Hobart 500575 Airforce 27i as an Alternative to Lincoln Electric Tomahawk 375 Plasma Cutter K2806 1
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Welding Buddy Experts
May 3, 2022

Hobart 500575 Airforce 27i as an Alternative to Lincoln Electric Tomahawk 375 Plasma Cutter K2806 1

Last updated ago
4 min read
Welding Buddy Experts
May 3, 2022

The Lincoln Tomahawk 375 Plasma Cutter K2806 1 bears the name of one of the welding industry’s trusted brands—Lincoln Electric. This cutter's features are remarkable. Yet, you may be in the market to try brands or products other than the Lincoln Electric Tomahawk 375 plasma cutter. Or, you must be looking for a cutter that is easy to purchase and available on Amazon. We might have just the cutter you need

In this blog post, we’ll look at how the Hobart 500575 Airforce 27i plasma cutter is on par with the Lincoln Tomahawk 375 plasma cutter and why it is a great alternative. 

Product Highlights

There are many plasma cutters out there, but welders like you would surely love to invest in reliable machines that you know will last long. This is why Lincoln ELectric cutters are on top of your mind, but here are the characteristics of the Hobart 500575 Airforce 27i you’ll also love. 

From an established brand

Hobart is a brand as reliable as Lincoln Electric. The company began manufacturing in 1917 to respond to companies' and individuals’ needs for reliable welding and cutting equipment. The brand now offers various safety equipment and accessories, from machines for MIG and stick welding, plasma cutters, to even multiprocess welders! You can get helmets, goggles, glasses, gloves, and clothing from Hobart. If you ever find yourself looking for accessories and consumables, Hobart has them too!

Complete set

For the Hobart 500575 Airforce 27i plasma cutter itself, you’ll get a complete set that can get you started in cutting right away. The set includes the following:

  • 12-foot hand-held torch
  • 12-foot work cable with clamp
  • 10-foot power cord
  • Gas/air filter regulators
  • Torch tips
  • Shield deflector
  • Electrode
  • Cable manager

Check the manual that comes along with the cutter to ensure that you set it up correctly and save yourself from any workplace accidents. If you ever need replacements in the future, Hobart has the accessories you need. 


Once you’ve set up the Hobart 500575 Airforce 27i, get ready to witness how it is on par or even better than Lincoln Electric cutters and other brands out there. 

The Hobart plasma cutter can be powered by both 120V and 240V plugs. Using the 120V, it can produce 20A–27A, and on 240V, expect up to 30A. The machine is capable of 14A minimum to ensure that you can cut both thick steel and delicate metallic materials. 

Application flexibility

What tasks do you particularly want to accomplish? Are you a metal artist who likes to control the lines and curves of your output? Are you using a plasma cutter at home or for your farm and ranch? Or do you see yourself expanding your home projects to a small business to offer help to others? Whichever your choice is, the Hobart 500575 Airforce 27i will be a great companion in fulfilling your goals.

lincoln 375 plasma cutter

Comfort and efficiency

As you fulfill various tasks at home or in your welding business, you can rely on the Hobart plasma cutter's comfort and efficiency. It is a handheld cutter with easy but safe-to-pull triggers. You can smoothly cut through sheet metal to create your desired shape. The machine also has wind tunnel technology and a fan-on-demand cooling system, so the consumables last longer and are safer despite long hours of use. 


If you ever need to move around for work, you can move with ease with the Hobart 500575 Airforce 27i. This machine weighs only 19 lbs.and has a strap for you to carry it comfortably. You can also invest in a protective cover or a carrying case for extra portability. The polyester cover has pockets to organize cutter parts, while the case is sleek and classy in black. 


You’ll feel at ease purchasing the $1629.99 Hobart plasma cutter because of its warranty policy. The transformers, stabilizers, and main rectifiers are replaceable for five years, while the generators, PC boards, and drive system have a three-year warranty. Even the torches are protected with a warranty too. The MIG, TIG, and plasma torches are replaceable for up to a year. 

Social proof

Another assurance welders like you would love to see when purchasing machines is social proof from people who have purchased and are using the products. On Amazon alone, the Hobart 500575 Airforce 27i plasma cutter has a 4.5 out of 5 star rating, and on their website, it has a rating of 4.8 stars. 


  • You can use more accessories with it like the plasma standoff roller guide, circle guide, pivot base, and more!
  • The consumables can easily be bought from Hobart without any hassle.
  • Hobart also sells other protective items needed for plasma cutting, like welding glasses and attire.
  • It is a great alternative to various plasma cutters, including the Lincoln 375 Plasma Cutter, Lincoln Electric Tomahawk 625 Plasma Cutter K2807, Lincoln Electric Tomahawk 1000 Plasma Cutter and Lincoln Electric Tomahawk 1538 Plasma Cutter.


  • The protective covering and the carrying case for the machine are sold separately.

Final Thoughts

The Hobart 500575 Airforce 27i is a great alternative to the Lincoln Electric Tomahawk 375 Plasma Cutter K2806 1. It is from an established brand, and it comes with a complete set that can perform most applications. It is also very comfortable and efficient to operate, and it’s highly portable. The only downside is that the carrying case and the protective covering are sold separately as accessories. But overall, this plasma cutter is a great option for anyone looking for a quality product on par with the best plasma cutters out there.

If you want to know more about plasma cutters, feel free to browse through more of our content. We have a lot in store for welders like you!

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