For the Visionary: The Lincoln 140 MIG Welder
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Welding Buddy Experts
September 13, 2021

For the Visionary: The Lincoln 140 MIG Welder

Last updated ago
4 min read
Welding Buddy Experts
September 13, 2021

Are you a visionary and driven welder? Then, you need a great welding machine like the Lincoln 140 MIG welder.

Enthusiasts like you see a project in their head and have the drive to complete it. It starts out with a problem. Maybe you can't find the right furniture or equipment you need, or maybe you want to make your own industrial-themed home decor, but you can't find the perfect design or fit. So you decide to make your own. It excites you.

But it's always easier to daydream about it. Starting a project, whether simple or complex, involves hard work. It would help if you had a welding machine that could adapt to any project you wish to complete, whether you're a beginner or a pro. So we're here to let you know why the Lincoln MIG welder will be your best companion for making your passion projects a reality.

Unpacking the Lincoln 140 Pro MIG Welder

You can buy the Lincoln Electric Pro MIG 140 Welder (K2480-1) as a unit, but it comes with other auxiliary tools, supplies, and accessories. Here are the inclusions when you unpack the Lincoln welding machine package.

Table 1
 1 140 Welding Machine The welding unit is where the power and configuration of the arc come from. You hook it up to an outlet to produce the energy needed to create the arc for welding.
 1 Welding Gun The standard MIG (metal inert gas) welding gun is capable of both MIG and flux-cored welding. Also, it comes with a 3-meter cable with a brass gun connection.
 1 Contact Tip Pack The pack consists of three MIG contact tips and flux-cored tips, plus a shielding nozzle and a gas nozzle.
 1 Ground Lead This lead connects to a clamp that pinches the base metal, and the cable lead connects back to the machine. The ground lead makes the first half of the DC circulation from the workpiece and the machine.
 1 Work Lead This cable lead connects to your machine and your welding gun and produces the electricity to power the arc. It also makes the second half of the DC circulation from the torch and workpiece.
 1 Clamp The clamp is where you connect your work lead cable. Then, you will attach this clamp to your metal workpiece to allow the circulation of electric current for arc welding start.
 1 Heavy-Duty MIG Gas Regulator The regulators will be attached to your gas line and cylinder for measuring gas shields during MIG and TIG welding.
2 Spools of Consumable Wire The consumable MIG wire has a diameter of 0.6 millimeters, while the flux-cored wire has a 0.9-millimeter diameter. The package includes one spool per welding process. 
1 Wire Spool Adapter The adapter will be attached to the side of the machine, and it will facilitate the smooth feed of the wire from the welding machine to the tip of your welding gun.
 1 Gas Hose The hose connects to the gas cylinder and the welding machine, which is necessary for MIG welding.

Features of the Lincoln Electric 140 Pro MIG Welder

The Lincoln 140 Welder is a simple welding machine packed with valuable features to make your welding experience easy. Check out some of those features below:

Straightforward Controls

The machine's front panel control has only two knobs: the wire speed knob and the voltage. The simplicity of the controls makes it easy to start welding right away.

Wide Output Range

The Lincoln Electric 140 Pro has an output range of 30–140 amps, which gives you more options when it comes to controlling the height and the width of your bead.

Weld Thicker Metals

You can MIG-weld sheet metals of up to 4.8 millimeters and flux-core-weld metals of up to 7.9 millimeters. You can also run a single pass on a 3/16-inch metal sheet using the Lincoln 140 welder.

Convenient Tension Adjustment

The turn-drive has a number of indicators that let you adjust the tension depending on the wire spool's diameter.

Ease Polarity Change

You can easily alternate the connection of your work lead and your ground lead when doing MIG or flux-cored welding. The connecting bolt has a turnable knot screw, so no need for screwdrivers or pliers.

The Pros and Cons of the Lincoln 140 Welding Machine

Here's a glance at the advantages and disadvantages of having a Lincoln 140 Welder. We based these on our observations and different Lincoln 140 MIG Welder reviews in the marketplace.


  • Simple and straightforward configuration
  • You can use it for two welding processes: MIG and flux-cored.
  • You can immediately start welding (flux-cored) after unpacking it.
  • The machine comes with MIG and flux-cored welding accessories.


  • You can't use it for other welding processes such as TIG or stick welding.
  • Wire feed may sometimes not push toward the welding gun tip.
  • Single voltage; limited only to 120 volts.

Verdict: Should You Purchase the Lincoln 140 MIG Welder?

If you're keen on being adventurous and taking on various MIG and flux-cored projects, this is a great machine to use as your companion. This welding machine is great for indoor and outdoor applications and will perform well on non-industrial welds, whether you're a hobbyist or a welding enthusiast. It will allow you to easily explore welding different metal thicknesses and play around with the different wire feed speeds and voltage.

This machine's features are handy for those who are still learning how to MIG-weld. It's straightforward to learn how to use a Lincoln 140 MIG Welder with or without a manual because it only requires plugging cables, turning the knobs, and switching it on, and then you're set.

On the other hand, you can start experimenting with flux-cored welding immediately after purchase since you don't need to buy a cylinder of compressed gases before you can get started.

Overall, if you're a welder who would like to stick to strictly MIG welding or flux-cored welding and master them, the Lincoln 140 Pro Welder is a good investment in the long haul.

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