Combat Plasma Cutting Mistakes: A Hypertherm Plasma Cutter 65 Review
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4 min read
Welding Buddy Experts
October 20, 2021

Combat Plasma Cutting Mistakes: A Hypertherm Plasma Cutter 65 Review

Last updated ago
4 min read
Welding Buddy Experts
October 20, 2021

Although plasma arc cutting is one of the easiest welding processes to learn, it is understandable for some to encounter difficulties in using it. The machine's technology can be complicated for the first time, and it takes much practice to get better at the job. Human errors are inevitable, especially when dealing with machines—which is why it's important to understand what the device you're using is capable of.

If you have your eyes set on a Hypertherm 65 plasma cutter for sale, this article can help set your expectations right. Know what plasma cutting mistakes you can avoid or troubleshoot if you use the Powermax cutter and conduct a welding task successfully.   

An Overview About the Manufacturer

Hypertherm is one of the leading manufacturers of industrial cutting tools. It all started in 1968; founders Dick Couch and Bob Dean found a way to produce a plasma arc that is more capable of quick and accurate cutting than any other machine ever made. For over fifty years, the company developed plasma systems, waterjet systems, software, consumables, and more to provide consistent quality, productive, and cost-efficient solutions. Hypertherm is currently headquartered in Hanover, NH, with several office locations across five other countries.

The Most Common Plasma Cutting Mistakes the Hypertherm Powermax 65 Plasma Cutter Can Handle

Now that you have an idea of Hypertherm's reputation in the industry, it's time to break down the main discussion points. Below is a list of common plasma cutting errors you encounter and what a Hypertherm Plasma Cutter 65 is capable of in helping you combat these problems.

hypertherm plasma cutter 65 plasma cutting

Imbalance in Consumable Use

When your application is incorrect, the consumables are one of the most easily affected parts of a plasma cutter: either you use consumables until they blow or replace them too soon. These errors ruin the quality of the metal and cause unnecessary time and costs. Therefore, you have to periodically check on the condition of your consumables to ensure they're not too worn out or discarded too early.

Hypertherm's Counteraction: The machine is exceptionally designed with efficient consumables. The Hypertherm 65 plasma cutter consumables work well with proper maintenance: moisture can mess up the engine. Therefore, ensure to use clean, dry air, so it lasts longer and continuously provides excellent performance.

Incorrect Air Pressure Regulation

Regulating the optimal air pressure for the amperage you're using is challenging in plasma cutting setups. It becomes more complicated because the settings are different for every plasma cutting machine. Some people, especially beginners, forget to double-check that part often. When the air pressure is too high, the arc column dissolves, and the arc's power decreases. When the air pressure is too low, the cut quality is flawed because the machine can't form a plasma arc.

Hypertherm's Counteraction: Hypertherm's Powermax65 incorporates Smart Sense technology, automatically adjusting the level of air pressure to match the cutting mode and torch length. This capability prevents poor and inconsistent cuts caused by the incorrect setting of the air pressure level.

Incorrect Torch Set-Up

Assembling the torch is important for producing an accurate flow rate and gas stream that provides optimal energy density and arc velocity. Unfortunately, some welders mistake incorrect alignment and apply too much lubrication, which causes dust contamination. Torch assembly should always be clean to prevent the torch from burning and the arcing from losing control.

Hypertherm's Counteraction: The Powermax65 has highly reliable and adaptable Duramax torches designed with SpringStart technology for durability. These torches can perform various applications: gouging, flush cutting, extended reach cutting, and fine feature cutting. The machine is also easy to set up, so you will be less likely to experience this problem.

Arcing Issues

A couple of arcing issues often occur when using plasma cutters: the absence of arcing between contacts and arc stretching. The most common reasons behind these issues are burned-out internal components, insufficient high voltage spark, an excessive level of air pressure, or a lack of understanding of proper machine setup.

Hypertherm's Counteraction: The Plasma Cutter 65 integrates SmartSense and SpringStart technology: these two ensure that your automatically and appropriately adjusted air pressure and accurate plasma arcing behavior from start to finish. With the simple structure of the machine, you can prevent errors resulting from the incorrect setup of the system.

Crucial Points of the Powermax65 To Keep in Mind

As good as the plasma cutter is, it's still not the best choice if it's unable to meet your specific needs. Keep these essential points in mind when making a buying decision.

  • The Hypertherm Powermax 65 plasma cutter price is relatively high compared to its competitor brands. However, rest assured that paying a higher price means you get an outstanding plasma cutting machine quality. If you think long-term investment, having a machine that saves unnecessary time for repair is a much better choice.
  • The Powermax 65 is not the most lightweight plasma cutting machine out there (64 lbs.) However, it's built with reliable top handles so you can manage to carry it around when necessary.
  • Every plasma cutter has its cutting limitations, so look up these details carefully and see if it meets your cutting needs.
Hypertherm plasma cutter 65 cut capacity chart


For a plasma cutter standard, the Hypertherm Powermax65 is a reasonably good choice. It's easy to set up and operate with incorporated features worth the purchase, as they make the cutting process easier. But for a machine to work well and last long, it will need proper maintenance. If you can maintain and use it the right way, you can secure satisfactory results for your workpieces.

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