3 Reasons You Need To Buy Miller Welding Gloves
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Welding Buddy Experts
October 19, 2021

3 Reasons You Need To Buy Miller Welding Gloves

Last updated ago
4 min read
Welding Buddy Experts
October 19, 2021

Miller Electric is a household name in welding and other industrial processes. The company creates its own welding gloves to accompany the welding machines it manufactures. Their expertise in the industry extends to safety and precaution in welding.

The company has been involved in welding since the late 1920s and is a frontrunner when it comes to producing quality products. Although Miller is known for the reliable machines they produce, they also have a whole line of safety products for sale. If you check out their website, you will see a dedicated safety page for all their precautionary equipment. They sell helmets, masks, face shields, glasses, and gloves.

The importance of wearing suitable quality gloves for welding cannot be stressed enough. Unfortunately, beginners tend to make the mistake of not taking the time to find a pair of reliable, sturdy gloves. This is very dangerous and could cause accidents like burns.

Safety is crucial to any work, especially for industrial projects requiring complicated equipment like welding machines and more. Even minor things could compromise your safety, like wearing the wrong pair of gloves. Fortunately, Miller welding gloves are some of the best there is. Here are a few other things you need to know about them before buying.

Material Matters

The best welding gloves are typically made of leather. Animal hide is better than using synthetic or natural fibers against the extreme heat welders work with. The most commonly used leathers are from cows, pigs, goats, and sheep, and each animal has its distinct quality in the leather.

For instance, cowhide is famous for preventing abrasions from the heat and friction that welders endure daily. Meanwhile, goatskin has known tensile strength that welders of heavier materials can benefit from and, at the same time, is resistant to scraping.

For TIG welders, sheepskin is ideal because of its smooth surface. On the other hand, pigskin is the heavy-duty leather that can withstand very high temperatures.

Another material aspect to know is whether the gloves are made of split leather or grain leather. The difference between the two lies in their texture. Grain leather is made of the outer, smooth part of the hide, while split leather is made from the rougher, internal material of the hide.

The Miller Electric Arc Armor MIG Stick Welding Gloves have palms made of pig grain leather that give both comfort and high-level protection. Pigskin is a water-resistant and breathable material. These two qualities allow the leather to be used for processes that involve scorching temperatures.


When you consider buying a pair of gloves, you have to keep in mind what kind of processes you are using them for. If you are just focusing on TIG welding, for example, you might need different gloves than if you do MIG and Stick welding.

TIG welding gloves would not need to be as heavy-duty as MIG and Stick welding gloves. What you will need with TIG welding is a pair of gloves that are smooth, flexible, and heightens your sense of touch. With that said, sheepskin gloves are best suited for TIG welding because they are smooth and dextrous.

However, it is a different story for MIG and Stick welding. These welding methods work at very high heat, so you will need sturdier and more reliable gloves for it. Pigskin leather is what trustworthy MIG and Stick welding gloves are made of.

The glove lining is also crucial to heat protection. Many common materials used in keeping the cold out are used to protect from heat as well. Natural products like wool, fleece, and cotton, along with synthetic materials, are sewn into the lining of the glove. The Miller MIG and Stick welding gloves have cotton and foam padding sewn inside and out of the glove for flame protection and breathability.

The glove fit is also essential when you are welding. Finding the right fit could change how you finish a project. Miller gloves have a range of sizes to fit different hands, and the Miller welding gloves medium in size is a safe alternative if you have regular-looking hands. They also have pre-bent fingers to make it easier to wear for the welder.

MIG and Stick welding puts not only your hands but your whole forearm at burn risk. As you probably already know, MIG and Stick welding processes produce a lot of spark and metal splashes. If you are wearing gloves that are cut off at the wrists, you will put your arm in danger. That is why the welding gloves made by Miller Electric have cuffs that envelop more than just your wrists. The cuff length also protects the sensitive skin of your forearm.


There is a reason why welding gloves were specially invented. Unlike other industrial gloves, it does not simply protect the wearer from the weight strain of heavy materials. Instead, it has a more arduous function than that.

Welding gloves are subjected to constant heat and pressure that can fray ordinary gloves from its threads, literally. The Miller Electric gloves are sewn using Kevlar, a flame-resistant thread, to prevent tearing from the seams. Kevlar is a non-stretchable thread that sews tight seams and is doubly stronger than nylon and polyester.

The materials, cut, patches inside and out, and even the thread that makes up the Miller gloves are designed for longevity. So you can expect durable and high-quality products from a company that has been producing them for almost a century.

Where Can You Buy Miller Welding Gloves?

Purchasing your own pair of Miller electric gloves is as easy as clicking a button on a website. The caveat, however, is the presence of many counterfeits on the online market, so make sure to buy Miller welding gloves Amazon has certified. You can also buy from other websites as long as you check their legitimacy and reviews.

Miller welding gloves UK welders need can be bought online as well. For good measure, check out online marketplaces like Amazon. They are easy to find and contact on the internet. Make sure to get the value for your money with original products from reliable sites and shops.

In general, choosing welding gloves can be a lot of work. Get them from trusted brands in the industry that have proven themselves over the years. Companies like Miller Electric are household names for a reason. Trust Miller Electric’s almost hundred years of providing welding machines and industrial supplies. If they have been making machines for that long, rest assured their safety products can keep up with the quality of their electronics.

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