Aluminum Wire Feedability Problems? This Hobart Spool Gun Aluminum Review Will Help
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Welding Buddy Experts
July 1, 2022

Aluminum Wire Feedability Problems? This Hobart Spool Gun Aluminum Review Will Help

Last updated ago
4 min read
Welding Buddy Experts
July 1, 2022

Welding aluminum is hard enough without interruptions. If you add the issue of wire feed speed and reliability into the mix, you will end up a frustrated welder.

Imagine being on a roll to stitch a beautiful bead on an aluminum metal sheet. Then, the wire feed slows down. Perhaps the wire gets stuck. Your momentum breaks, and the delicate metal you're working on melts unevenly and morphs into a disproportionate weld.

It sucks to have that problem. So let's solve that wire-feeding issue. First, let us introduce the Hobart SpoolRunner 100 welding tool.

Quick Specs

Dimensions: H - 11.5 in (291 mm), W - 2.25 in (57 mm), L - 8 in (203 mm)
Weight: 5 pounds (2.3kg)
Output Rating: 150A at 60% duty cycle
Feed Speed: 115 - 715 inches per minute (ipm) / 4.1 - 20.4 m/min
Wire Type: Aluminum, stainless steel
Wire Diameter: 0.023 - 0.35 inches / 0.6 - 0.9 mm


  • Aluminum fabrication and repair
  • Automotive fabrication and repair
  • Trailer fabrication and repair
  • Sign manufacturing
  • Marine repair and fabrication
spool gun aluminum - Black Hobart SpoolRunner 100 with aluminum spool wire

Benefits of the Hobart SpoolRunner 100

SpoolRunner 100 is your baseline tool with all the important features you need for welding aluminum. But getting this spool gun benefits you more than just solving wire-feeding problems. Here are the other advantages you'll get.

Compatible with Hobart MIG Welders

If you already have a Hobart MIG welder, particularly the Handler 190 or the 210 MVP, the SpoolRunner 100 will fit right in. Just plug it and run the MIG rig to 230 voltage input, and you're ready to weld!

Allows Better Control of Output Parameters

Plugging the Hobart SpoolRunner 100 into a compatible MIG welding machine will give you more control of welding quality. That means you can set it up for better arc performance, allowing you to weld beautiful and clean beads.

Built for Welding Thick Aluminum

Welding 14 inches of aluminum sheets or 18 gauge will be easier using the Hobart SpoolRunner. As a result, you'll have many projects to work on. You can also challenge the Hobart spool gun to take on complex fabrication projects.

Adaptable to Steel

Aluminum is what the SpoolRunner is built for, but it can also work on steel. You can weld mild or stainless steel with the Hobart spool gun for up to 5/16 inches without a sweat. This saves you the time of switching back to a MIG welding gun.

It's Easy to Install Wire

Hobart SpoolRunner 100 has a tension release designed with springs to make installing a wire spool efficient.

Stability and Control of Your Wire Rolls

You will have all your wire rolls in neat and clean order. The Hobart spool gun has a transparent cover that protects the roll that holds up to 4 inches (102mm) wire thickness. This makes it convenient for welders to manage their filler metal wire.

Wire Feedability Is the Best Quality of This Hobart Spool Gun Aluminum

The strength of the Hobart SpoolRunner 100 is its features that work together to bring you optimum wire feedability. You get the rubber drive rolls, the tension adjusters, and the perfectly-sized wire spool compartment that brings in a seamless and fast wire feeding through the spool gun's tip without bird-nesting getting in the way.

Incompatibility to Other Machines Is the Hobart Aluminum Spool Gun's Pain Point

If you have a Yeswelder or a Miller MIG machine, the SpoolRunner 100 will not work. That's because these brands manufacture their spool gun with plug measurements incompatible with Hobart's spool gun. If you try to hack it by modifying the parts, you may have poor-quality welds. So it's best to stick to the Hobart brand and the compatible machines.

spool gun aluminum - Bent and welded aluminum tubes

Common Questions Asked about the Hobart Aluminum Spool Gun

Getting the SpoolRunner 100 may be easy. But just like anyone new to using a product, a question arises sooner or later. So we've collected some common ones welders ask about the Hobart SpoolRunner 100. This will give you a head start. Make sure you use the spool gun as effectively as possible.

Do you get a warranty when you purchase a Hobart gun?

Yes. Your Hobart SpoolRunner 100 is subject to a 1-year warranty if you're using it for home or professional projects. On the other hand, if you're an industrial worker, some parts of the spool gun welder will only be covered for 90 days.

What power source does the SpoolRunner 100 run?

Your Hobart welding machine should be set up to DCEP (DC Electrode Positive) mode if you want your Hobart spool gun to run as expected. Also, don't forget to switch the machine from welding gun mode to spool gun mode.

What's the optimum travel angle for SpoolRunner 100 if you're MIG welding aluminum?

For better results, angle your spool gun to 10 up to 15 degrees while welding aluminum. The tip and the nozzle should be pointing in the direction your spool gun is traveling.

You can do a push or a drag as a welding pass method. As a caveat, steer clear from dragging your gun as much as possible as this produces porous and dirty welding results.

What's the ideal metal transfer technique to use?

We recommend spray transfer. This method brings a polished welding result because the metal droplets are efficiently transferred to the weld pool.

What shielding gas should I use?

Welding aluminum using a spool gun will need 100% argon loaded on the cylinder. You must also set your flow rates at 20 to 30 cubic feet per hour.

How do I fix dirty welds?

A couple of things you can do to fix dirty weld passes are:

  • Use a cleaning tool with a proper base metal such as a stainless steel brush.
  • Check if you're using the correct shielding gas recommendation.
  • Inspect if your wire alloy is the right one for the workpiece you're welding.
  • Increase the voltage of your welding machine and do a spray transfer.

Experience Smooth Wire Feeds with the Hobart Spool Gun Aluminum

Hobart's SpoolRunner 100 is a welding tool you must acquire if you're tired of pesky wire-feeding problems. The spool gun's design is made to keep the wire from tangling while also feeding it to the gun's tip at a consistent tension and speed. As a result, you'll have more uninterrupted aluminum welds, and you'll get better results.

The SpoolRunner 100 is the basic model of Hobart's line of amazing spool guns. If you want to explore other models of welding guns from Hobart and other brands, explore our website. We have reviews and buying guides for you.

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