The Ironman of Flux Core Welders: A Review of the Ironton 125 Welder
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Welding Buddy Experts
July 8, 2022

The Ironman of Flux Core Welders: A Review of the Ironton 125 Welder

Last updated ago
5 min read
Welding Buddy Experts
July 8, 2022

Flux core welding is a process that uses electricity to produce a welding arc to help you join metal pieces together. There are different welding processes for a welding machine, but flux core welding is easier to use for both professionals and beginners. Flux-cored welding machines are versatile tools that you can use for all-around house repairs and business use. 

In this blog post, we'll highlight one of the best flux-cored welding machines available in the marketplace: the Ironton 125 flux core welder. This welding machine is powerful and affordable. First, let's examine the welder's different features to help with your purchase.

ironton 125 flux core welding machine

The Key Features of the Ironton 125 Flux Cored Welding Machine 

Before investing in a welding machine, it's important to get an overview of what welding can give you. Stop wasting money on welders that can't catch up with your welding activities. Here are the key features of the Ironton 125 flux core welding machine for you to check out. 

Ready to Use 

No need to worry about assembling the machine before you can use it. The Ironton is ready to use for your convenience. Just plug it in a power source, and it's good to go. Moreover, the welding package includes all the necessities to start working. 

When you purchase the Ironton welding machine, the box includes a 6-feet power cord, hardwired ground clamp, hardwired flux core gun, an 8-inch spool adapter, a chipping hammer, and two pieces of Tweco-style contact tips. 

Easy to Understand Set-Up 

The Ironton makes it easy for you to set up your machine. You can easily find the guide on the door of the welder so that you can access it anytime for easy reference. Unlike other welding machines with a separate booklet for their setting chart, which are often misplaced, you'll never encounter it with Ironton. 

Affordable and Impressive

The Ironton 125 flux core welder is an affordable machine but with an impressive performance. This 125v welder can easily work with 18-gauge mild steel materials up to 3/16 thickness. You can also weld thicker materials with the machine using multiple passes. 

In addition, the welding machine is compatible with welding wires 0.03 and 0.35 inches in diameter with either a 4-inch or 8-inch spool adapter. 

Reliable and On-The-Go

It can be a hassle when you need to bring your welding projects to where your machine is. The Ironton 125 welding machine is designed to go with you wherever you need it. This machine only weighs 31 pounds which makes it convenient to carry around. The machine also has a built-in top handle so you can lift the machine without the aid of moving tables or a storage bag. 

Moreover, you can plug this flux core welder into a 120v outlet without needing special adapters. The machine has a standard power source input so you can use it anywhere—garage, backyard, or workstation. 

No Overheating Issues 

The last thing you want for your welding machine is to overheat. The Ironton 125 flux core welder has thermal overload protection, so ensure the insides won't fry no matter how hard you run it, even if you are working outdoors under direct sunlight. 

Furthermore, the welder has a built-in thermostat that monitors the temperature inside the machine to prevent it from overheating. The machine also automatically decreases its power to cool the machine to optimal levels. 

Safety Controls and Grounding

Whether a pro welder or a beginner, you are prone to accidental arc flashes. The Ironton is committed to ensuring the highest safety standard for its users, which is why it designed a safety trigger arc for use. When ready to work, pull the trigger to start the process. When you let go of the trigger, it keeps the wire feed electrically cold to avoid accidents and injuries. 

The machine is also designed to avoid grounding accidents. The Ironton 125 flux core welding machine requires the ground clamp before you can operate it. Once the ground clamp is removed or moved out of place, the machine automatically shuts down for safety. 

The Ironton Advantage 

The Ironton's design guarantees a quality, long-lasting performance, so you get the best of your money and machine. That's why this machine comes with a one-year warranty. Experts are always ready to answer your calls and inquiries and check on your machine if you need them. 

Furthermore, there are always replacement parts in the Northern Tool warehouse to make sure that your machine is up and running in a short period. No need for long lines and long waiting times to fix your machine.

welding project

Drawbacks of the Ironton 125 Flux Core Welding Machine 

At some point, every welding machine has its drawbacks. Some drawbacks are only minor, so it won't affect the performance, but for some welders, it can change how they work. So to get the full view of the Ironton 125, here are some potential lowlights you may encounter with this welding machine. 

Short Welding Machine Cords 

The power cord of the Ironton is 6 feet long, which is still categorized as short, especially if you have a big workstation. The other inclusions like the ground clamp and wires for the spool gun are also 6 feet. Some welders find this sizing a bit too short and limits their movements. 

Although there's nothing you can do to change the power cord, you can buy different cords for the ground clamp and spool gun. In addition, there are longer cords available so you can move more freely and do more. Just note that these are additional expenses for your welding needs. 

Low-Quality Ground Clamp and One Power Input

Although the welding machine has an impressive grounding safety feature, the group clamp is of poor quality. Some users report that it's loose, which causes them to stop their work abruptly. You can replace the ground clamp with better quality for seamless working. 

In addition, the machine is only compatible with a 120v power source. Depending on the power output, other flux core welders can automatically change their voltage. In this case, you'll have to buy power adapters to use them if the power source doesn't match your machine. 

The Verdict

Is the Ironton 125 flux-cored welding machine worth it? We'll give this machine a thumbs up! You'll be surprised by the many features that come with this machine. And it costs no more than $200! This is the perfect flux core welding machine for beginners and light welding jobs. 

Other flux core welding machines have more power for thicker metal pieces and heavy-duty welding. You may like to check the Lincoln 125 flux core welder, which may suit your needs better. Don't forget to check out our blogs for more in-depth reviews on MIG and TIG welding machines, welding accessories, and safety gears. 

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