Lincoln Electric Welding Gloves: The Best Gloves For Beginners
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Welding Buddy Experts
July 13, 2021

Lincoln Electric Welding Gloves: The Best Gloves For Beginners

Last updated ago
6 min read
Welding Buddy Experts
July 13, 2021

If you're looking to buy one of the best welding gloves, you are in the right place. Aside from Lincoln Electric welding gloves, the brand is well-known for its high-quality roster of welding products. They also sell MIG, TIG, and multi-process welders, welding accessories,  and filler metals, to name a few.

To say that Lincoln Electric is a household name for welding equipment is an understatement. They take the first spot for being the best in the welding industry. This article will focus on one of their successful products, the Lincoln Electric Traditional MIG Stick welding gloves. You'll also know more about how to choose the best-fitting gloves for you and why it's essential to wear one when welding. Read on to learn more.

Lincoln Electric Traditional MIG STICK Welding Gloves: A Review

If you look for MIG or TIG welding must-haves, you will always see welding gloves on the list. Aside from these, you'll also see welders, clamps, fillings, and personal protective equipment (PPEs). All of these are required to carry out a safe and effective welding process.

Welding poses health and safety risks to the individual doing it. The activity itself requires high amounts of heat to melt the metals used for binding. So your skin, particularly your arms, hands, and face, are exposed to heat. You are also prone to get electrocuted, shocked, or burned. This is why you should get Lincoln Electric welding gloves. Here's a breakdown of what this pair can do:

All-Around Welding Processes

Although the product's name is Lincoln Electric Traditional MIG STICK welding gloves, this is not confined to just these welding processes. It's an all-around glove that you may use for flux core, oxyfuel, and plasma cutting. Other gloves of this caliber, such as the Lincoln Electric Premium Leather welding gloves, are designed only for TIG and plasma cutting.

So these are suitable gloves for you if you plan on using them for different welding tasks; their flexibility tops other gloves.

Relatively Wide Range of Amperage

A welding machine's amperage or flow of current will dictate its capacity for different materials. For example, harder and thicker materials require greater amperage.

For the Traditional MIG Stick welding gloves, its ideal range is 25 to 300 A. This is on the average side compared to other ranges of 25 to 450 A or 10 to 400.  Although this is a bit limited compared to others, it's enough to cater to different welding processes.


The materials used in these welding gloves are split leather outside and soft cotton liner inside. Other welding gloves from Lincoln Electric have heavy-duty split leather, premium grain, split leather, or goatskin grain leather.

Split leather is a good material for gloves. One of its advantages over other materials is it has high abrasion resistance. This feature can be attributed to its dense fibers. In addition, it allows the welding gloves to last for a long time, even if these are used every day. Although the Traditional MIG Stick welding gloves are not equipped with heavy-duty split leather, it offers good flexibility and durability.

The insides are made with a soft cotton liner. Its soft insides still allow it to be breathable and comfortable to use even with prolonged use. The materials are stitched together with Kevlar - x3.

Heat Resistance

One of the most important features of welding gloves that you should look out for is their ability to resist heat. Its main function is to withstand high amounts of heat and protect your arm when using it. It offers better than average heat resistance. It's not exactly the most stellar out of all welding gloves from Lincoln Electric. The Heavy-Duty Stick/MIG gloves offer ways better resistance compared to this. However, it's acceptable for this range. If you're new to welding and you're looking for good-quality gloves, this is a perfect choice for you.

One Size Fits All

The Lincoln Electric Traditional MIG Stick welding glove is only available in one size. Other gloves in their line, such as the Lincoln Electric roll cage welding gloves, are available in different sizes. This might be one of the greatest downsides for the traditional MIG stick glove. Other gloves are catered to more hand sizes with their medium, large, extra-large, and 2XL offerings. So if you have extra small or extra large hands, these gloves may not fit your hand perfectly.

Overall Performance

Now that you know more about the features of these gloves, it's time to assess their overall performance. It doesn't only look good, but it offers excellent performance too. We've named it as the best welding gloves for beginners because it's not too intimidating to use, and it ticks all the must-have features. However, it’s recommended that you should know the temperature you're working with. Although it offers good heat resistance, it may not be enough to handle extremely high temperatures.

What To Like About It

At first glance, its two-tone aesthetic sets it apart from other welding gloves—most having only one color, which makes them look dull. However, if you're looking for gloves that allow digit articulation, these are the gloves for you. Since most beginners are not too familiar with using MIG or TIG welder machines just yet, this is a good choice as starting gloves. It's also durable enough to withstand long-term use. You may even use this in doing other household work such as gardening.

We recommend that you get these gloves if you're looking for something you can use in different types of welding. Its wide range of amperage is acceptable for its function. It's comfortable with the materials used for it, and it stands out compared to other welding gloves.

How To Choose The Right Welding Gloves

Before diving into a specific welding glove, you must first know what you should consider when buying one. Here's a quick breakdown for you:


The ideal thickness of the gloves you'll use depends on the type of welding you'll do. For example, TIG welding doesn't require thick gloves because it produces less heat. However, for other welding techniques such as MIG, flux core, and stick, you'll need thicker gloves.

Dexterity is one of the problems with thicker welding gloves. So a good one wouldn't just be thick; they should be easy to work with too. Combining these two poses a problem with most manufacturers. But this is where you can initially see if a glove is a good one. Kevlar lining is also associated with most top-rated gloves as it helps in digit articulation.

Heat Sensitivity

Welding gloves are primarily designed to protect you when welding. However, since this activity emits a lot of heat, you are prone to health and safety hazards. One of them is burns due to excessive amounts of heat.

A good welding glove must be able to resist this heat generated when welding. Its inner lining is usually made from insulating materials. Some gloves have patches on them on more heat-sensitive areas for added insulation.

Before choosing gloves with a particular level of heat resistance, you must first know what type of welding you're going to do. TIG welding doesn't emit much heat, so that you won't need a higher level of resistance for this. However, you have to know the maximum temperature you're going to work with for other welding types and cutting.


Gloves, particularly welding ones, are made from different kinds of materials. These commonly used ones are kidskin, goatskin, deerskin, and pigskin. The welding gloves' material will dictate its performance and lifespan.

Some materials like kidskin are more durable. But the problem with these is harder materials are usually less flexible. So a good glove should be able to balance these two. If you cannot find a glove that fits the bill, you will have to compromise one aspect to have the other.


Aside from the performance, it would help if you also consider the gloves' durability. This will depend on how often you use it and how well you're taking care of it. Gloves that are subjected to high and extreme amounts of heat are more prone to wearing quickly.

Excess heat may also shrink the gloves depending on the material it's made from. If you weld multiple times a week, you should invest in a higher quality of gloves. You get to save money this way rather than buying extremely cheap welding gloves at first and breaking them.

Final Thoughts

When you're looking for welding gloves, there are some things you need to consider. It may get overwhelming to know all of these at first, especially if you're still a beginner. But you must first know the type of welding you're going to do.

The Lincoln Electric Traditional MIG stick welding glove is one of the best we can recommend. It's beginner-friendly without it being too overwhelming to use. It's durable, flexible, and is effective in protecting your hands when welding. In addition, you can use it not just for MIG or stick welding but also for other welding techniques. So if you think these are the features you're looking for, get one and see what it's all about!

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