The 10 Best 220V MIG Welders You Can Buy

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June 8, 2021
best 220v MIG welder

Gas Metal Arc Welding (GMAW), also known as Metal Inert Gas (MIG) welding, is the oldest and most commonly known welding type. It is also relatively easy to handle, making it the best choice for starting projects and minor home repairs.

With the right equipment, MIG welding can be done quickly with great results and minimal hassle. Introducing yourself to 220V gas MIG welders is a great start.

It comes as no surprise that many MIG welders are available out in the market. Each comes with special features and benefits, proving that welders are not a "one type fits all" situation.

The Best 220V MIG Welder of 2021

Before we proceed, note that every MIG welder has the same fundamental function. The distinction lies in their supplementary features and physical components.

Forney 324 190A MIG/Stick/TIG Multi-Process Welder 115V/220V

Although ranked the lowest on the list, this product is one of the most versatile. Apart from MIG welding, the Forney 324 also functions for stick and TIG. It allows transitioning from one welding process to another with little effort.

The Forney 324 requires an input power of 115V or 220V with a maximum amperage output of 190A. Its duty cycle of 60% at 100A is acceptable in comparison to its price. It can weld materials up to ¼ inches in thickness for the MIG process and 5/32 inches for the stick process.

This may not be the lightest among the list, but it falls under the lighter end of the spectrum at about 43 lbs. The Forney 324 also comes with a decent range of features that certainly gives your money's worth.



It is not only limited to MIG welding. It can also turn into a TIG or stick welder, providing a more extensive array of applications.

Ease of use

A 3-position switch allows the user to alter processes faster, with its lightweight making it more portable for shifting.

Great control

Its speed is easy to adjust accordingly, with lessened spatter and proper regulation supplied by the flow meter. The Forney 324 also sports an inverter technology for power saving and includes a digital display of arc voltage and output current values for users to read.


  • Digital display
  • Dual voltage
  • 5-year warranty 


  • Risk of power trip due to higher settings
  • Not suitable for heavy-duty jobs

Everlast PowerMTS 211Si MIG TIG Stick 200A 110V/220V Multi-Process New Welder

This Everlast is another multi-process welder that offers efficient welds since it can manage a vast range of metals with different thicknesses. This has all of the features for three distinct processes packed in one welding machine.

It operates on an input voltage of 110V or 220V with maximum current output at 200A and comes with a welding capacity of ¼ inches for MIG welding. A MIG welder 220V, the Everlast PowerMTS 211, is suitable for welding mild and stainless steel, aluminum, copper, and other metals, with a wide range of 0.025 inches to 0.045 inches.

With a weight of 80 lbs., it is heavier due to the quality of its component make-up.


Versatile use

It's an all-rounder with its multi-process function. Its ease of use for several purposes allows you to carry out most of your day-to-day tasks.

Complete control

It comes with a detailed control board, allowing you to see values and control the amperage and wire speed range. Default settings are provided but may also be adjusted manually.


Though not lightweight, the quality of materials used in the machine's build is top grade. With the Everlast PowerMTS, you won't have to replace parts as much, saving you money in the long run.


  • Easy to control
  • Versatile
  • Long cable for quick working


  • Control panel cover seems unsuitable

This 220V gas MIG welder may not be as mobile, but it is built to last longer. That said, this welder is handy if you have a wide range of tasks to perform or if you wish to learn a different welding process on the same machine. 

Weldpro MIG200AGDsv Inverter Multi-Process MIG Welder

The Weldpro Mig 200 is another dual-voltage, 3-in-1 multi-process welder with a considerably reasonable price, lightweight, and heaps of amperage. Its amperage can max out to 200A, with a duty cycle valued at 30% at that level.

Its functions offer MIG, TIG, and ARC stick welding capabilities, making it worth its price. Its IGBT inverter technology supplies high power for a light and compact unit. It is designed synergistically such that it automatically regulates voltage and wire speed while still providing an option for customization.

It has a material thickness of up to 0.197 inches for MIG welding, 1/4 inches for TIG welding, and 0.315 inches for ARC stick welding. Weighing at 30 lbs. this is perhaps one of the lightest in the market.


Dual digital display

This gives easier access and setting of amperage, suitable for repeatable welds. The digital display also allows you to stay up-to-date with your unit when you’re using it, and it highlights machine levels to prevent overheating.

Inductive settings

This feature reduces the occurrence of splatter. You also get full control when it comes to setting your machinery. However, we recommend maximizing the unit's overall performance, which highly depends on the MIG welding settings you've set on your equipment.

Safety consideration

The machine comes with overload protection set in place against overheating, with an indication of the welder's condition. 


  • Dual voltage
  • High amperage
  • Long cables
  • 2-year warranty
  • Dual display
  • High temperature and overload protection


  • Not energy efficient
  • Not suitable for heavier applications

With similar specs to the previous welder on our list, its most outstanding qualities are its weight and set protection. Many also consider it the best 220V MIG welder for the money.

Miller Electric Millermatic 211 

This is still a dual 120V/220V welder from a brand that has well established its name in welding. That alone guarantees you a quality product worthy of trust.

With its weight of about 40 lbs., it’s considered a light machine. The Millermatic 211 features a strong duty cycle of 40% at 150A on 220V and drops to half its value when 110V is supplied. 

This offers a Flux Cored Arc process function apart from MIG welding. This MIG welder 220V has the capacity of welding mild steel to a thickness of 3/8".

There isn't a welder on the market that’s as dependable. It comes with a helpful chart if you need a guide on voltage and amperage. Its warranty period is 3 years, which is quite decent. 


On-demand cooling fan

It has a power source cooling system that operates only when needed to keep interruptions at a minimum. A welding unit with an on-demand cooling fan will help you take fewer and shorter rest periods.

Smooth start

This provides a smooth start technology feature to achieve a spatter-less work output. It is arguably the best of its kind under the MIG category. The smooth start helps you feel more comfortable and confident about using the machine, an additional convenience that first-time welders might want to explore.

Advanced auto-set

This encompasses five different wire/gas combinations and wires ranging from 0.025 inches up to 0.035 inches. Setting up the details in advance will also help you prepare for the whole duration to succeed with your welding project.


  • It has a cooling fan
  • Ultra-quiet
  • Weighs only 38 lbs.
  • Heavy-duty
  • Dual 120V/220V use
  • 3-year warranty


  • Expensive
  • Issues on defective wire feed spool

The Millermatic 211 MIG Welder is a first-rate choice for MIG welding that has earned several professional welders' trust worldwide. Its usage is not only limited to a day-to-day workshop setting but is also ideal for high-level work outdoors.

Hobart 500536001 IronMan 230 MIG Welder

The Hobart Handler 230 can comfortably weld half an inch of steel in one phase, maintaining an excellent arc. It operates with 220V input power and comes with a reversible wire spool, saving you more money on replacement parts. The Hobart 500536001 IronMan 230 MIG Welder also comes with infinite wire speeds. In addition to this infinite knob, the Hobart Handler 230 includes a 60% duty cycle at 175A. 


Thermal overload protection

This MIG welder 220V comes with a thermal overload protection feature, ensuring that the unit's internal machinery is cooled off and cleaned.

Easy wire management 

Its wire spool hub also has a tool-less tension knob, making wire alignment and management easy as pie. It also makes changing wire spools a convenient process for you.

Voltage control

The feature that sets this unit apart from the rest is its voltage control. This selector, along with its wire spool hub, is on a whole new level of excellence. This makes your welder setup easier compared to other ordinary welding units!


  • Smooth, easy-to-control arc
  • Infinite wire speed dial
  • High amperage
  • Accessible wire drive
  • Internal cooling system
  • Dual function
  • Lightweight


  • Short cable
  • Expensive
  • No 110V capability

The Hobart 500536001 IronMan 230 MIG Welder has got you covered! It also comes with wheels to ensure that you'll have no trouble carrying or moving it around.

Lincoln Electric Power MIG 210 MP K3964-1 MIG Welder

In talking about manufacturing quality in welding, Lincoln is the leading brand in the market. It guarantees that this unit is the ultimate MIG welder that provides the user full versatility.

The same unit can perform four welding processes: MIG, TIG, flux core, and stick at 120V or 230V dual voltage input. It has a lightweight and compact design, which helps you carry it around for jobs outside your workstation.


Four different welding processes

With a fully versatile machine, you can learn each welding process in no time!

Lightweight and portable

The weight of the Lincoln Electric Power MIG 210 MP K3964-1 MIG Welder is recorded at 40 lbs., making it lightweight and easy to carry anywhere. As one of the best 220V MIG welders available, you know for sure that you're getting the maximum support and performance that a 220V MIG welder can provide.


Its large color display and push-to-turn controls showcase a plug-and-play feature making it easy to use. The user-friendly aspect of the welding unit makes it the perfect tool for beginners in the welding industry. It also has various digital controls, which makes it a breeze to set up.


  • Dual input voltage
  • Lightweight
  • Sturdy sheet-metal build
  • Simple setup and easy operation


  • Expensive for beginners 

Due to its easy operation, the Lincoln Electric Power MIG 210 MP K3964-1 MIG Welder is considered the ideal welding equipment for many people who do DIY and minor home repairs.

This welding unit has also received tons of good reviews online, with many welding professionals endorsing it, enough to be considered as the best 220V MIG welder for the money. 


The handy and lightweight SUNGOLDPOWER MIG 200 comes with a maximum output of 200A. It weighs no more than 40 lbs. and comes with a 120V/220V inverter that can switch from MIG, ARC, and stick welding.



It's easy to switch between voltages and suits a wide range of welding materials. Moreover, it applies to ARC sticks, MIG, MAG, and also MMA. Another multifunctional feature is its outdoor compatibility! You can easily transfer or move it around for different welding jobs.

Aluminum welding

This utilizes a spool gun along with the machine. The unit makes welding aluminum metal sheets easier and smoother. Not all welder machines are suited to welding aluminum, so you might want to consider this machine for such applications.

Manual adjusting

Since welding work deals with different metals of distinct thicknesses, this feature gives you the ease of adjusting according to what you're working with. 

It also helps you figure out which settings work best for what you’re doing.


  • Overheating protection
  • Smooth aluminum welding
  • Dual voltage
  • Duty cycles of up to 60%


  • Manual isn’t helpful
  • Flimsy chassis

The Lincoln Electric Power MIG 210 Mp K3964-1 MIG Welders’ ability to smoothly weld aluminum material seamlessly and efficiently may help you decide whether or not this unit is for you.

Lincoln Electric Co K2698-1 EasyMIG

Another one of Lincoln Electric's quality welders, its standard is much higher than many others. It has a flux-cored process and MIG process, which can weld up to half an inch of steel.

We can't say that this unit is something you can easily carry around since it weighs 66 lbs. However, it does have a pretty good warranty ensuring that you get the best value for your money. Plus, it does function with splatter reduction, minimizing the mess you make while welding.


Adjustable drive system

This system promotes ease of access, greatly contributing to a comfortable welding experience. It also helps you set up easily as you begin to learn and understand the fundamentals of welding.

Portable and durable

At 66-lb of weight, it is on the lighter spectrum of the list. It also has a more compact yet sturdy look due to the cast aluminum body. 

Highly functional

With a 30% duty cycle at 130A, this is a great welder in terms of functionality. From minor to major fabrication projects in need of welding, this machinery can handle all that and more.


  • Extensive range of settings
  • Numerous tips and stock wire
  • Quite portable with its compact body
  • Internal fan cooling system


  • Not a heavy-duty welder

The Lincoln Electric Co K2698-1 EasyMIG is a versatile yet fully functional welding unit perfect for multi-purpose projects. It comes with an adjustable driver setting making it easier for beginners to handle. This welder will also teach you more about the fundamentals of welding and setup.

LOTOS MIG 175 MIG Welder

The LOTOS MIG 175 MIG Welder is one of the best 220V MIG welders around! A free spool gun, mask, standard torch, argon regulator are just a few things included in the package. It's also lightweight, making it perfect for traveling.


Stable performance

LOTOS provides the wire feeder with an aluminum wire, directly impacting the stability and the weld output's smoothness. The machine can work well even at the standard 110V of voltage, so finding an input power source is not a problem. Setting this up is also uncomplicated.


LOTOS uses high-grade materials for the fabrication of their welders, ensuring a reliable and durable product. Despite how well and fast it performs as you use it, this welding unit will still maintain its durability.


This has wide applicability in range of materials—welding different metals such as mild steel, stainless steel, aluminum, and some other metals perfectly. 


  • 10-minute quick set up
  • Perfect for aluminum welding
  • Adjustable wire feed to any required speed
  • Great for personal fabrication work
  • Thermal overload protection
  • Versatile
  • 7 voltage controls
  • Great quality transformer


  • Not for industrial purposes
  • It has a single-stage trigger

This welding unit serves as a great option for both beginners and experienced welders. Many professionals started with this product before purchasing more advanced welders. It also comes with different settings that you can use when doing your welding project, making it a versatile tool.

Hobart - 500553 Handler 210 MVP MIG Welder

Much like LOTOS, Hobart is a huge brand in the welding industry. This successful company is responsible for creating the Hobart - 500553 Handler 210 MVP MIG Welder. This welding unit is a good way to show just how much brands also cater to personal and DIY jobs.

It doesn't need extra tools to attach and connect power sources since it comes with a multi-voltage plug making it convenient to use the welder. You can also skim through the manual that comes with your purchase to start your welding projects.


Dual voltage

This can run on two voltage input sources, so working on either of the two shouldn't pose a problem. With this feature, you can maximize the different power sources available to use, making sure your welding equipment works for longer periods.

Best quality parts

This welding machine has a greater service life and comes with a warranty, both for its parts and its entirety. Due to its high-quality parts, this device offers you a wide range of uses.

Transformer technology

The transformer technology in this welding machine is proven to give out the most satisfactory results. It also gives you a way to maximize the welding unit's parts and other accessories.


  • Short circuit security system
  • Thermal overload protection
  • Easy to use, even for beginners
  • Superb control on wire feed speed
  • None-to-low spatter
  • Versatile
  • 3-year warranty


  • A bit heavy

If you're aiming for something more long-term, then the Hobart - 500553 Handler 210 MVP MIG Welder is the one for you! Its high-quality parts and high-end manufacturing are guaranteed to last you a lifetime.


Choosing the best MIG welder is never an easy process. Sometimes, the best one for your welding project might not be the one you need in the long term. With many factors surrounding the best budget 220V MIG welder, you will also need to know if the device you purchase can be used as your home's standard unit or if you'll be needing a 220V outlet. If you’re still at a loss, any of these best 220V MIG welders might help you take that first step.

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