John Tillman and Co. 50XL MIG Welding Gloves—Review
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Welding Buddy Experts
August 19, 2021

John Tillman and Co. 50XL MIG Welding Gloves—Review

Last updated ago
7 min read
Welding Buddy Experts
August 19, 2021

We cannot overstate the importance of wearing safety gear while welding. You should protect yourself from heat, high temperatures, burns, spatter, or any injuries and accidents during the welding process. One type of safety gear for welding is welding gloves. You wear these to protect your hands from any incident that may cause an accident.

If you’re on the hunt for comfortable, high-quality MIG welding gloves, Tillman’s X-Large top-grain leather gloves are a worthy candidate. Read on to discover why.

Welding Glove Types

Choosing the suitable welding gloves for you should depend on the specific welding process you will perform. Check out the three primary welding processes and the appropriate welding gloves for each.

MIG Welding Gloves

MIG (metal inert gas) welding gloves should resist heat and spatter during MIG welding. The best MIG welding gloves are usually made of thick layers of skin, such as goatskin, deerskin, or even elkskin. These types of skins are thick enough to protect your hands from extreme temperatures.

TIG Welding Gloves

TIG (tungsten inert gas) requires more movement compared to MIG. Usually, TIG welding gloves are made of thinner materials since the TIG welding process generates less spatter. With this, TIG gloves can’t protect your hands enough if you use them in processes that involve extreme heat and spatter.

Stick Welding Gloves

A thicker type of leather is the most preferable for stick welding gloves. Materials such as pigskin, goatskin, and elkskin grain can be used as a material for stick welding gloves. However, do make sure the gloves are just the right thickness and not too thick so that you can still move your hands comfortably.

Guide in Buying MIG Welding Gloves

You can’t just go with the first welding gloves you see in the store. Instead, you should consider a few factors to pick the best welding gloves for you.


It’s essential that you can grab things quickly as you wear your welding gloves. Getting things such as tools, your torch, or any metal pieces will be easy if you wear flexible gloves. Usually, welding gloves for stick and MIG welding need to be more flexible than TIG gloves. Just check their material and see that the pair of gloves allows you to move your finger and wrists comfortably and adequately.

Size and Length

Gloves with longer lengths are more efficient to use. Welding gloves with adequate coverage can protect your arms better. However, beware of gloves that are too long as they may restrict elbow movement and thus may not be practical for you.

Though other people prefer shorter gloves because they are easier to put on and off, long gloves are more effective as protective gear.


Welding gloves that are too tight will not be comfortable for your hands. On the flip side, gloves that are too loose won’t also work well. Welding gloves should be soft, resistant to high temperature, and very comfy for your hands while using them. Its material, size, and shape also affect the comfort of the welding gloves, so you should check these as well.


The durability of a product depends on various factors such as seams, linings, and the manufacturing process. Therefore, you should check the quality of these things to ensure that the welding gloves will be long-lasting.

For instance, Kevlar stitches, while expensive, are more durable compared to other stitches. That’s why gloves with higher price tags tend to be durable since they have extra seams and linings to maintain the product’s strength.


Though this does not affect the performance of the welding gloves and is thus not the main priority, the aesthetics and design of the welding gloves will give you more confidence in using and wearing them.

The design of welding gloves depends on the gloves’ patterns, shape, color, and other physical aspects. Therefore, it’s better to use welding gloves that will satisfy your preferred aesthetics.


Getting the best value out of your money is essential in purchasing any product. Of course, affordable products are likely easier to get compared to expensive ones. But whatever the price is, see to it that you will benefit from the product you are purchasing. You should check its durability, efficiency, and usefulness.

Review of John Tillman and Co. 50XL MIG Gloves

Tillman MIG gloves have proven themselves to be mighty MIG welding gloves. Its 14-inch leather material is suitably thick for protection, which is one of the main goals of using welding gloves. In addition, its rough texture adds to the level of protection and heat resistance. With its leather construction, it offers the greatest protection from any debris or spatters. Still, it is very soft and can be very flexible in gripping various objects.

Manufacturers sometimes overlook the back of the gloves when making welding gloves. But Tillman is a different story. They pay attention to such details and prioritizes this essential part of the gloves. That’s why it is the most durable and robust part of Tillman MIG gloves.

Compared to other welding gloves, Tillman MIG gloves offer comfort while using them. Their 4-inch wide cuff is wide enough to cover your wrists. They also have an inner fleece lining that can protect you from heat and flame.

These gloves are perfect for beginners and professionals. You can also use this for activities other than welding, such as oil pipeline transport, shipbuilding, grilling, cooking in wood fires, and even in manufacturing.


If you are considering this product, the Tillman welding gloves are very useful for multiple welding purposes. For a quick overview, here are some of the pros and cons of John Tillman and Co. 50XL Welding Gloves.


  • Best Quality — These gloves are made from elkskin. The entire gloves, from the palm to the back, are thick, durable, and soft. All of these are perfect qualities of MIG gloves. Rest assured that these gloves will not easily tear.
  • Insulation — While welding, you will be exposed to extreme temperatures. These gloves serve as great protection from extreme heat.
  • Comfort — You should feel comfortable in wearing and using welding gloves. Tillman 50XL is very soft to touch, and you can grip and grab things with them on.
  • Kevlar Threads — Durability of the stitches is essential, and Kevlar threads make these gloves extra durable.
  • Elastic — These welding gloves are stretchable, and you can use them not only for welding but also for other purposes.
  • Value for Money — Though they’re pricey, you still get the best bang for your buck with their benefits.


  • These welding gloves don’t work well with overhead welding.


The primary material of these US-made gloves is leather. These gloves are extra large in size and available in white and tan colors. In addition, this product’s highlight features include its seamless forefinger, split leather back, fleece lining, elastic back, and leather palm reinforcements.


Looking at these welding gloves, you will see that they are strong and thick. It is mainly made of elkskin, a material that has an excellent feel, look, and quality. When compressed, elkskin is durable and resistant to stretch. That’s why it is an ideal material for a welding glove.

Compared to cowhide, elkskin has a higher level of shrinkage resistance and protection from heat and high temperature. At first glance, it may seem flimsy with its lightweight feature. But if you try it, these gloves will not give you any burns even when welding for extended hours.

These gloves are also made of top-grain leather, which can be used for various products such as briefcases and is more durable than low-grade leather types.


The Tillman 50XL welding gloves are highly durable; that’s why they are a good option for the best welding gloves for MIG. You can expect to use these gloves for a lifetime with their excellent material and manufacturing process.

Made from elkskin, the Tillman 50XL gloves are surely long-lasting, and nothing can tear them easily. Moreover, they are durable and resistant to heat, shrinkage, and stretch. Also, their Kevlar stitching is excellent and high-quality, making these gloves one of the most durable welding gloves in the market.


Though their material is strong, durable, and thick, these gloves are still soft enough to keep you comfortable while using them. Tillman also prioritizes your comfort when it comes to the gloves’ design, texture, and material.

With their fleece lining, these gloves are comfortable to use in hot and cold environments. In addition, they protect you from high and low temperatures. That’s why they’re flexible for any weather conditions.

Also, their 4-inch cuff extends to the arms and gives you more coverage. They are also comfortable to use as they are stretchable and fit just right around your wrists.


What you will love about this product is it’s an all-around welding glove for you. It serves a lot of functions, and you can use it as a safety tool for most welding processes.

Since its material is elkskin, it is a good choice for TIG welding with its resistance to hardening. Aside from this, they make for excellent MIG and Stick welding gloves since they can resist high temperatures. With this, you don’t need to suffer from the hassle of changing gloves for different welding functions.


To be honest, Tillman gloves are pricey compared to its competitors. But they are worthy investments for their price. These gloves are a good deal for you, given their high-quality materials, durability, and flexibility. When you get these, you have three-in-one welding gloves for the three primary welding functions.


Brand: John Tillman and Co.

Color: White/Tan

EAN: 0608134005009, 0913687299943

Global Trade Identification Number: 00608134005047

Height: 12 inches

Included Components: Unit, Instruction Guide

Item Weight:  11.7 ounces

Length: 8.0 inches

Material: Leather

Model Number: TIL50XL

Number of Items: 1

Part Number: 50XL

Size: X-Large

Specific Uses for Product: Commercial/Residential

UNSPSC Code: 46180000

UPC: 608134005047

Width: 0.0 inches

Where to Buy It?

You can buy this one in a lot of places. On Amazon, it’s one of the best-selling MIG gloves. Check its features, updated price, and availability to get better deals for these welding gloves.


In choosing the right MIG gloves, you should consider various factors. Before buying a pair, check its material, durability, and cost.

John Tillman and Co. 50XL MIG Gloves knock it out of the park in all these respects. Your money will have been well-spent since these are made from high-quality materials.

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