Welding Preparations: A Mathey Dearman Beveling Machine 2021 Review
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4 min read
Welding Buddy Experts
October 13, 2021

Welding Preparations: A Mathey Dearman Beveling Machine 2021 Review

Last updated ago
4 min read
Welding Buddy Experts
October 13, 2021

You're reading this right now to determine whether a machine—or more specifically, a Mathey Dearman beveling machine, is a better option than hand grinding and plasma cutting. Beveling is a significant step in welding preparation, ensuring you can weld with ease and produce the best results. Therefore, it is important to look for the most effective tool to help complete your welding task.

In this article, you will learn about the essentials of Mathey Dearman's machines for beveling. Find out its strengths and weaknesses, and determine if any of their machines match your welding needs. 

Mathey Dearman Machines for Beveling: A Review

While searching for recommendations, you might have come across a Mathey Dearman pipe beveling machine. If you're interested to know more, here are some significant points on what the brand can offer.

You can use Mathey Dearman's machines for cutting and beveling pipes or tubes to get you prepped for your welding job. If you're on the lookout for a Mathey Dearman beveling machine for sale, familiarize yourself with the following:

Saddle Machines

Saddle machines are engineered for pipe applications demanding a high degree of cutting and accuracy. It has been produced for more than 80 years, so welders can rely on its quality performance. You can use a Mathey Dearman 12 inch beveling machine or a Mathey Dearman 2 to 4 inch beveling machine regardless of welding experience. There are three types of these saddle machines: manual, motorized, and CNC. 

Quick Specs
 Compatible for 1 ½-inch to 48-inch pipe sizes  Available for pipe sizes at 1 1/2-48 inches Made of high-strength aluminum with a range of 1/2-12-inch pipe diameter 
 8 models 8 models  3 models 
 Includes: Base machine, torch arm, torch carrier assembly, spacer bolts, parts, and operating manual includes:  Digital control, torch arm, torch carrier assembly, spacer bolts, parts, and operating manual  Includes: 115 VAC-230 VAC machine with software, PC with Windows XP operating system, adjustable torch arm, torch carrier assembly, step spacers, parts, operating manual, and storage container 
  Ring gear and cap ring material: aluminum alloy and hardcoat anodize Electrical system: low current-draw, powered through 15 amp, 115 or 230 V outlets

Product Highlights
  • High-quality, fast, and precise cutting
  • Flexible: use with various plasma or fuel machine torches.
  • PlasmaSpeed for motorized machines: 80% faster than hand grinding and cutting
  • Portable and robust design for field welding and store applications
  • Impressive cutting ability that eliminates the need for grinding
  • User-friendly operating system

Mini Jolli Chain Machines

Mathey and Dearman claims Mini Jolli as the most popular chain machine and recommends it as a tool for random cuts on small and large diameters of pipes. The machines are easily adjustable and are exceptional performers in fast and consistent beveling. Jolly chain machines are divided into two types: manual and motorized.

Quick Specs
  • Cutting ability: 2 inches and above
  • Three models (1 manual, 2 motorized)
  • Accurate cuts on 18 inches or larger vertical vessels or pipes
  • Four-wheel positioning and double cottered roller chain
  • Includes: Base machine, torch arm, service keys, hose and sliding support, torch holder, parts, operating manual, and PlasmaSpeed motor controller (with 115 VAC or 230 VAC motor) for motorized machines.
Product Highlights
  • Works best for maintenance facility or small shop applications
  • Saves time and maintenance costs
  • Robust to fit tough construction work
  • 50% faster than grinding and hand cutting
  • Versatile
  • Adjustable torch

Band and Crawler Machines

Band and Crawlers are designed for pipes with minimum clearance, requiring only 6 inches to work. The machine has a flexible band made of stainless steel that can be placed in the tight pipe areas— the band allowing the crawler to bevel consistently and conform to the shape of the pipe. There are two types of Band and Crawlers: Manual and motorized.

Quick Specs
  • Four models (2 manual, 2 motorized)
  • Includes: Base crawler machine, torch-carrier, drive cable, parts, operating manual, and PlasmaSpeed controller (115 VAC and 230 VAC motor)
  • Band sizes: 6-12 inches (made from 14 gauge of stainless steel) and 14 inches (made from 12 gauge of stainless steel)
Product Highlights
  • Easy set-up and operation
  • Cut capacity up to 48 inches
  • Lightweight band
  • Band crawler fits all band sizes
  • 60% quicker than grinding and hand cutting

Mini Mag XM

If you need a machine to cut thick-coated pipes and heavy wall thickness or welding applications, the Mini-MAG XM is a good choice. The machine's main feature is the MagnaCut XM tool, which can perform accurate cuts, bevels, and welds without the need for security tools (clamps, chains, and more.) 

Quick Specs
  • Two models
  • Includes: Base machine, motor control box, torch arm, sliding support, pipe safety cable, torch holder, two snap hooks, guide rollers and strip, cable sleeve, parts, operating manual, and custom storage
  • Cut capacity: 6-inch pipes and larger (external), 24-inch pipes and larger (internal)
  • Wall thickness requirements: .250-3-inches thick with a 0.015-inch coating
  • Welding torch motion speed: 2-4 inches per minute (varies according to the source of welding, gas mixture, or rate of deposition)
  • Use it with the guide strip for better cutting accuracy on pipes that are 18 inches and larger.
Product Highlights
  • Versatile: can bevel pipes and plates at angles up to 45 degrees
  • Easy set-up
  • Doesn't require a different machine for various pipe and plate sizes
  • MagnaCut XM: enables cutting, beveling, and welding pipe and plates without security accessories

Downsides of Mathey Dearman Machines

  • Relatively pricey compared to its competitor brands
  • Potential software errors
  • Size limitations
  • Possible electrical cord hazards
  • Possible guarding issues

Final Thoughts

Mathey Dearman's beveling machines are worth a try. First, however, make sure to inspect the machines and see if they suit your welding work. Beveling machines are fundamental because you use them primarily for preparation, and you need an excellent kickstart to complete a welding task. We hope this article gives you the valuable information required to make your final buying decision.

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