The Reboot MIG Welder 220V Review: The Perfect Welder for Beginner Fabricators
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Welding Buddy Experts
August 16, 2022

The Reboot MIG Welder 220V Review: The Perfect Welder for Beginner Fabricators

Last updated ago
7 min read
Welding Buddy Experts
August 16, 2022

Metal fabrication is a risky yet very rewarding profession. Before becoming a professional metal fabricator, you can start working with metal materials as a hobby and hone your fabrication skills as you go.

You need some tools before you can work with any piece of metal. The welding machine is a staple in any amateur fabricator's garage and in industrial factories. If you are planning to join more than 77,000 metal fabricators in the United States, continue reading this article and determine whether the Reboot RBM-1550 is the best 220v MIG welder for you!

The Reboot RBM-1550 MIG Welding Machine

mig welder 220v - Reboot RBM-1550

The Reboot RBM-1550 makes for a good starting welding machine for beginners. The welder has the basic functions of a welding machine but also provides greater welding capacity and functionality through its multi-process feature.

Read our in-depth look at the Reboot RBM-1550 and see if this budget-friendly multi-process welder is the one for you!

Reasons to Buy it

  • Available on Amazon for $329.99
  • Simple interface
  • Lightweight
  • The welder is rated to perform at 150 amp output with an impressive 100% duty cycle
  • It can work with mild steel or sheet metal with 0.5 to 5 millimeter thickness
  • This multi-process welder can take any welding job involving the MIG, Stick, or TIG welding processes
  • Works well with 6013 and 7018 rods
  • You can feed flux core wire and gas-shielded solid wire to the machine
  • You can MIG weld aluminum using this welder if you use an appropriate spool gun with it
  • The company covers the welder with a limited warranty for one year and a money-back guarantee for 30 days

Reasons NOT to Buy It

  • Poor quality control
  • No welding wire feed for wire speed control
  • Poorly written user manual
  • Missing inclusions
  • No dual voltage feature
  • No TIG torch for TIG welder function


Cools Down On Its Own

The Reboot RBM-1550 takes in a huge amount of energy—150 amps to be specific. As a result, it heats up. The 220v welder comes equipped with an internal cooling system that deals with the heat that can build up inside the enclosure. Its internal fans work hard to get the hot air out of the machine and let cool air in.

This internal cooling system works in tandem with this 220v welder's many safety features. When its electrical components get exceedingly hot, your machine may malfunction. In worse cases, it can cause injuries. Fortunately, the Reboot RBM-1550 can manage its internal temperatures on its own.

Suitable for Many Applications

As a multi-process welder, the Reboot RBM-1550 is capable of multiple welding processes. This flexibility lets you dip your toes in other welding processes, which is an advantage if you are still a beginner fabricator. Using the same machine, you can finish MIG, stick, and lift TIG projects. You can think of the RBM-1550 welder as the swiss army knife of welders.

This multi-process feature also helps you save money. Instead of buying single-process machines, you can buy this three-in-one welder and call it a day. However, if you need more control over your machine and more reliable single-process performance, you may have to purchase a dedicated welder for your preferred welding process.

Perfect for Beginners

Do the knobs and buttons on welders intimidate you? High-end welders let their users adjust each parameter of the machine. As a result, these welders include a dozen switches and dials on their front panels. If you are new to the metal fabrication craft, looking at these complicated front panels may terrify you.

Fortunately, the Reboot RBM-1550 only has two knobs on the front, which you can use to adjust your values. You don't have to guess your values, too, since the front panel has a helpful digital display. The digital monitor updates in real-time as you turn the knob. The machine can also determine the best settings for each parameter using built-in data.

Complete Safety Features

The fabrication field is risky and full of hazards. Thousands of workers in the metal fabrication industry report work-related injuries every year. Aside from wearing personal protective equipment (PPE), you can better protect yourself from such injuries by ensuring that the machine comes with safety features.

The Reboot RBM-1550 has built-in safety features to reduce risks and potential hazards from improper use or product defects. It has short circuit protection, high-temperature protection, overload protection, low voltage protection, and high voltage protection. The welder has covered all your corners by the looks of it.


Quality Control Issues

Getting the functions of four machines for the entry-level price of $329.99 is quite a steal. This price tag can be alluring for many beginner welders looking for their first welder. Unfortunately, aside from the price tag, there's another price to pay: poor quality control. Some customers reported having received defective units which needed replacing.

Lack of Welding Wire Feed Control

If you are an intermediate-level metal fabricator, you would want a certain level of customizability with your machine. You would want the freedom to adjust each parameter to your preference. Sadly, the Reboot RBM-1550 doesn't let you adjust its wire feed speed. The automatic wire feed can be a great feature for beginners, but for experienced fabricators, it can be a dealbreaker.

Unresponsive After-Sales Team

Multiple customers have reported reaching out to the customer support team due to having received defective units. Seeking assistance proved difficult because of unclear official communication channels. For instance, a Google search would yield different emails. 

Moreover, the back and forth between the customer and the after-sales team takes too long, with infrequent replies. However, the manufacturer does follow through with their warranty and after-sales commitments once you get a hold of them.

Customers Review

mig welder 220v - Feedback form displayed on a laptop screen

The best reviews for any product are from customers who bought and used it. We visited different online marketplaces that sell the Reboot RBM-1550 and gathered what the customers had to say about it. 

Manufacturer Honors Its Limited Warranty

Unfortunately, some customers ended up with defective units which had to be replaced. One of them sought help from the manufacturer by reaching out to them. After several emails, this customer received a brand new unit from the manufacturer. However, they required the customer to return the defective unit and shoulder the shipping expense.

Bang for the Buck

Many customers appreciate how cheap the Reboot RBM-1550 is. Despite its shortcomings, this multi-process welder shines for its value proposition. If you have limited cash, you can get more value from it by buying a 3-in-1 welder. Budget-conscious consumers can say they saved more money by buying the RBM-1550 rather than dedicated single-process welders.

If the price is too high for you, you can buy it as a used 220v MIG welder from online listings.

Poor Readouts

You can reliably work on your metal fabrication projects if your parameters are accurately set to your liking. You would need an accurate readout from the digital display to do this. 

Sadly, some customers complain about the digital display on the RBM-1550. They say that it's sometimes inaccurate or too hard to read. Reboot could switch out the display itself and recalibrate the sensors to resolve the issue.

Badly Written Instructions

While the Reboot RBM-1550 is easy to use, metal fabricators with zero experience may still have to consult the instructional manual. Many customers found it difficult to understand the instructional manual, which can be critical when troubleshooting. 

Some customers suspect that the instructional manual was merely translated from a foreign language rather than written in native English.

Incomplete Items

The Reboot RBM-1550 comes shipped with other inclusions to help you get started with your metal fabrication project as soon as you open the box. Few customers reported receiving incomplete inclusions. For instance, one customer only received the welder itself and nothing else. Fortunately, the after-sales team contacted them and shipped the missing item.

Perfect for DIYers

Many customers who bought the Reboot RBM-1550 pursue DIY projects as a hobby. They appreciate the versatility that the multi-process feature of the welder allows. Whether they would like to work on a MIG welding project or a simple repair job using stick welding, they would only need a single machine to do either.

Frequently Asked Questions

Do you have lingering questions left unanswered so far? You might find the answers to your inquiries about the Reboot RBM-1550 in the section below.

What Should I Do if I Receive a Broken Unit?

Even industry-leading brands like Lincoln and Miller can make mistakes and let defective units pass their rigorous testing and quality control measures. Believe it or not, there are defective Lincoln MIG welders (220v) and Miller 220v MIG welders that ended up on customers' doorsteps.

So if you received a bad Reboot RBM-1550 unit, don't worry. The manufacturer offers refunds and replacements. You can reach the company through their Amazon store, and their after-sales team will take it from there. But take note that they will ask the defective machine to be shipped back for inspection if you want to have it refunded or replaced.                                    

Can I Weld Aluminum With the Reboot RBM-1550?

Aluminum welding opens up many opportunities for amateur fabricators. If you lean towards the creative side, aluminum can be used as material for creative fabrication projects. However, aluminum is a challenging material to work with and requires a spool gun. The Reboot RBM-1550 is compatible with a spool gun, making it possible to weld aluminum using this welding machine.

Is the Reboot RBM-1500 Worth It?

It depends on your needs and what you are searching for in a welder. If you are looking for a reliable heavy-duty machine for intense workloads, you may want to consider other welders from more reputable manufacturers. However, if you are a new welder hoping to spend as little money as possible, the Reboot RBM-1550 will offer you an unbeatable value proposition.

Which Welding Processes Can I Use the Reboot RBM-1550 With?

Its multi-process feature makes the Reboot RBM-1550 welder stand out from its similarly priced competitors. You can use this welder to work on projects involving different welding processes, such as MIG welding, stick welding (MMA welding), and lift TIG welding.

Can I Adjust the Wire Feed Speed on the Reboot RBM-1550?

The Reboot RBM-1550 comes with an automatic wire feed feature. This feature lets you focus on your welding technique instead of wasting too much time dialing your values and getting your parameters as perfect as possible. However, if you want more control over the wire feed speed, there is no option for you to do so.

Final Thoughts

Purchasing your first welder can be nerve-wracking, with so many welders you can choose from online. A good starter welder should be easy-to-use, light on the budget, safe to operate, and packed with features. After weighing the welder's strengths and weaknesses, it appears that the Reboot RBM-1550 ticks all these boxes and deserves a place on your workbench.

Whichever welding process it was made for, even the best MIG welder needs consumables to do their job. Learn more about consumables and other welding accessories by heading to our supplies section.

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