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July 3, 2021
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Welding jobs require much safety because the heat and the ample amount of sparks involved can be hazardous. Whether you’re a hobbyist or a professional, it’s essential to have the right welding equipment.

Having a pair of high-quality welding gloves helps you conduct safe and effective welding tasks. To perform at your best, you should look for the best welding gloves. Whether they’re metal inert gas (MIG), tungsten inert gas (TIG), or stick welding gloves, they must meet the qualities that make welding gloves handy.

Stick Welding: An Overview

This article focuses on stick welding, the most common and simplest type of welding. Another term for this is the shielded metal arc welding. The term “stick welding” originated from the electrode (rod) form, which is a “stick.”

Stick welding uses the electrode (with fixed length) and electricity to fuse metals. In most training classes, it is the first type of welding taught because it’s the easiest. This type of welding is applicable in structural steel, pipelines, farm equipment, refineries, tractor repairs, or ships.

Welding Gloves: How Do They Work?

Stick welding releases heat and sparks more than other arc welding types, which is why it needs well-built gloves for protection. When selecting a pair of these gloves, it must meet the demands of stick welding. However, that is just one of the factors you need to think about before deciding on a purchase.

Factors to Consider in Choosing Gloves for Stick Welding

In essence, there are four factors to contemplate when deciding which welding gloves to purchase. We enumerate them below.

Type of Welding Job

Know the type of welding you’re going to do before looking into different brands. Below are the significant differences between the three types of welding.

  • MIG welding fuses metals using electricity. The gloves for this type are bigger and more padded to protect you from electric shock.
  • Stick welding releases the most amount of heat and splatter. Excellent heat resistance is a more significant factor in stick welding gloves than MIG and TIG applications. Gloves with extra protection are perfect for this type.
  • Compared to the first two types, TIG welding doesn’t generate as much heat. TIG welding gloves have smaller sizes than MIG gloves.

Protection Features

You have to look at the heat-resistant feature first when choosing gloves for stick welding. A great pair of gloves should protect you from burns, electric shock, or injuries. While it’s necessary for all welding types, stick welding produces the most heat, splatter, and sparks because of its heavy metal application.

Gloves with Kevlar® stitching are the most effective. It doesn’t burn or wear out easily in high temperatures. This thread also increases the glove’s lifespan.


Dexterity is another essential factor for welding gloves. The gloves must have the flexibility that helps you work freely with your hands. It might be a little difficult to pick up or hold the tools when wearing gloves, so make sure to take note of this detail.

Preferred Size

Welding gloves come in various sizes too. Some are in the L–XL section, and some are in a universal size. Make sure to choose gloves that will fit your hand and let you work freely. Consider the length of gloves as well. Do you prefer to use the ones with the forearm and elbow lengths? Or do you prefer using the ones that primarily protect the hands?

The Ultimate 5: Best Handy Stick Welding Gloves

Now that you’ve learned the aspects to look at when choosing welding gloves, we have compiled the best of the best gloves for stick welding below. You might find here the pair you’re looking for!


This welding glove collection from Miller Electric features in multiple product lists and reviews. These gloves stand out for their dexterity and solid protection features.

Highlight Features

Material: Cowhide leather

Welding Type: MIG/stick

  • Strong durability and protection
  • Insulated, double-layer palm and back
  • Efficient and comfortable to use
  • A wing thumb design for dexterity and convenience
  • Stitched seams with 100% flame-resistant Kevlar
  • Contains reinforcement pads for added strength
  • Sizes: L


Miller® is a leader in manufacturing arc welding products in the industry. They started as a one-person operation in 1929 and became a large manufacturing company in time. Owned by Illinois Tool Works, Miller’s headquarters are currently in Wisconsin, United States. This company also uses blue as a signature color mainly because of the equipment.


The design of Caiman’s forearm- and elbow-length welding gloves serves three purposes: dexterity, durability, and heat protection. Caiman gloves stand out for their excellent structure, and they’re suitable for overhead stick welding, cutting, and gouging tasks. That’s precisely why the Caiman 1878 21-in Deerskin Flame-Resistant (FR) Insulated MIG/Stick Welding Gloves is one of the best from the collection.

Highlight Features

Material: Pigskin/deerskin/boarhide

Welding Type: Stick/MIG

  • The material makes the gloves oil-resistant, weather-resistant, and convenient to use.
  • Have a shield patch made of leather for heat
  • Have reinforced palms
  • 21-inch-long cuff and lean-on patch with robust padding (forearm and elbow)
  • Three-dimensional, pre-curved fingers, and form-fitting design
  • Sewn with Kevlar stitching
  • Can reach deeper openings without the cuff getting caught in the way
  • Sizes: L/XL


Caiman® stands out for its unconventional and nonstandard product designs of gloves and other safety apparel. Currently headquartered in California, United States, Caiman gloves manufacture under Primax Manufacturing & Trading.


Rapicca’s collection of multipurpose leather gloves is useful not only for welding but also for cooking chores that require heat resistance. The RAPICCA Forge Welding Gloves is one of their top sellers.

Highlight Features

Material: Natural cowhide and split leather

Welding Type: Stick/MIG/flux core

  • Engineered to work well in high temperatures and withstand heat up to 932°F (500°C)
  • 16-inch glove and 7.5-inch-long sleeve for forearm protection
  • Double-layered Kevlar padding for heat, oil, puncture, and cut resistance.
  • Multifunctional for other home tasks such as grilling, campfire building, and gardening


Rapicca Inc. manufactures gloves for grill pits, leatherwood, and animal handling. The double-reinforced Kevlar padding, a feature unique to Rapicca gloves, makes them one of the most heat-resistant gloves you can find. Their headquarters are currently in California, United States.  


Lincoln’s collection makes it to the list primarily because of convenience and an excellent thumb design for quality performance. Aside from these, Lincoln welding gloves have cool designs. Just take a look at the Lincoln Electric K2979 Traditional Gloves. The benefits don’t stop there because they offer a lot more than just cool-looking gloves.

Lincoln Electric Traditional MIG Stick Welding Gloves

Highlight Features

Material: Split leather and soft cotton liner

Welding Type: TIG/MIG/stick

  • Great heat resistance
  • Stitched with Kevlar for durability
  • A straight thumb design for comfort and finger sensitivity
  • 5-inch-wide cuffs
  • Lightweight (14.5 ounces)

Manufacturer Lincoln Electric Holdings Inc. is a manufacturing company for arc welding and cutting tools. It was founded in 1895, but the arc welder innovation began in 1911. Their current headquarters is in Ohio, United States.

Black Stallion/Revco

This brand’s gloves for stick welding are easily a top favorite. They stand out for their superior design, comfort, and long-lasting features. The Elkskin Stick Glove with Nomex®-Lined Back is commendable for its flexibility and comfort when used for stick welding.

Highlight Features

Material: Premium grain elkskin leather

Welding Type: Stick/MIG

  • Soft and more stretchable than cowhide leather
  • With extra protection from Nomex lining
  • Thumb strap design for extra reinforcement
  • Stitched with Kevlar for spark and abrasion resistance
  • 6-inch-long cuffs
  • Sizes: S-2XL


Black Stallion®, a brand created by Revco Industries, manufactures high-quality workplace safety gloves, FR garments, and personal protective equipment. Revco was founded in 1974, and its headquarters are currently in California, United States.


Having many options allows you to choose the best of the best. Still, it can be quite overwhelming, so we enumerated the best brands you can choose from in detail. Each of them offers benefits that would be great for stick welding, but it still boils down to your needs and preferences. We hope you can find the best stick welding gloves of your choice from our list and weld efficiently with them.

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