Looking for a Good Plasma Cutter for Your Metal Art Projects? The Hobart Airforce 27i Can Help
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4 min read
Welding Buddy Experts
July 7, 2022

Looking for a Good Plasma Cutter for Your Metal Art Projects? The Hobart Airforce 27i Can Help

Last updated ago
4 min read
Welding Buddy Experts
July 7, 2022

The mind of metal artists like you is like a museum of great ideas. It’s a labyrinth of metal craft visuals brought by inspiration, talent, and skills. Flaunt these ideas and hone your skills with the Hobart 27i plasma cutter, a good plasma cutter worthy of investment.

This article will give you all the reasons why the Hobart plasma cutter 27i is an excellent choice. We’ll list some tips so you can bring your creative ideas to life and give you more project inspiration when using the Hobart plasma cutter. Keep reading to learn more!

Included Hobart Plasma Cutter 27i Parts

  • Handheld torch
  • Work cable with clamp
  • Power cord
  • Air filter and regulator
  • Two tips
  • Shield deflector
  • Electrode
  • Cable manager

5 Reasons the Hobart 27i Airforce is a Good Plasma Cutter

Only through a good plasma cutter can you bring to life the metal crafts of your imagination. The Hobart 27i Airforce could be just the plasma cutter you are looking for because of the following product features. 

Airforce 27i good plasma cutter

Dual Voltage

The Airforce 27i has a dual input voltage capability, 120V, and 240V. The 120V produces an output of 20A-27A while the 240V produces up to 30A. Generally, the plasma cutter can go as low as 14A if you are cutting a thin sheet metal. Just check the receptacle and choose which plug you can use. 

Safe and Easy to Handle Torch

Your comfort in gripping the torch handle defines the quality of your cuts and the excellence of your outputs. The Hobart Airforce 27i uses the XT30R torch, which has a trigger safety design and a cooling system that works together to enable you to grip the torch handle comfortably.

High-Tech Cooling System

On top of the plasma torch cooling feature, the Hobart Airforce 27i also has a superb cooling system. The Fan-On-Demand and post-flow cooling circuit technology ensure proper airflow while keeping the machine’s proper temperature. With that, you can use the plasma cutter for longer hours without worrying about it and the consumables wearing out.

Flexibility in Use

You can utilize the Hobart Airforce 27i in many activities. You can do repairs and design projects at home or on your farm. If you are into automotive maintenance, you can also use it for restoration and repair. If you plan to begin a small welding or manufacturing business, you can also count on this Hobart plasma cutter. 


The Hobart Airforce 27i is highly portable. You can conveniently carry this 19-lb unit in any part of your home, ranch, or workshop area. If your work calls for you to go to another part of town, putting the plasma cutter on your car trunk would not be a problem.

Tips to Create Superb Metal Art Using Hobart Airforce 27i

The Airforce 27i is a competitive plasma cutter, so you can continue sketching your metal art design ideas. You can surely bring the images to life with your talent and skills. To assist you, here are some tips for creating superb metal art using Hobart Airforce 27i.

Begin With Templates

Beginner metal artists and seasoned ones alike rely on design templates. Begin by drawing your design on wood, cutting it, and using the pattern as a guide for you to cut metal sheets correctly. Hold the pattern on one hand and hold the Airforce 27i cutting torch on the other, and clean cut just outside the template.

Embrace Freedom

The Hobart Airforce 27i is easy to use and has an ergonomic handle, which is excellent if you are cutting free hand. Prepare the metal sheet, give your cutting torch a solid grip, and get ready to move the torch according to the design in your mind. 

Use Various Metals

The Hobart Airforce 27i can handle various materials. While you may be comfortable using stainless steel for your designs, you might want to try other metal types, such as: :

  • Alloy steel
  • Mild steel
  • Copper 
  • Aluminum
  • Carbon steel
  • Brass
  • Expanded metal

With more materials to work on, you’ll have more out-of-the-box metal craft output!

metal art

Simple and Grand Metal Art Projects

Whether freehand cutting or with templates, you can rely on the Hobart plasma cutter, even if you use different metal types. There is no question how the Hobart Airforce 27i can help you bring these metal art projects to life.

  • Create art pieces from scratch: Every beautiful output begins with a metal sheet and a plasma cutter, so grab some to turn them into something interesting. 
  • Repurpose old metal sheets: On your next DIY project, give unused old metal sheets at home a new and fresh glow through plasma cutting instead of throwing them.
  • Eyes on dividers and walls: Wood and stone walls are great, but walls with metal art are way better. Modernize the walls of your home by decorating them using metal art. 
  • Out-of-the-box trinkets: Trophies, home ornaments, party remembrances, or giveaways—you can all bring these to life through plasma cutting.
  • Meant for art exhibits: Flaunt your projects to the world or launch a themed one and exhibit them for the world to see. Inspire other metal artists like you.
  • Offer your services to others: If you think you are ready to take on new tasks, beautify other spaces and homes by offering your output and metal art services and turning them into a business.

A Few Drawbacks

One of the main disadvantages of choosing the Hobart Airforce 27i is that the machine costs around $1600. The cost is way higher than other plasma cutters, which cost only around $250-$400.

Final Thoughts

The Hobart Airforce 27i has superb features such as dual voltage, a state-of-the-art cooling system, and an ergonomically designed cutting torch. It is a great plasma cutter to use in bringing various metal art projects to life, like creating metal art from a clean sheet of metal or repurposing old ones. 

Whether you use templates, go freehand metal cutting, or use various metals, you can rely on the Hobart plasma cutter. 

If you need more information about Hobart, other plasma cutters, or metal art, feel free to browse through more of our blog posts, reviews, and buying guides. 

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