An Affordable Lincoln 140 MIG Welder Alternative: The Forney Easy Weld 140 FC-i
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Welding Buddy Experts
March 10, 2022

An Affordable Lincoln 140 MIG Welder Alternative: The Forney Easy Weld 140 FC-i

Last updated ago
5 min read
Welding Buddy Experts
March 10, 2022

Do you want to buy a Lincoln 140 MIG welder but can't afford it? Then you should consider an affordable yet capable welder like the Forney Easy Weld 140 FC-i! 

As you begin your journey as a metal fabricator, you do not need to spend on expensive pieces of equipment just yet. Sometimes, a value-laden product will do the job without burning a hole in your pocket.

The Forney Easy Weld 140 FC-i will perfectly suit your needs if you are a beginner metal fabricator. It offers a compelling set of features that you should consider before buying high-end welders from Lincoln Electric. Aside from being a full-featured MIG welder, the Forney welder is easy to carry to and from your work sites.

Sounds like a good bargain? Keep reading and find out what else the Forney Easy Weld 140 FC-i can offer you!

Introducing the Forney Easy Weld 140 FC-i


  • Uses a 0.30-diameter flux core wire
  • Takes in 120-volt input and outputs 140 amps
  • Facilitates wire feed speed based on your input
  • Performs at a 30% duty cycle at 90 amps
  • Suits beginner metal fabricators with its easy-to-use controls
  • Can easily cut through ¼-inch-thick sheet metal (including stainless steel)
  • Weighs a measly 19 pounds
  • Works with flux-cored welding, which needs no shielding gas
  • Perfect for all sorts of steel projects: do-it-yourself, repair, maintenance
  • Can take in different wire diameters
  • Built to last with its durable and rugged all-metal housing
  • Comes with a MIG torch gun, work clamp, handle, and an adapter
  • Covered by a reliable 12-month warranty for defects and issues
  • A good alternative to the Lincoln Electric EasyMIG and Weld Pak
lincoln 140 mig welder alternative - Forney Easy Weld 140 FC-i

Has Everything You Need to Get Started

Some welders only come with the welding machine and nothing else. That's fine if you are a seasoned metal fabricator; you'd most likely have the welding accessories and consumables you need. You would only need to pick up a compatible torch and plug it into your new machine.

But what if you are just starting to wet your toes in metal fabrication? Then you might appreciate the welding accessories that come with the Forney Easy Weld 140 FC-i. 

Right out of the box, you get the welder, an 8-feet MIG gun, an 8-feet ground clamp, a 20-amp to 15-amp adapter, a contact tip, and a user manual. The only complaint that customers have is the length of the cables, which is less than 10 feet.

Designed for Complete Beginners

The considerations for the best beginner welder should include not only its price but also its user-friendliness. Some welders are perfect for enthusiasts and seasoned fabricators, making them overly complex. However, if you are a novice in metal fabrication, a simpler and easier-to-use welder will suit you better.

Forney designed Easy Weld 140 FC-i with total beginners in mind. Thus, you can expect a basic set of features geared toward newbie fabricators who are still learning the ropes of gasless flux-cored welding. The welder also gives you better control over the arc, especially compared to other welders in its price range.

Portable and Easy to Transport

If you frequently move from one site to another, you should consider a welding machine's weight and portability. Some are too bulky and heavy to carry around, while others are great for transport. 

Since the Forney Easy Weld 140 FC-i caters to newbies and casuals alike, the welder offers a good set of features without sacrificing its weight and portability. The welder only weighs 19 pounds or around 8 kilograms, making it a lightweight piece of equipment. The welder also comes with a sturdy handle you can rely on during transport.

Rugged Construction to Last

The Forney Easy Weld 140 FC-i costs less than $300, so you suspect that it will break within a week. Many budget welders exchange durability and longevity for cheaper materials and lower manufacturing costs. As a result, you end up with a cheap welder that has a short life span.

Thankfully, the Forney Easy Weld 140 FC-i found the right balance between cost and durability. An all-metal casing houses the internal components of the welder, protecting it from the harmful elements that may come its way. It can also handle big rolls of wire weighing 2 to 10 pounds. You don’t have to treat this welder like a baby; it has a rugged construction and is built to last.

Comes from a Trusted Brand

New metal fabricators know all the big names in the industry: Lincoln Electric, Miller Welds, ESAB, Everlast, and Hobart. Seasoned fabricators would also recommend the same names. However, these manufacturers offer expensive welders, cutters, and welding accessories, so they may not be the best choice for new fabricators.

On the other hand, cash-strapped metal fabricators often recommend Forney to newcomers to the industry. You can buy any of their machines for an affordable price without trading off reliability and portability.


When you compare any Lincoln Electric 140 MIG welder (such as the EasyMIG, 140 MP, Lincoln 140HD, and Pro MIG 140) to the Forney Easy Weld 140 FC-i, the shortcomings of the latter become more apparent. So if you are ready to take things to the next level, you may find the 140-amp output of the Forney welder a bit lacking. That’s why some other alternatives with higher amperage can save you from the hassle of upgrading in the future.

Aside from its low maximum amperage, its duty cycle of 30% at 90 amps will turn some metal fabricators away from this welder. If your workflow involves working for long sessions at a time, the Forney welder may overheat sooner compared to its rivals. Also, the wire speed of the spool gun can’t keep up with fast-paced workflows and MIG welding techniques.


In metal fabrication, you can expect unfortunate situations such as your welder suddenly breaking down. Since you are a newbie, you may lack the technical know-how and experience to troubleshoot your welding equipment. 

If you have a knowledgeable and experienced fabricator friend, they may be able to help you out. Otherwise, you can rely on Forney’s after-sales team. You can reach the company’s technical service department through their official channels. Forney’s technical support team includes well-trained experts who can render accurate information and spot-on guidance. 

lincoln 140 mig welder - Metal fabricator working on a metal sheet

Final Thoughts

If the steep cost of Lincoln’s EasyMIG 140 welder and Lincoln 140 MIG welder parts has shocked you, the Forney Easy Weld 140 FC-i can be a godsend. It offers a basic set of features that even the most experienced metal fabricator can appreciate. In addition, its specifications are comparable to those offered by more expensive alternatives.

At less than $300, the value proposition offered by Forney’s 140-amp welder is hard to beat. Such a capable welder can help you finish your first MIG welding steel projects. However, you will soon find out how limiting its amp rating can be as you progress. But until then, the Forney welder will take you by the hand as you learn the ropes of metal fabrication.

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