The Best of Harbor Freight Welding Gloves: Vulcan Defender Professional MIG Welder Gloves—Master Welder Series
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Welding Buddy Experts
March 22, 2022

The Best of Harbor Freight Welding Gloves: Vulcan Defender Professional MIG Welder Gloves—Master Welder Series

Last updated ago
3 min read
Welding Buddy Experts
March 22, 2022

Hazards and risks come with the job of being a welder. Every day you work with very hot machines, sharp tools, and electrical currents. If you're not careful, accidents can happen. Burn and cuts are part of the job, even if you’ve been doing it for a long time. That's why wearing welding gloves and other safety equipment is a must for a welder. 

In this article, we'll take a look at one of the best welding gloves Harbor Freight has to offer. The Vulcan welding gloves are the top choice for safe MIG welding. Let's look at its different features to know if it's worth getting a pair for your daily grind. 

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A Welder Must-Have: Vulcan Professional MIG Welding Gloves 

The marketplace offers you an endless number of welding gloves in different sizes and lengths. In addition, there are leather welding gloves, cowhide welding gloves, rubber welding gloves, and gloves made out of other materials. These products promise you safety in extreme temperatures and claim to be puncture-proof. But do these gloves really protect you? Harbor Freight has professional brands you can trust if you're looking for quality with the lowest price. 

Let’s check the Vulcan’s Master Welder Series welding gloves. 

Glove material

The Harbor Freight Vulcan Welding Gloves are a great deal for your money. The price is affordable at $22.99 but the materials used are premium. It just goes to show that high-quality safety equipment does not always have to be the most expensive. The gloves use cowhide material on the palms and top part of the hands. Cowhide is a common material for leather gloves because of its protective properties and low cost. 

Cowhide leather is the thickest material used for leather gloves. It can withstand extreme temperatures up to 500 degrees Celsius. It's also warmer compared to other materials, so you can also use it to protect your hands against the cold. 

Heat and abrasion-resistant 

Many welders still complain that they get burns and cuts, even with gloves on. But some gloves are thin and offer very little protection. The thick materials of the Vulcan MIG welding gloves not only guarantee heat protection but also protection from abrasions and cuts when using torches or plasma cutters. 

Furthermore, these welding gloves have exceptional durability, making them perfect for heavy-duty work like lifting. The gloves have a split leather cuff that protects your hand's upper part from the hot sparks that emit during the welding process. In addition, the threads used in the gloves contain DuPont and Kevlar fiber to ensure the stitches are fire-proof. 

Comfortable work gloves 

It can be difficult to work with bulky gloves, especially when using small equipment. The Vulcan Professional Welding Gloves are designed to be comfortable in your hands even after a long day of work. The fingers are seamless, so you can easily push the trigger using MIG welding machines. It also makes it much easier to control for a better welding outcome. 

Welding gloves at Harbor Freight are available in different sizes. Make sure to get the right size for excellent protection at work. 

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Before You Buy the Vulcan MIG Welder Gloves 

When it comes to welding safety gears and other related products, you should always get the best. Great tools should give you protection, be comfortable to use, and last long. Here are some product drawbacks you may experience with the Vulcan MIG Welding Gloves. 

  • The gloves give protection for portable welding machines. Many users of this brand report that although the gloves give adequate protection, they fall apart quickly. 
  • Customers report that the gloves are stiff in the first few uses, making it hard to hold torches and push triggers for work. Some even experience the threads popping because of their hand movement. If you're set on purchasing this brand, it's recommended to go with one size larger than your usual glove size. 
  • Users experience that the top part of the gloves melt and burn with exposure to too much heat. 

The Vulcan Welding Gloves can guarantee your hand's safety for home repairs and light welding activities. If you're looking for welding gloves with industrial strength, you can try brands like Lincoln Electric or Tillman. These gloves are also available at Harbor Freight. Watch out for Harbor Freight welding glove coupons to enjoy discounts on your purchase.

Final Thoughts 

Personal protective equipment is a must for jobs with hazards. Welding injuries are not something you should take for granted. As a welder, you must be protected from head to toe. That's why, even for gloves, you have to take your choices seriously. If these gloves aren’t for you, there are other professional brands available at Harbor Freight. You can check them out to see which one fits your needs perfectly. 

For more information on welding gear and safety equipment, feel free to browse more of our blogs.

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