Industry-Level Strength: The Miller Plasma Cutter 875 Review
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Welding Buddy Experts
September 15, 2021

Industry-Level Strength: The Miller Plasma Cutter 875 Review

Last updated ago
4 min read
Welding Buddy Experts
September 15, 2021

A common scenario when looking for a good plasma cutter is researching mainstream brands. They are known for their outstanding quality, long-standing reputation, and reasonable pricing. It somehow gives you the reassurance that you are not going to regret whatever you choose to purchase.

You might get a good machine based on its popularity alone, but exploring more factors won’t hurt. If you're especially inexperienced or a beginner in the plasma cutting field, collecting adequate information is necessary.

When you look up mainstream plasma cutters, you'll probably notice a Miller plasma cutter mentioned on every list. If it's the brand that gets you interested, this is the right article for a getting-to-know stage with the Miller plasma cutter 875.

Choosing a Plasma Cutter: Overview

Here's an outline of the primary factors to consider when selecting plasma cutting tools. These aspects help set plasma cutters apart.

To save time and make purchasing decisions easier, check out the following points below.

  • The type of plasma cutting (on a table or by hand)
  • The thickness of the workpiece material
  • A machine's cut capacity that matches the thickness of the workpiece
  • A machine with a smooth, clean, and precise cut quality
  • The difficulty level of the machine operation, regardless of experience
  • Weight and dimensions of the machine for portability
  • Length of the plasma consumable life for cost- and time-saving plasma cutting

The Miller Spectrum 875 Plasma Cutter Review

Miller Electric offers four plasma cutters with cutting capacities that can go up to 7/8 inch on steel/stainless steel and 5/8 inch on aluminum. Although they have similar general characteristics, each unit incorporates different features, so be mindful of them when doing your research.

Check out the highlight features of the Spectrum 875 below.

Quick Specifications

 Overall Thickness 11 in
 Overall Weight 69 lb
 Overall Dimensions 18.5 × 8.75 × 13.5 in
 Rated Output (@ 104 degrees Fahrenheit) 208 V: 60 A @ 140 VDC, 40% duty cycle; 230 VDC: 60 A @ 140 VDC, 50% duty cycle
 Warranty True Blue Warranty (3 years)
 Recommended Generator Power  11000

Ultra-Quick Connect for Easy Operations

The Miller 875 incorporates the Ultra-Quick Connect system for fast work cable and torch connection. Compared to its competitors, this is one of the fastest in the industry.

You won't have a hard time figuring out how to use a Miller Spectrum 875 plasma cutter; it comes with a flexible work lead and a small, heavy-duty clamp to help with easy storage, setup, and maneuvering. Additionally, the XT60 torch is ergonomically designed to prevent fatigue when you operate the machine.

Auto-Refire Technology to Avoid the Hassle of Manual Work

The Miller 875 ensures maximum user convenience with the Auto-Refire technology. The pilot arc is automatically controlled when you're cutting more than one or expanded sheets of metal. In addition, it easily and automatically adjusts to the power needed for a certain metal thickness. You don’t need to re-trigger the arc manually, so you can avoid hand fatigue.

Effective Cooling and Protection Systems

Miller Electric incorporates three technologies to protect the system from damage caused by various particles and heat.

  1. The Wind Tunnel Technology prevents particles like dust from causing internal component damage.
  2. The Fan-On-Demand Technology is the cooling system that reduces the airborne particles gathering in the unit. It operates only when necessary.
  3. The model also has an automatic air regulator adjusting the air pressure to maximize cutting and gouging efficiency.

Industry Applications

To ensure you're selecting the right plasma cutting machine, look for the specific applications of the model.

The Miller 875 cutter is mostly applicable for the following industries:

  • Construction
  • Racing
  • Customizing
  • Restoring
  • DIY/hobbyist
  • High-purity processing
  • Infrastructure
  • Manufacturing
  • Shipbuilding
  • Boat/yacht work
  • Heavy equipment manufacturing

Miller 875 vs. Miller 875 Auto-Line Plasma Cutter

You're probably looking for the significant differences between these two models as they have almost the same product name.

Well, they do have the same incorporated features and industry applications. Still, the two units have some specific differences.

  • The Auto-Line works on three-phase and one-phase power, while the 875 works on one-phase only.
  • The Miller Auto-Line is more expensive (by about $200) than the Miller 875.
  • The input amperage of each machine is different: Miller Auto-Line is 12.4 A, while Miller 875 is 42 A.
  • The Miller Auto-Line is CNC-ready, but Miller 875 isn't.


Keep in mind the following points to understand the limits of the machine and see if it still matches your plasma cutting requirements.

  • Expensive: Before you end up searching for “Miller 875 plasma cutter for sale” or “Miller 875 plasma cutter for sale Craigslist,” know that Miller plasma cutters are quite high-priced. You get what you pay for: the pricing is based on the computer control technology and the larger number of machine parts.
  • Not for CNC Tasks: Unfortunately, this model is not CNC-ready. If you need one for a CNC process, you might want to consider the Miller Auto-Line instead.
  • Doesn't Have a Cover: Users find it lacks a protective box or cover like the other Miller machines.
  • Lacking Machine Torch Assembly: Some users might find the torch head and cable stiff and unstable, which can cause difficulties when you're trying to cut through a workpiece.


Selecting from a pool of plasma cutters can be a pain, especially if you're not familiar with the technical aspects. We understand that you might struggle in making a buying decision, so we provided this quick guide about the Miller Spectrum 875 to help you out. We hope this gives you a clear insight into the machine and an overall perception of plasma cutters.

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