Cool Against The Heat With Lincoln Welding Gloves: A Review
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Welding Buddy Experts
September 16, 2021

Cool Against The Heat With Lincoln Welding Gloves: A Review

Last updated ago
5 min read
Welding Buddy Experts
September 16, 2021

Sparks, dust, splatter, hot metal, grime, and chemicals— you often encounter them when welding. These are the ultimate reasons you have to wear protective gear to ensure a safe and efficient welding job. Among all body parts, the hands are the quickest target of these dangerous particles. Since you use them the most when welding, it needs solid protection to prevent yourself from getting hurt.

If you cannot provide good hand protection, you are at risk of burns, electric shock, and other related injuries. Accidents and welding might be two closely related scenarios, but you can avoid that by wearing reliable safety welding gloves. This article will discuss Lincoln welding gloves, what you can expect from them, and see if the brand fits your welding needs.

Choosing the Right Welding Gloves

Before going into Lincoln's range of welding gloves, let us first look at some crucial factors when choosing the right type of welding glove to use.

MIG, TIG, or Stick Welding?

First, identify what type of welding job you are going to do. Are you conducting a TIG, MIG, or a Stick welding job? For starters, here are some critical differences among the three welding types.

  • MIG or Metal Inert Gas: you fuse metals using electricity.
  • TIG or Tungsten Inert Gas: produces less heat than MIG or stick welding.
  • Stick welding: produces the highest amount of heat and particles among the three.

These key differences give you hints of the glove type needed for each welding job. For example, small-sized gloves might fit TIG welding the most. On the other hand, MIG and stick welding require bigger, more padded, and highly heat-resistant welding gloves for extra protection.

How Much Heat Protection Will You Get?

Heat is the biggest concern for most welding jobs, so it's essential to look into the heat resistance capabilities of welding gloves. Whether it's a MIG, TIG, or stick welding task, it would be best to have maximum protection against any amount of heat. Look for welding gloves with Kevlar® Stitching feature. Gloves like that are reliable and highly heat-resistant, so they can indeed protect you from getting any injuries.

Dexterity is a Must!

When you wear gloves, there is a possibility that you might not be able to move your hands as freely as you do without them. But the suitable welding gloves don't restrict your hand movements. Make sure to pick a flexible pair of gloves to avoid experiencing difficulty withholding or picking up welding equipment.

Gloves That Fit Your Hands Perfectly

Find a pair of welding gloves that fits your hands smoothly. Some welding gloves come in a universal size, while some vary from large to extra large. There are gloves with elbow or forearm length, too. Pick the one that fits your needs. Remember that it should be comfortable, flexible, and appropriate as protective gear for welding.

A Review on Lincoln Welding Gloves

Now that you understand the fundamental factors in choosing welding gloves, let us talk about the brand Lincoln. The brand always makes it in countless lists of top recommended gloves for welding, so what makes it worth a purchase? We highlighted their best features below.

About the Manufacturer

Lincoln Electric Holdings Inc. is a US-based company that manufactures tools for cutting and arc welding. It was founded in 1895 by the Lincoln brothers John and James. In 1911, they innovated their first variable voltage arc welder. This became the start of Lincoln Electric and brought success to the company today.

Lincoln Electric is now one of the leading arc welding and cutting suppliers in the welding industry. They produce a range of safety equipment, filler metals, automation, PPE, weld fume control units, and general tools and accessories.

They also provide industry solutions: shipbuilding, fabrication, maintenance and repair, pipeline, power generation, automotive, and transportation services. With the range of experts in the team, they aim to provide the best experience for their clients.

Welding Gloves by Lincoln

Lincoln Electric welding gloves are famous for their cool designs and performance quality. Nothing beats gloves made from materials that function well and also make you look fabulous! Lincoln brings this excellent combination into their range of welding gloves. 

MIG, TIG, or Stick Welding?

A majority of Lincoln's welding gloves are designed to suit and focus on one type of welding task. Multi-purpose gloves are nice, but so are gloves with a single purpose since they are tailored specifically for one task. While most of their gloves fall into single-purpose types, they also have products for general-purpose welding. 

The K2979-ALL Lincoln Electric Traditional MIG Stick welding glove is general-purpose. The gloves also feature a straight thumb design for finger sensitivity with an excellent design and durability. The cuffs are 5 inches wide and lightweight with 14.5 oz.

Available Sizes

Some welding gloves are universal in size, but different sizes are made to suit the welder's preference perfectly with Lincoln's gloves. The majority of the gloves range from M to 2XL available sizes.

Cool Designs With Quality Performance

Lincoln's gloves are designed with a quality purpose. They incorporated a straight thumb design so you can weld comfortably. Gloves can be concerning at first because you might feel like wearing them will restrict your hand movements. But with Lincoln's, dexterity is one of their product's strengths, so you can expect it to work well with you.

Kevlar Stitching

Kevlar thread is a strong and highly heat-resistant material. Welding gloves that are stitched using Kevlar thread turn into fire retardant and highly durable apparel. Welding, especially Stick welding, produces a lot of heat and chemicals. This can make you worry about gloves wearing out quickly or being unable to provide enough heat protection. With Kevlar stitching, you can ensure that the gloves can provide safe and long-lasting quality. 

Solid Materials

The Lincoln Electric premium leather welding gloves are made up of grain goatskin and black split cowhide leather. The material is super abrasive and has tensile strength. Lincoln gloves are made up of materials with benefits suited for welding.

These materials provide good heat resistance and are durable. You can weld safely, freely, and efficiently with its excellent dexterity.

Protection Features

There are more specific features designed in Lincoln gloves to ensure complete hand protection. The Lincoln Electric Roll Cage welding gloves are dual-purpose (welding and rigging) and have excellent knuckle protection features. The protection is made of silicone to prevent your fingers from getting damaged by welding impacts.

There are also palm protections, such as palm padding and inside lining features to prevent cuts. Lastly, the gloves come with a wrist guard and fastener. It is heat resistant and easily removable without damaging the gloves.

The Shortcomings

There is no perfect pair of gloves in this world. A lot of them can function well, but you need to be aware of their downsides too. Knowing the shortcomings should not spoil the image of the brand. Instead, take it as a valuable insight to decide which pair of welding gloves you will choose.

Some of Lincoln's gloves don't provide enough dexterity, length, comfort, and heat resistance for a specific welding task like TIG welding. You have to weigh the significant factors in choosing welding gloves to find which of them are suitable. In general, Lincoln Electric's welding gloves are offered at an affordable price. Like any other trusted brand, they can be worth the purchase if they suit the welding requirements.

Final Word

It is good to have many options for welding gloves, but it is also challenging to choose. What you need is to gather important information and decide whether it matches your welding needs or not. Decision-making for a product gets easier when you consider the essential factors. We hope this guide helps you get closer to the right decision. We wish you a safe, comfortable, and productive welding. 

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