Bring Your Own Power Source for Uninterrupted Welds With This Tomahawk Welder Generator!
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Welding Buddy Experts
May 23, 2022

Bring Your Own Power Source for Uninterrupted Welds With This Tomahawk Welder Generator!

Last updated ago
5 min read
Welding Buddy Experts
May 23, 2022

You're fed up with power issues when you weld. Sometimes, you get cut in the middle of welding due to a faulty fuse or a bad circuit. Other times, you take on outdoor projects where it's impossible to reach a good power source.

As a welding enthusiast, you know that welding power issues can be costly and hugely inconvenient. For these reasons, you decide to get a welder generator to acquire your own power source instead of finding one.

You don't have the budget and space for a huge purchase, so you want something portable, lightweight, and affordable. At the same time, you want it to be capable of powering through a range of applications.

Have you ever heard of the Tomahawk 210 Amp Welder with a 15HP Portable 2000W Generator? If not, now's a perfect time to shine the spotlight on this model. Find out why we recommend this product and see if it's up to your welding alley!

The Tomahawk 15HP Portable 2,000W Welder Generator Combo Review

Do you weld every day? If so, you know that it's important to have a quality welder generator. You can make your welding process easier and save time and money with good equipment on hand. 

But what if you realize you don't have enough space or money to purchase a huge and expensive machine? That's where the Tomahawk 15HP Portable 2000W Welder and Generator comes in. It's a compact and budget-friendly option perfect for daily welds!

welder generator combo - tomahawk 15hp portable welder generator


Let's break down the primary parts of this generator.

  • A 15 HP inverter engine
  • 2000W of DC output
  • A 120V outlet and 210 amps of DC
  • Suitable for a Dinse DKJ 16-35 welding connector
  • Suitable for 6010 to 7024 welding rods
  • 60% duty-cycle
  • Fuel Tank Capacity: 7 gal.
  • Fuel Type: Gasoline
  • Dimensions: 23 x 28 x 21 in.
  • Start Type: Electric
  • 2-year warranty

Capacity and Performance

Let's see what features this Tomahawk Generator has to offer. 

  • Permanent Magnetized Generator - This feature gives you the steadiest and cleanest welds with zero power interruption. The 15HP inverter can simultaneously provide stable amps and a superior power supply for other tools.
  • This generator lets you weld 1/3, 1/4, and 3/8 inches of metal.
  • Easy-to-Operate Digital Meter - This Tomahawk welder and generator features a user-friendly digital meter with a dial. It provides necessary information like amperage and lets you adjust it easily for welding precision.
  • Welding Versatility - You can use this welding generator for various applications such as home and commercial Stick, TIG, MMA, arc, maintenance, municipal pipe networks, oil/gas pipeline repair, aluminum, chemical/chemical/steel/power plants, and workshops. Beginners, hobbyists, and professionals alike can benefit from this tool.
  • Out-of-the-Box Ready - This generator comes with a high-quality welding kit ready for immediate use. The kit includes a TIG torch, MMA holder, copper cables and connection pieces, a ground clamp, a pair of gloves, a tungsten needle, an oil funner, and more.


Will this Tomahawk welding generator make a good companion for outdoor welds?

It weighs 202 pounds, which is considerably lightweight for a generator. Furthermore, it includes 8-inch back wheels, allowing you to maneuver the machine in onsite or offsite welding.

You can use this welding generator for construction sites, farms, railways, ranches, service crews, and any large and heavy-duty project requiring a lot of movement.


We also recommend this generator for its affordable price. It's three to five thousand dollars cheaper than most of its competitors! On top of that, the price doesn't compromise the machine's quality.

Product Limitations

Of course, we can't skip the product's drawbacks. This will help you decide whether this welder and generator is right for you or not.

You'll notice that some of the components don't have the best construction and quality (e.g., torch), but it still works well for beginners and hobbyists. You might consider looking for more advanced parts if you're a professional.

Another drawback is longevity. Some users find that mechanical issues appear when using the machine for long periods. Lastly, there are some complaints regarding poor customer service.

mig welder generator combo - worker in blue attire holding a maintenance checklist

10 Welder and Generator Maintenance Tips

Even high-quality welding equipment needs proper care. Maintenance helps your tools last for a long time and consistently produce great welds. Here are ten tips to help you prolong the life of your welder and generator.

  1. Don't throw the user manual away. It has all the specific maintenance instructions you will need. So read it carefully and follow it to avoid causing damage to your machine.
  2. Change the oil as necessary. Welder generators are gas-powered engines, which means metal-on-metal contact can cause deterioration. To avoid this, change the oil before it loses its lubricating properties. If the machine has a maintenance meter, use it as a guide to look for signals.
  3. Use high-quality oil and fuel to prevent engine damage. Don't assume that you can use your car gas for your welder and generator. These machines need greater octane levels than vehicles. So make sure to ask and use the recommended fuel to fill up your generator.
  4. Inspect your machine for signs of wear and tear regularly. Check for loose or broken parts and ensure they're fixed and free of clogging or debris before each use.
  5. When cleaning the welder/generator, use clean and well-maintained tools. Avoid applying harsh chemicals or cleaners as they can damage the machine. If you're unsure of what to use, ask local store experts or look at the manual for specific instructions.
  6. It's also important to store your welder and generator in a dry and well-ventilated place when not in use. If possible, use a cover to protect it from harmful external elements.
  7. It is also best to always have spare parts on hand. Luckily, you can get easy and quick access to spare parts for this Tomahawk generator.
  8. Welding environments can be messy once you start working. Still, try to pick a dry, ventilated, and clean area for the job. If your workspace is cluttered, it can trigger welding hazards like fires and explosions. 
  9. Look after your welding torch. You use it with your welder and generator often, so it significantly affects the quality of your welds. Examine its condition before use and have it repaired by a trusted service when necessary.
  10. Lastly, take note of the cold weather. Some machines require special maintenance instructions in low temperatures. One example is installing an anti-icing kit. Seek the help of store experts for advice or use the manual as a guide.

Stop Looking for a Power Source—Bring Your Own!

Getting a stick, TIG, or MIG welder generator combo is a great investment for hassle-free welds. It's an all-in-one machine that can power your welding projects without interruptions and help you achieve great outputs. 

We recommend the Tomahawk 15HP Portable Welder and Generator if you're looking for a good one! It offers high-quality features for a budget-friendly tag. Plus, it's a portable machine, so there's no need to worry about a lack of space. No more struggling to find a stable power source; you can now bring your own anytime, anywhere!

If this review is not enough to convince you, you can explore more of our welding buying guides, product reviews, and informative articles. That way, you can understand your needs better and find a machine that can live up to your expectations. Here's to powerful and precise welds!

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