other welding blanket brands.  

Waylander's Welding Blanket Can Handle the Heat

So, is the Waylander Svalinn welder's blanket a good investment for your safety needs? 

Overall, it is an excellent product that can help you fight fire with fiberglass and vermiculite. The skin-friendly fabric and brass grommets make it flexible and easy to use, while the multi-purpose fire and smoke retardant quality make it a valuable piece of safety gear. 

If you need more protection than this blanket can cover, check out our other reviews and buying guides at Welding Buddy to make perfect welds without slag!

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