Your Ultimate Guide to Choosing the Best BSX Welding Gloves

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May 7, 2021
BSX welding gloves

There are several criteria for a product to be hailed as the best of its kind. But in some cases, to each his own—the important thing is that it satisfies all your needs. Even if advertisements and word of mouth suggest that the brand is the best among its competitors, it does not mean it's the best for you.

In the same way, welding gloves will not be marked as the best welding gloves unless they give you the perfect fit.

This article will discuss the best BSX welding gloves that you can choose from. These gloves can be used for MIG, TIG, and stick welding, but there are specific types of gloves you’ll need. 

MIG Welding Gloves Must-Haves

For MIG Welding, the primary glove characteristic you should consider is heat protection. The MIG welding electric arc has heat levels ranging from 3,000-20,000°C. This is what you’ll be working with every day. While welding, the sparks coming from the welding material will be splattering, so well-fitting gloves offering heat protection are more than ideal—they’re necessary.

Here are the other MIG welding gloves characteristics you should look for:

  • Must be heat-resistant
  • Offers enough covering for the hands and part of the arm
  • Excellent stitching for durability
  • Perfect fit for movability and dexterity

BSX MIG Welding Gloves Characteristics

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BSX has MIG welding gloves for men and women. The BSX Angelfire Women's Stick MIG Welding Gloves are specially made for women. Both gloves can protect a MIG welder. Below are the characteristics. 

Premium grain pigskin: BSX MIG welding gloves are made of premium grain pigskin palm, ensuring utmost protection from burns. The material provides both comfort and movement abilities.

Cowhide back and cuff: The Cowhide material used for the back and cuff of the MIG welding glove makes the gloves resistant to metal sparks. They also serve as ultimate protection to your hand and arm.

Kevlar Stitching: Another characteristic of the BSX bm88 MIG welding gloves and BSX Angelfire Women's Stick MIG Welding Gloves is the Kevlar stitching. The stitching makes the gloves durable and longer-lasting than other gloves. You do not need to worry about sparks coming from welded material damaging your gloves because the Kevlar stitching is fire, spark, and abrasion-resistant. 

DragPatch and RestPatch: These particulars about the BSX BM88 MIG welding gloves are something welders would love not only because of the protection but also the comfort they provide. Your wrist, palm, and part of your arm are given additional cushion for you to comfortably weld. Materials used for the DragPatch and RestPatch are also fire and heat resistant. 

KeyStone Thumb Style: Despite MIG welding being less on the details than TIG welding, you can still achieve preciseness with this feature. The KeyStone index finger and thumb, which has fine-grain pigskin, allows accuracy, and the material used is excellent protection from fire and heat. 

BSX Angelfire Women's Stick MIG Welding Gloves sizing: Sizes are available for both men and women welders. 

TIG Welding Gloves Specifications

Compared with MIG welding, TIG welding needs more preciseness and eye for detail. That said, a pair of gloves that allows more movement while providing heat and fire protection is a must. Movability is the top priority over being fire-resistant as TIG welding does not involve much spark and splatter than MIG welding. 

BSX TIG Welding Gloves Characteristics

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BSX TIG Welding Gloves

The BSX TIG welding gloves are specially made for the TIG welders’ demands of dexterity and enough protection from heat. Below are some of the specifications of BSX TIG welding gloves.

Cowhide palm and back: The use of cowhide for the palm and back of these gloves allows the user to move comfortably. Although cowhide is the heaviest and the least stretchable among all other leather types, it is the most rigid type of leather and the best in providing insulation. The durability and warmth are just what welders need. 

Grain Pigskin: The grain pigskin leather used in these gloves is strategically stitched to the three fingers used to hold the welding torch. The leather type allows the welder to have better control, achieving accurate welds. 

Kevlar Stitching: Kevlar stitching increases the durability of the gloves. With the type of stitching, you are sure that your welding glove will last for a long time. 

DragPatch and Rest Patch: These attributes of the gloves allow the welder to have comfort and extra insulation while welding. The DragPatch and RestPatch also create abrasion-resistant gloves. 

Thermal lined back: The BSX TIG welding gloves are designed to be heat resistant, but the thermal back liners allow the hands to be warmed and comfortable. 

Stick Welding Gloves Essentials

Stick welding is a type of welding that resonates with MIG because of the sparks and the heat it produces. The welder needs protection from 6500°F of heat coming from the electric arc. In looking for gloves for stick welding, heat and burn protection should be your top priority.

Next, you should also consider its durability because the type of material often welded using sticks is massive steel constructions. 

Although dexterity is not the most crucial feature of gloves you’ll be looking for, it is still advantageous if it has this capacity. 

Lastly, find gloves that cover more than the hands and part of your arms. 

BSX Stick Welding Gloves

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The BSX stick welding gloves answer all the calls for protection and dexterity of welders. There are different specifications of BSX stick welding gloves. Provided below are some of the highlights of its welding gloves attributes. 

Elkskin: The elkskin material used for the glove protects from heat while providing flexibility. There are many advantages to using elkskin. Compared with other types of leather, elkskin is supple and does not harden in the presence of heat. With this, you will not put your hand's movement to discomfort. 

Dupont Nomex lining: Dupont Nomex is a well-known brand for its fire resistance. It is a material used by the fire brigade, military personnel, and individuals working with the automotive, aerospace, and electrical world. The same fire-resistant material is used in your gloves. 

Reversed grain palm and Thumb strap: Improving the grip and providing comfort are the advantages of the reverse grain palm for better hold. The thumb strap allows you to weld with precision. 

Kevlar Stitching: The Kevlar stitching creates a welding glove that is durable and safe from sparks and abrasion. 

The Verdict

The best BSX welding gloves will depend on your requirements. What are your welding needs, and which among the gloves mentioned above satisfies those needs? If your priority is finding heat and fire-resistant gloves, MIG welding gloves and Stick welding gloves may be your best choices. For dexterity and more freedom of movement while having protection from minimal sparks, TIG welding gloves are the perfect pick. 

Generally, whether you are looking for MIG, TIG, or stick welding gloves, you should consider the following: movability of the hand, resistance to fire and heat, durability, and the comfort it provides. The final determining factor is which glove fits your hands the best. BSX is a leading name in welding gloves standards and rest assured, you can find your perfect pair from among their catalog. 

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