Looking for A Good TIG Welder? Check Out This Weldpro Digital TIG 200GD Welder Review
Last updated ago
5 min read
Welding Buddy Experts
May 9, 2022

Looking for A Good TIG Welder? Check Out This Weldpro Digital TIG 200GD Welder Review

Last updated ago
5 min read
Welding Buddy Experts
May 9, 2022

Are you in the market looking for a new TIG welding machine? There are a lot of options laid out for you in the marketplace. Everything seems to be an excellent choice when you're not familiar with the different types of welding machines. But which of these welding machine options are worth considering? Excellent welding machines don't come cheap, so you have to make sure you choose the correct one. 

In this article, we'll help you find the best welding machine you can use for your all-around household repairs, craft hobbies, and even for professional work. If you're looking for a good TIG welder, then you’re in luck. We’ve got the best welding machine option for you. So let's check out the Weldpro Digital TIG 200GD and see just how good it is.

weldpro digital 200gd

How Good Is the Weldpro Digital TIG 200GD Welding Machine? 

The Weldpro line of welding machines is one of the most famous in the marketplace. Weldpro machines are a common choice for professional welders because of their excellent quality. So if this machine is as great as people say, what's stopping you from getting one for yourself? 

If you can’t make a decision, we want to help you make up your mind. Let's look at the different features of the Weldpro TIG 200GD and see why it’s worth every penny. 

Two power input options 

Different homes across the country have different power outages. Most welding machines come with a 220 volt power requirement. It can be a hassle and a challenge to find out your power output, especially in households. Fortunately, the Weldpro 200GD can run on two power options, 115 volts and 240 volts. 

What's even more impressive with this welding machine is that the power adapter is already included in the package. This is a great deal because most other brands don't offer this inclusion with their welding machines. 

Aluminum TIG welder 

Several welders are available in the marketplace, some even for budget-friendly prices, yet many  can't weld aluminum. It can be costly to buy a separate machine just for welding aluminum when you can have a machine that does everything you need. The Weldpro 200GD has an AC output that allows you to weld aluminum on the get-go with no need for special attachments.

2T and 4T welding mode

The dual modes of this welding machine will help you weld more efficiently. The 2T mode is common among welding machines. With this mode, you push and hold the trigger to start your welding process and release the trigger to stop welding. This mode helps make cleaner and more precise welding outputs. 

The 4T mode is most useful when you are welding for a longer period. In this mode, you need to press the trigger once, and the machine will run automatically without needing to hold the trigger. Press the trigger again to stop the machine when you are done with work. This mode means less strain for your arms and fingers. 

CK17 SuperFlex torch inclusion 

It's very rare to find a welding machine that doubles as a torch. On the other hand, it's common for a professional welder to have a separate machine for torching. The Weldpro Digital 200GD welding machine has a CK17 SuperFlex torch inclusion. Talk about an all-in-one machine. 

Furthermore, the Weldpro also includes the hose you need for your torch. This inclusion is a hassle-free feature because you don't have to spend more to buy a separate hose, not to mention it saves time because all that’s needed for your welding job is included in the welding machine package. 

Torch cover and rocker style foot pedal 

The trick to a long-lasting machine is proper maintenance and storage. The Weldpro Digital 200GD includes a cover for the torch gun. It’s a zippered pouch that gives an additional layer of protection for your torch gun. Furthermore, the machine also comes with a rocker-style foot pedal. There are professional welders that are more comfortable using a foot pedal when they work. Therefore, Weldpro gives you the option to operate the machine with it. 

Of course, different welders prefer different styles of foot pedals. You can always change the pedal depending on your preference. The machine is compatible with a wide range of foot pedal options. 

good tig welder - household welding repair

The Potential Drawbacks of the Weldpro Digital 200GD 

The Weldpro welding machine looks amazing on paper. But before you invest in this machine, let's look at the potential drawbacks you may experience with Weldpro Digital. 

No settings chart 

Despite all the great inclusions of the Welpro 200GD, they don't have a settings chart included in the machine. Most welding machines have a setting chart in their compartment so users can use it as a reference when they work on different projects. 

Unfortunately, there are no settings charts available for the Weldpro 200GD. For new users, this can be frustrating. As a solution, you’ll have to experiment with different settings on various materials. Over time, you will learn the proper settings even without using a chart. 

Price point

You can expect that welders as good as this product come with an expensive price tag; this Weldpro is also considered one of the best TIG welders for aluminum. The price of this machine is approximately $1000. There are a lot of welding machines that cost significantly cheaper than this one but don’t expect the performance of those machines to match the Weldpro 200GD. 

Low duty cycle

For some welders, especially those who work for long hours, the duty cycle of the Weldpro 200GD disappoints. This machine only has a 40% duty. To put things in perspective, if the machine runs for 10 minutes, you can only use it for 4 minutes at full power. The other 6 minutes will be used to power down and cool off the machine. 

If you’re working for long periods, a duty cycle like this one can slow down your progress. 

Our Verdict

Overall the Weldpro Digital 200GD is a good TIG welder—maybe even the best out there. This welding machine is worth the investment with its excellent features, like the dual input option and modes, inclusions, and wide range of applications. 

However, this welding machine is not for heavy-duty industrial work because of its short duty cycle. This machine works best for around-the-house repairs, farm work, hobbies, and crafts. 

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