Portable Cutting Rig: The Harbor Freight Oxy Acetylene Torch Kit
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Welding Buddy Experts
November 8, 2021

Portable Cutting Rig: The Harbor Freight Oxy Acetylene Torch Kit

Last updated ago
4 min read
Welding Buddy Experts
November 8, 2021

Getting an oxy acetylene torch kit can be intimidating. One thing that will make you second guess purchasing a gas-powered rig is the inconvenience. You see welders use huge tanks on their projects, and you wonder how they're going to move around it without hassle. Add to that the inherent risks and health hazards involved with handling an oxy-acetylene torch.

Fortunately, Harbor Freight offers a portable version of oxy-acetylene kits that you can easily set up and carry with you. Get to know Harbor Freight's torch kit and see how awesome it is to own one.

Unpacked: Chicago Electric Harbor Freight Portable Oxy Acetylene Torch Kit

The Harbor Freight gas torch kit from Chicago Electric is what we're unpacking because of its ease of use and portability. There are enough components on this welding product that will get you started right away.


When you purchase the Harbor Freight oxygen and acetylene torch kit, the packaged unit will contain the following.

 1 Cutting attachment The cutting attachment has a brass nozzle attached to it as part of the package. This component is attached to the torch handle to complete the entire torch. It also has a lever that you can turn to stop gas flow on the torch and effectively turn it off. 
 1 Torch handle This is the lower portion of the entire oxy-acetylene torch that serves as a handle. It has an oxygen and acetylene valve at the bottom for you to adjust the inflow of gases towards the cutting attachment or welding tip.
 2 Gas Tanks The oxygen tank has a 20 cubic feet capacity and is painted green as the color code for the oxygen.


Another tank is colored in red and houses the acetylene gas up to 10 cubic feet.
 2 Gas tank hose These 12 feet and 6 inches gas hose connect to the base of your torch handle. One for an oxygen tank (green) and another for an acetylene tank (red). 
 2 Gas regulators The regulators are color-coded oxygen (green) and acetylene (red) gas tanks. Each has two regulator meters that measure gas pressure (psi).
 1 Striker / Spark lighter This tool serves as an igniter. You put the roller on the tip of this tool in motion and you get a spark that would ignite the gas pouring out of the torch.
 1 Goggles Easy protection for the harsh UV light, intense brightness, and sparks coming from the torch hitting the metal during the cutting or welding process.
 1 Welding tip In case you want to switch up from a cutting function to an oxy acetylene welding function, you can replace the cutting attachment with a welding tip for you to produce a finer torch flame.
 1 Poly carrier rack This serves as a portable carrier of the two gas tanks, the hoses, and the installed oxy-acetylene torch. This red carrier serves as a convenient way to transport your cutting torch kit anywhere.


Switch proof -The acetylene gas tank regulator screws counterclockwise while the one for oxygen is tightened clockwise. This takes off the worry about switching up the components meant for the other.

Portability - The portable torch feature is made possible because of the carrier rack. It is designed to carry gas tanks along with everything connected to. The gas tanks are also small enough to be carried anywhere you need them.

Cutting power - The Harbor Freight torch kit can easily pierce through ½ inch metal when the optimum cutting setup is met. Once it pierces through the metal, you can run it through and make a smooth cut.


  • It has gas tanks. It's a major plus for Chicago Electric to provide even a small gas tank. These little flame feeders would get you started playing around with the torch right away.
  • It's beginner-friendly. The package has every essential component a beginner needs to start trying right away.


  • It's better if the tanks are filled already. But we get that the reason why it's empty is that it's not safe to ship it around with gas contents.
  • The regulators could use more information. It would be nice to have a visual cue for the gauge display that tells you the right amount of pressure for cutting, heating, and welding.

A Convenient Way To Torch

The Harbor Freight torch kit brings portability into the oxy-acetylene rig. It's great for beginners who want to check out what oxy-acetylene can do for their project. The easy setup of small gas tanks removes the barriers of intimidation and inconvenience. It paves the way for newbies to get started with this cutting and welding process right away.

If you need an introduction to the oxy-acetylene process, get the one offered by Harbor Freight so you can start playing around with its many uses, anywhere you are.

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