Looking for a More Powerful Tool Than the Lincoln Welder 140? Try the Hobart 200 Multi-Process Welder
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Welding Buddy Experts
April 25, 2022

Looking for a More Powerful Tool Than the Lincoln Welder 140? Try the Hobart 200 Multi-Process Welder

Last updated ago
5 min read
Welding Buddy Experts
April 25, 2022

If you're a hobbyist and like repairing stuff and making projects with metal pieces, then owning a welding machine is necessary. With your tinkering, you will see that not all welding machines can do all the things you need to do. Some machines are just not powerful enough, and some are not compatible to weld a specific project. 

If this is the first time you’ve heard about a multi-process welder, you've been missing out. You don't have to buy multiple welding machines and worry about the cost of maintenance when one welder can do all the jobs for you. 

In this blog post, we’ll be featuring the Hobart 200 Multi-Process Welder. We'll list the welding machine's pros and cons, discuss its features, and explain why you should get one and experience it yourself.

Hobart 200 multi process welder

The Top Features of the Hobart 200 Welding Machine 

If you can describe this welding machine in simple words, it's powerful and versatile. This multi-process welder can work with a wider range of materials and weld more precisely with thicker pieces than your standard welding machine

If you're already impressed with this, there's more to come. First, let's go over the key features of this machine that will only want you to have it. 

Four different welding processes in one machine. 

Different materials require different processes to produce excellent welding outcomes. If you force a welding machine on a metal that isn’t compatible with it, you’ll produce a messy and poorly welded metal. Fortunately for you, if you are working on a wide range of metals, there's no need to change your machine between your welding sessions. 

The Hobart 200 has four processes in one machine. You can use this welding machine for MIG welding, TIG welding, DC stick, and flux-cored welding with a simple configuration. This feature saves you time and money and allows you to work more efficiently and precisely. 

Beginner-friendly machine.

You may feel overwhelmed with the machine's many functions, but it is very easy to use even for beginners. The welding machine is designed with minimal control for ease of use. The process button is labeled so you can switch without confusion. The machine has a bright LCD screen that shows all the vital information you need to know before starting your work. 

Furthermore, the machine has a built-in welding setting chart found in a compartment for you to have a reference if you're not sure about the machine's configuration. The Hobart 200 also includes a detailed instruction manual to assist the machine's users further. Always refer to the manual to work your machine properly. 

Portable and lightweight welding machine.

Other welding machines promise portability. Some machines may be small in size, but they are still heavy, making them hard to move around. The Hobart 200 welder only weighs approximately 39 pounds. This highly portable design is the one you need if you need a machine to carry around without difficulty. 

Moreover, the machine is built with a top handle, making it easier for you to lift. Therefore, this machine is suitable for welders who need to work in different locations from time to time. 

Quick drive system and run-in technology.

The quick drive system and the run-in technology are probably the best features the Hobart 200 can give its users. The run-in feature allows the machine to eliminate any excess wire during the welding process. This feature allows a smoother welding process and less splatter on the outcome. 

The quick drive system feature of the welding machine is excellent during the MIG welding process. This feature prevents "bird nesting" or the outcome of your welding from looking messy. Moreover, this allows the wire to travel smoothly when you weld metal pieces in a wet puddle. 

Welding parts inclusion.

If you have a Lincoln welding machine, you may find that some of its models require specific welding parts and peripherals but are not included in the package. For example, other Lincoln models can doTIG welding. In this process, you will need a TIG torch. However, the Lincoln 140 does not include the parts when buying the machine. 

With the Hobart 200, you get the most out of your money. All the necessary parts you need to weld are included when you buy the machine. In addition, the most basic accessories are already in the package, which other welding brands lack. So if you're looking for a welding machine worth your money, this is the best offer you can find on the market. 

Replacement parts.

Many welding machine brands are very particular with their replacement parts. Other welding machines are hard to maintain because the replacement parts need to be of the same brand. But the Hobart 200 versatility does not stop with its functions. For example, some Lincoln welder 140 HD replacement parts will work with the Hobart 200. 

When your machine needs a replacement of parts, you can explore cheaper options that fit your budget.

portable welding machine

Important Details You Need to Know Before Buying the Hobart 200 

There are many positive things you can say about the Hobart 200. One can say that this multi-process welding machine may be the best out there. But before you rush out and buy the Hobart 200, here are some downsides you need to know.

Expensive price point.

With the many features that come with the Hobart 200, you can already expect this welding machine to have an expensive price tag. The welding machine costs more than $1,800. This is significantly expensive compared to other portable welding machines, and you can already get heavy-duty welding machines at this price point. 

Furthermore, you may not need a multi-purpose welding machine if you're a hobbyist. The Lincoln 140 HD welder may be more suited for you, and it's less than half the price of the Hobart 200. 

DC TIG welding.

The Hobart 200 can handle DC TIG welding with no problem. This feature means you can weld stainless steel and other mild steel pieces. Unfortunately, the Hobart 200 is not capable of AC TIG welding, which means you cannot use this to weld aluminum. 

But you don't need to buy a separate welding machine if you are going to work with aluminum. All you need is to purchase a separate spool gun to weld aluminum pieces. But, of course, an additional attachment means additional spending. 

Foot pedal for TIG welding.

An essential accessory for TIG welding is the foot pedal. The foot pedal allows you to control the amperage during the welding process for a better and more aesthetically pleasing outcome. Unfortunately, the Hobart 200 does not come with a foot pedal. You need to buy a separate one to use your welder more effectively. 

No automatic setting functions.

Other welding machines automatically switch their settings depending on the process you choose. However, the Hobart 200 doesn't have an automatic function. So, every time you change the welding process, you have to manually configure the settings for the welding machine to work properly. If you're looking for welding machine units with an automatic setting function, be ready to spend a little more because those units are usually more expensive. 

Final Verdict 

Choosing a welding machine is an important decision and mostly depends on what type of activities you need to use it for. If you need an all-around companion for repairs and maintenance in your household or for work, the Hobart 200 multi-process welding machine is your best option. 

Explore our other blogs for more welding machine options. In addition, we have detailed reviews of the Lincoln Welder 140 and other welding machine brands and models to help you make an informed decision.

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