Hobart Plasma Cutter 27i Review
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Welding Buddy Experts
December 6, 2021

Hobart Plasma Cutter 27i Review

Last updated ago
7 min read
Welding Buddy Experts
December 6, 2021

Hobart has been attempting to make welding and cutting activities safe, fun, and straightforward since the 1900s, which is a good number of decades. They are dedicated to designing, studying, and manufacturing quality welding and cutting equipment, which ensures that the Hobart plasma cutters are of high quality and easy to use. This makes it reassuring to depend on Hobart because all of their products are subjected to strict durability standards and are backed by Hobart’s amazing guarantee (5/3/1 Industrial Warranty).

The Hobart plasma cutter 27i is a significant improvement over its smaller counterpart, the 12ci. The 27i has a higher duty cycle, cut, and gouging capability, making it suitable for both home and workshop use. In this Hobart 27I plasma cutter review, we will study each detail step-by-step so you know exactly what you are getting.

Is the Hobart Airforce 27i Plasma Cutter for you?

Users that work in car body repair, renovation and servicing, and HVAC are the target market of this model. The price may seem to be excessive, but the built-in features and components highly compensate for anyone looking for a high-quality cutting instrument.


  • A lightweight inverter-powered machine with adequate cutting capacity and versatility
  • Line voltage compensation ensures consistent power even when input voltage varies by up to 15%
  • A dual-voltage system with multi-voltage plug makes it compatible with 120V-240V power outlets; its versatility makes it convenient to use
  • Power factor correction circuitry reduces amperage needs by up to 30% and eliminates circuit breaker tripping caused by voltage dips
  • Ideal for use with engine-driven generators or welders that require a 4 kW or higher 240V receptacle
  • Has a post-flow cooling system in place to preserve consumables and torch components
  • For optimal gas flow control, an air regulator and filter are built in
  • The Wind Tunnel feature protects internal components from abrasive particles and dust
  • It comes with consumables specialized for gouging
  • Faster cutting speeds at maximum amperage


  • Poor performance with aluminum
  • Not compatible with CNC applications
  • It does not have any noise mitigation features

Hobart Plasma Cutter 27i: Main Features and Benefit

Powerful and Compact Design

The Hobart plasma cutter 27i has a simple and compact build. Despite its simplicity, the architecture is extremely powerful and dependable. Because of the ergonomic features, the operator can work with the machine for hours. Because of the inverter inside, the substance seems to be a little larger. However, with the field clamp, torch, and inverter, it only weighs 32.1 pounds. For such a lightweight, the 27i is extremely compact. A heat-resistant handle is also included in the specification.

Hobart plasma cutters are made of high-grade heavy gauge material with some parts built with aluminum. The wiring is often encased in fire-resistant plastic insulation. Since it employs inverter technology, the Hobart 27i is one of the most cost-effective and convenient cutting machines available. When you equate the input current that it draws to the output current that it generates, you will see that this system is very effective. It has the most efficient cutting capability, though weighs half as much as other versions.


One of the most appealing features of Hobart plasma cutters is their ease of use. In the first case, this product is extremely simple to set up and use. It is as easy as plugging the device in and connecting the compressed air supply. After grounding the job piece, pull the trigger and cut. It will not take long for operators to determine where to plug in the tubing, torch cables, and sockets because the labels on the product will show them the correct way.

The unit operates on two voltages: 120V and 240V. Depending on what is being sliced, any voltage will be used to operate the product. The consumer can connect to all of the voltage powers, depending on which voltage best suits the needs. There's nothing else you need to do to get the equipment to run at the voltage you want. All you have to do is plug in the desired voltage, and the device will operate at that level.

Another aspect of this device that contributes to its portability and ease of use is its versatile cable management straps for wrapping the wiring. This precludes any tripping hazards that usually ensue with messy wirings.

Safe and Ergonomic Features

The 27i comes with a Multi-voltage plug, allowing you to connect it to any regular household power circuit. Link it without the use of any hardware, whether it is a 120V or 240V input. The XT30R torch gives it a modern ergonomic style. When using the torch, the user can feel more at ease. Its ergonomic nature helps the consumer to work with it for extended periods of time without feeling too exhausted. 

The machine is safe to use and comes with a variety of safety features. To begin with, the trigger guard almost eliminates the possibility of inadvertently starting the cutter. So, before you can cut, you must first lift the guard and pull the trigger on purpose. 

Second, the machine does not overheat. It has a thermal overload control switch that automatically shuts off the device while the unit is operating at the specified duty cycle and temperature. It protects both the consumer and the machine in this way. Since the mechanism is automated, even if the consumer does not know that the device is overheating, the design will take care of everything.

Other safety features:

  • Fan-on-demand

A cooling feature that minimizes the amount of dust and dirt that the unit pulls in during operations. The fan-on-demand only activates when needed, which is a huge bonus in terms of power conservation.

  • Wind tunnel technology

The wind tunnel technology and fan-on-demand complement each other in preventing eroding contaminants like dirt from ruining the internal parts of the machine.

  • Post-flow air cooling system

A post-flow air cooling system is a must-have when you are working with heavy-duty equipment. Hobart’s proprietary cooling system helps the torch cool down seconds after turning off the plasma stream. This secures the unit from overheating problems as well as helping to prolong consumable lifespans. 

The 5/3/1 Hobart Warranty

When you invest in something like the Hobart 27i, you are buying it with the sole purpose of bulldozing through a rigorous workload that would, frankly, wear down a cheaper, subpar plasma cutter. Following this logic, it is crucial that you get a stellar guarantee of the machine’s performance in case the worst case happens. Fortunately, the Airforce 27i has a 5-year warranty on transformers, stabilizers, and rectifiers; a 3-year warranty on engines, PC boards, and drive units; and a 1-year warranty on MIG, Plasma, and TIG torches.

Technical Specifications

  • Input voltages: 120-240V
  • Output current: 27A
  • Rated output voltage 145 VDC
  • Duty cycle: @ 40° C (104° F) CSA
  • 35% @ 27A, 240V, 92 VDC
  • 20% @ 27A, 120V, 92 VDC
  • 35% @ 15A, 120V, 88 VDC 
  • Dimensions with handles: 17 x 18.2 x 11.6 inches
  • Weight: 32.1 lbs.
  • Rated cut: 3/8-inch steel
  • Severance cut: 5/8 -inch steel
  • Recommended air flow: 3 CFM at 90-120 PSI


What comes with the Hobart 27i?

The Hobart 27i comes complete with some handy components you need to get started. Here is a list of all the accessories that come with the machine:

  • 12 ft. XT30R handheld torch
  • 12 ft. work cable with clamp
  • 10 ft. power cord with 5-15P (120V, 15A) and 6-50P (240V, 50A) MVP Plugs
  • For additional protection, there is a built-in gas/air filter and regulator that's simple to attach
  • Extra consumables (2 tips, shield deflector, and electrode)
  • Cable management

What else should I buy to start cutting?

To start cutting with the Hobart 27i, we recommend purchasing an external compressed air source, visual protection (equipped with shade number 5), and other protective equipment. To maximize the 27i’s performance, you are going to need a 220v outlet. 

Do I need to hold the torch tip off while cutting?

The Hobart 27i is designed with drag-cutting capabilities, so you can keep the torch tip in contact with the metal surface while cutting. 

What is a pilot arc, and do I really need to spend the extra dollars for it?

Pilot Arc is a feature used in almost all high-quality plasma cutters. This allows you to use the plasma cutter's torch to create a cut without touching the metal with the tip of the torch. The torch tip is usually held just off the metal when using a Pilot Arc unit. This makes cutting simpler and increases the life of your cutting torch's consumables. This functionality also makes it much simpler and cleaner to cut expanded steel.

Non-Pilot Arc machines are often less costly and need you to cut the metal by bringing the torch tip towards it. This will really deplete the consumables, which is not worth the extra couple of dollars gained in the long run. We recommend that you only invest in Pilot Arc-enabled machines.

Is a built-in air compressor worth it?

Internal air compressors are designed for consumers who want a handheld device that can cut in areas where an air compressor is not usable. Having said that, these machines are usually underpowered and much more costly. Therefore, we suggest purchasing one of these devices only if you need mobility. Otherwise, avoid these and use your spare cash to get a compressor for your store if you do not already have one. External air compressors are a handy device to have around because you can use them in other air-operated devices like spray paints.    


The Hobart 27i is not the cheapest option out there, but it is definitely not something you can go wrong with. With a compact design, easy installation and use, clean cuts, and excellent portability, the value far outweighs the price tag. Beyond cutting capacity, the 27i is also highly ergonomic, with fail-safe features that negate user errors, especially when it comes to overheating and power consumption. 

Whether it is going to be for a DIY or a professional project, the Hobart 27i is a durable machine that will see years of use in your workshop. So get a Hobart 27i plasma cutter for sale today and start making your best cuts!

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