The Lincoln 180 Welder Review: A Pumped Up MIG Machine
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Welding Buddy Experts
April 1, 2022

The Lincoln 180 Welder Review: A Pumped Up MIG Machine

Last updated ago
5 min read
Welding Buddy Experts
April 1, 2022

Lincoln machines are a what-you-see-is-what-you-get welder. But given the price tag and reputable brand, you can't help but think about what's going on behind the machine. At face value, the Lincoln Electric PRO-MIG 180 is a MIG machine—with "pro" for professionals. The "MIG" is for a single-MIG welding process, while the "180" stands for the maximum amperage.

The name of the machine is just a small part of what makes it a good welder. And we're here to unpack the rest of what makes the Lincoln Electric PRO-MIG 180 a good purchase.

lincoln 180 welder - A welder holding a MIG gun while doing a pass on huge metal pipe

What's Included

Getting yourself a Lincoln PRO MIG 180 includes more than just the machine itself. Lincoln makes sure you get every essential item and accessory you need to get started right away. This list will also help you recognize what Lincoln 180 welder replacement parts you'll need to re-purchase once it's used up.

The MIG 180 is a machine built for welders of all levels. Check out the following inclusions. Note that what comes with your purchase package may vary depending on the seller, so it's best to ask them.

Lincoln 180 Welder Parts

  • Magnun 100L gun 10 ft. (3.0m) and 4-pin
  • Harris gas regulator
  • 52 inches hose (for Ar/Co2 or CO2 gases)
  • Work clamp
  • 10 feet clamp cable
  • DVD tutorial on how to weld

Lincoln 180 MIG Welder Accessories

  • Three pieces 0.25 inches contact tips (for MIG wire)
  • Three pieces 0.35 inches contact tips (for Flux wire)
  • Gasless nozzle for FCAW welding
  • Gas nozzle for MIG welding
  • Roll of 0.25-inch SuperArc L-56 premium wire spool for MIG
  • Roll of 0.35-inch Innershiled flux-cored wire for FCAW
lincoln 180 welder - A red and black welding machine with accessories around it

Features of the Lincoln 180 Welder

The Lincoln 180 is a cut above the rest of its competitors. That's because of the features they include in their MIG welder. What made Lincoln's MIG rig interesting is its simpleness despite putting in the following.

Dual Process

The Lincoln MIG 180 isn't just for inert metal gas (MIG) welding. It's also capable of using another process- the flux-cored wire. This is awesome if you run out of shielding gas but have some spare flux wire in your workshop. Then, you can switch to gasless welding seamlessly. 

Diamond Core Technology

This proprietary technology from Lincoln is a patented innovation that filters the welder's arc across different amperage settings. This means you can get a consistent and stable arc even if you jump up or climb down the power configuration. Your welds will have low to zero spatter and a beautiful bead laying on a wide variety of metals.

Multiple Input Power

The Lincoln MIG 180 has 208-volt and 230-volt power, which lets you plug in most power outlets. Having a machine with multiple power inputs means the weld result will remain consistent because the welder is designed to adapt to different power inputs. You'll weld different metal thicknesses, whether indoors or outdoors, at 30 to 180 amp.

Intuitive Controls

The Pro MIG 180 has a very simple control panel. In front of the machine are two knobs: the wire speed and voltage. Moving these knobs will change the output yield of your machine. This makes adjustments efficient if you're working on metals of various thicknesses simultaneously.

On the side of the Pro MIG 180 is a table that shows you what wire speed and voltage settings you need to set depending on the metal's thickness. This accessible table guide allows you to set up the right machine configuration and eliminate the trial and error process.

Durable Gear Box

A long-lasting gearbox is important to keep the wire rolling on a MIG and flux-cored wire welding machine. Lincoln makes sure it does so by making it corrosion-resistant. The cast aluminum also offers durability and toughness that the gearbox needs to ensure it remains in good shape even after constant and heavy use.

Adjustable Drive System

Nothing interrupts an excellent welding momentum than a tangled wire. This is true even on both pre-weld and during welding. To resolve this issue, Lincoln built the adjustable drive system into their Pro MIG 180 to make sure the tangling or crushing of wire is minimized.

Spool Gun Capable

Another cool feature of the Pro MIG 180 is that you can fit a spool gun to replace the MIG welding gun. There are situations wherein using a MIG gun can be difficult. It may be due to gun positioning or the nature of the metal workpiece. A spool gun makes it easier to feed wires more effectively and works well when you're MIG welding aluminum.

lincoln 180 welder - A red welding machine with the Lincoln Electric logo on its side

What Makes Lincoln a Good Welding Machine?

The Pro MIG 180 is a machine that is easy to want. And what we like about the machine also justifies why welders from Lincoln are in the "Premium" welder category.


The Pro MIG 180 has the ability to work metal that's on the heavy and the light side. The dual-process also allows it to weld different kinds of weldable metals. The option for a spool gun will even allow you to MIG weld challenging materials such as aluminum.

In terms of thickness, the Pro MIG 180 can weld metals that are 1 to 14 inches thick without failure. The dual power input also lets you work both indoors and outdoors. You can set up the machine for different automobile projects, general fabrication, art metal fabrication, and farm and industrial welding.

Simple Controls

You can't help but have a big question mark over your head when looking at other MIG welders. There's just too much detail going on, especially on the control panel at the front.

The Pro MIG 180 made it simple without sacrificing quality. In fact, with just two knobs and a switch, you'll be more likely to have a seamless experience welding with the Pro MIG. You can say goodbye to the moments of deciding different power configurations before starting. Just turn the knobs and go!


Machine noise can be a bit of a nuisance when you're welding. It can also be a hearing hazard at the extreme. You want to work with a machine that has minimal noise so you can focus more on making good welds.

The Pro MIG welder has done that with its inside components. For example, the aluminum gearbox is well built, and it produces less noise when the wire is fed to the torch. This makes it easier to concentrate on what you're welding rather than worry if there's something amiss.

What Will Make Lincoln 180 a Better MIG Machine?

Weight is something that curtails the mobility of a machine. At the weight of 66 pounds, the Lincoln 180 will be like carrying a folding pool table around. You'll need a welding machine rack to wheel it around the workshop.

It would be better if the weight was reduced without compromising the features and functionalities that made the Lincoln 180 an awesome welder.

Get More Out of a MIG Welder

The Lincoln Electric Pro MIG 180 is a welder that's pumped up with more functions and features that meet the eye. It's better to get one for yourself and test it out to see the difference this machine makes. The versatility and simplicity of this machine are worth the asking price.

The Pro MIG 180 is just one of many excellent welders that Lincoln offers welding enthusiasts. If you would like to explore more of Lincoln's cool rigs, check out our website and you'll find loads of Lincoln Electric reviews—plus other helpful information about other brands, too! Have a safe welding journey!

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