Lincoln 225 Arc Welder: The Best Portable Machine for Your Welding Projects
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Welding Buddy Experts
April 11, 2022

Lincoln 225 Arc Welder: The Best Portable Machine for Your Welding Projects

Last updated ago
5 min read
Welding Buddy Experts
April 11, 2022

If you're in the market for a new welder, the Lincoln 225 arc welder is a great option to consider. This powerful machine can handle a wide range of welding projects, making it perfect for both professionals and DIYers. It's also designed for use in various applications, from automotive repair to metal fabrication.

This article will discuss the features of the Lincoln 225 and why it's such a popular choice among welders. So stay tuned and take note as this may be the welder you need for your next purchase. 

Quick Specification Overview of the Lincoln Arc 225 

The Lincoln 225 welding machine can provide you a smooth AC welding process for different types of materials. With the Lincoln 225, you can weld cast iron, alloy, carbon and stainless steel with the machine with ease. Here are some of the inclusion and quick specifications of the Lincoln 225 welding machine. 

  • Maximum Rating: 250 Amp 
  • Input Current: 50Hz, 60Hz 
  • Input Power: 230 
  • Output Range: 40–225A 
  • Polarity: AC
  • Warranty: 3 years 

Welding machine kit inclusions

  • Insulated electrode holder
  • Heavy duty work clamp 
  • Input cable 

Other specific accessories like the wheel kit and axles are sold separately. Moreover, also check out Lincoln’s line of safety gears. They offer helmets, gloves and even welding jackets to keep you safe when you weld. 

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Product Spotlight: The Lincoln Electric AC 225 Arc Welder 

If metal fabrication is your hobby or you need to weld for repairs and fixes around the house, the Lincoln arc welder is a perfect choice. Whether you are a beginner or looking for a tool that can give you impressive outcomes, this welding machine is all you need. Let's look at this welding machine's key features to see if it is worth your money. 

Powerful welding machine 

If you are planning to invest in a welding machine, get the most out of your money. Don't settle for machines that can do less than what you paid for. Luckily for you, the Lincoln 225 is named one of the most powerful welding machines of 2021. 

This welding machine has no problem welding 16 gauge metals and above. In other words, it can join metals with thickness at half an inch or more without any difficulty. 

Portable with thermal protection technology

Who doesn't like a portable machine? It's easy to carry, and you can take it anywhere you need it to be. Most powerful welding machines are bulky, heavy, and hard to transport. You need a committed workstation to do your projects. But with the Lincoln 225, you get a powerful machine that you can move around. It’s a portable machine that weighs approximately 40 kilograms, and its small size allows easy storage without taking up too much space. 

Furthermore, one main issue of welding machines is overheating. Since these machines use a large amount of energy and produce high temperatures, they're prone to overheating. In some cases, the machines completely stop working, but other overheating issues cause the machine to blow up or cause fires which can be dangerous. 

The Lincoln 225 has a thermal protection feature that keeps your machine's internals cool even if you use it for a long time. In addition, the machine's metal casing has multiple slats that promote excellent ventilation and continuous airflow so that hot air inside the machine is expelled as you use it. 

Adjustable welding amperage range 

The Lincoln welding machine comes with a wide range of welding amperage. The machine also features an adjustable switch that lets you customize your amperage output. You can set the machine's amperage between 40 to 225 amp depending on how strong you need the current and heat to be. 

This is the smoothest AC arc welder you can find in the market. This welding machine can produce great welding outcomes with different electrodes like stainless steel, tungsten, or low hydrogen electrodes. Because of this feature, you have a wide range of electrode options you can use with the Lincoln 225, making welding easier and more efficient. 

Easy and safe to use 

The Lincoln AC 225 arc welder is perfect for experienced workers and beginners. You only need to set the devices to your desired power outage, and it's ready to go. Furthermore, the machine has a six foot long power cord so you can work from a safe distance.

The machine is accredited to guarantee it is safe to use even in your home. The Lincoln is ULCSA approved, NEMA rated, and UL listed. The Lincoln brand comes with a 3-year warranty for all their machines. Many customers report that the machine's durability is excellent, and that they didn't even need to use the warranty. 

An all-around machine 

The Lincoln 225 welding machine is also a stick welding unit commonly used for construction jobs. But this machine is designed for as many jobs as possible. You can use this machine for pipe repairs, farm work, house repairs, and even crafts. Even rookies can operate this machine with no difficulty. 

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Potential Drawbacks

Before you go all-in and purchase your own Lincoln 225 welding machine, let’s look at the potential drawbacks you may encounter with the welding machine. 

Price point 

The Lincoln 255 costs around $650–$1000, depending on where you make your purchase. For some, this is a great deal, given that Lincoln is a highly-rated portable welding machine. But if you're looking for budget-friendly machines, there are other portable machines from other brands that cost less than $500. This is especially true if you’re only a hobbyist, as you won't need a high-powered machine such as this one. 

Product weight 

Although the welding machine has a compact size, it’s quite heavy. As mentioned earlier, the machine weighs a little more than 40 kilograms. You can still transport or move it wherever you need to be, but it can be tiring because of the weight. Instead, you can place your welding machine on a rolling table to easily move it around the house or your workplace. 

The Lincoln welding machine has no problem welding thick metals together, making this arc welder one of the most sought-after units in the market. But some users report that the Lincoln 225 is not for welding thin material. Even in the lowest amperage setting, the output is still too powerful and you’ll end up ruining metal pieces thinner than 16 gauge. 

Final Verdict 

Is the Lincoln 225 arc welder the best portable welding machine in the market? It’s certainly up there. The Lincoln brand has been producing welding machines and accessories since 1961. That's almost 70 years of customers trusting the same brand. One thing is for sure, The Lincoln 225 arc welding machine can handle your all-around welding needs. 

For more information on welding safety gear, welding brand reviews, and buying guides, feel free to browse the rest of our blog. 

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