Saving for a Lincoln 180 MIG Welder? Try This Affordable Multi-Process Tooliom Welder Instead
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Welding Buddy Experts
April 5, 2022

Saving for a Lincoln 180 MIG Welder? Try This Affordable Multi-Process Tooliom Welder Instead

Last updated ago
5 min read
Welding Buddy Experts
April 5, 2022

Do you want to buy a welder that works right away without having you look over spec sheets for hours? You can get away by buying from any of the biggest names in the fabrication industry, such as ESAB, Lincoln Electric, Miller Electric, Everlast, and Hobart. If you can spend more money for what you can buy cheaper from others, welders from these brands will serve you well.

When you need an affordable and easy-to-use welder for light fabrication work, such as repairing your car, home renovation, and weekend projects, you can rely on the Tooliom TL-200M. Since it comes from a trusted brand, you can expect the Tooliom TL-200M welder to live up to its manufacturer's well-earned positive reputation. 

If you would like to discover what makes this Tooliom TL-200M welder a cut above the rest, continue reading below!

lincoln 180 mig welder - Metal fabricator using a welder

Introducing the Tooliom TL-200M

Whether you are a newcomer to the fabrication industry or a seasoned metal fabricator, you will find that the Tooliom TL-200M welder does not disappoint. This Tooliom welder handles the common welding processes well and is designed with a dual voltage configuration. As one of its strengths, its flexibility lets you work in various locations and situations.


  • Can be bought from Amazon for $309.99
  • Designed for flux cored wire welding, MIG welding, stick welding, and lift TIG welding
  • Takes in 110/120-volt and 220/230-volt AC input
  • Efficiently produces output rated at 200 amps
  • Features a straightforward interface design with only two knobs for control
  • Capable of working with mild steel, stainless steel, aluminum (MIG welding), and thicker sheet metal (flux cored wire welding)
  • Equipped with a wire drive system rated for heavy-duty performance
  • Comes with a synergic control which results in easy and fast operation
  • Operates quietly without performance loss thanks to its gearbox
  • Saves you material by starting welding arcs with minimal spatter

Capable Welder

As a metal fabricator, you might work with sheet metal with varying lengths and thicknesses. That's why you need a welder capable of keeping up with you. You can get away with using a welder with an average amp output rating for light fabrication work, like automobile repair and home renovation.

You can depend on the Tooliom TL-200M to cut through 5/32-inch mild steel using its powerful 200 amp output. The Tooliom multi-process welder delivers performance to satisfy most fabricators. So whether you wish to use it for your weekend projects at home or your full-time job at the auto repair shop, the TL-200M will do the job effortlessly.

Simple Controls

Overly complex interfaces shouldn't burden beginner metal fabricators. For example, some welders have too many displays, dials, and switches, making the front panel look like an airplane cockpit. It would be best to focus more on your welding technique and less on switching buttons on and off. Fewer buttons mean fewer mistakes.

Unlike its more sophisticated and high-end competitors, the Tooliom TL-200M only includes two knobs, a function switch, and a digital display on its front panel. If you are a new metal fabricator, you wouldn’t need any controls aside from the two knobs of the Tooliom welder. The TL-200M saves you from wasting time and frustration from fiddling with overly complicated controls!

Heavy-Duty Wire Drive

Some cheap welders in the market, especially those from lesser-known and dubious manufacturers, look great from the outside but hide low quality inside their shiny housings. For instance, the wire drive system facilitates the wire going through the machine. Unfortunately, the wire drive included in these cheap welders performs poorly and can disrupt your workflow.

Tooliom equipped the TL-200M with a heavy-duty wire drive system. As a result, you can expect smooth performance and optimal wire alignment as you work on your fabrication project. In addition, the well-designed wire drive system ensures safe and reliable operation. So you don't need to worry about your wire getting tangled or crushed inside the machine. 

Dual Voltage Flexibility

Don't you hate it when you can't use your welding equipment because of incompatible power sources? Power outlets in homes and workplaces have different voltages due to the different demands in each setting. As a result, you may find a welder that only takes in one specific voltage input very limiting and impractical.

The Tooliom TL-200M comes with a dual voltage configuration, making it a practical choice for metal fabricators who work in multiple locations. The TL-200M can work with 110/120-volt and 210/230-volt power sources. So you won’t have a hard time using the same welder at home and work.

Synergic Control

New metal fabricators may be overwhelmed by the settings that they have to configure when using a welder for the first time. Non-synergic welders will have the fabricator adjust the settings for the pulse frequency, peak and background currents, and other values individually. If you are a complete beginner or want to get started, these values and inputs will be burdensome.

Thanks to the synergic controls that come with the Tooliom TL-200M, working on your fabrication projects will be a breeze. For example, when using the welder, you only need to select the wire material and the diameter and let the machine do everything else. As a result, you only need to adjust one knob for the wire speed rate.


Although the Tooliom TL-200M is a capable multi-process welder, you can still find a few flaws if you look close enough. For example, some customers tested the Tooliom welder using an amp meter and found that the machine outputs only 130 amps, 70 amps short of its promised 200 amp rating. Consequently, you can expect lackluster performance from this welder.

Customers face another common issue involving the gun the TL-200M comes with. They report that the trigger on the gun often gets stuck in the "on" position, making it a huge safety hazard. To sum it up, fans of the more established names in the industry will be disappointed by the TL-200M. However, if you set your expectations right, you may still consider the Tooliom welder a bargain.

What Makes a Good Lincoln 180 MIG Welder Alternative?

Industry-leading brands like Lincoln Electric consistently design and manufacture reliable and durable fabrication equipment. That's why cheaper alternatives like the Tooliom TL-200M may disappoint you. So what makes a good Lincoln Electric alternative? 

Here are some things that you should consider when looking for an affordable yet capable alternative to the Lincoln Electric welders.


Lincoln Electric is a favorite among new and seasoned metal fabricators. Experienced fabricators often recommend the brand to new ones because of how reliable their machines are. That's why durability should be one of the things you should check for if you are looking for a Lincoln welder alternative.

Parts Accessibility

If your machine breaks down, you need Lincoln 180 MIG welder parts to be readily accessible. Lincoln Electric and its competitors offer widely available spare parts and even Lincoln 180 MIG welder accessories. So the next time your welder stops working, you can easily buy new first-party components and accessories. Make sure the same goes for your alternative.

After-sales Support

What if your Lincoln 180 MIG welder gun suddenly stops working? If you are a new metal fabricator, you probably have yet to learn the basic troubleshooting techniques that experienced fabricators already know. Lincoln Electric is known for its responsive and thorough after-sales support. Likewise, you should check for the warranty and customer service support when buying from an alternative company.

Final Thoughts

While saving up for an expensive and high-end welder (such as the Easy MIG or Pro MIG) from brands like Lincoln Electric, you may want to buy an affordable and capable welder first. The Tooliom TL-200M presents a good starting point for new metal fabricators. However, despite its many functionalities, such as its multi-process feature, it also has shortcomings. For instance, when put side-by-side with a dedicated single process welder, its performance pales in comparison.

If you want more of our welder reviews, head to our welder section and read more!

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