Braving Dissimilarities: Join Different Metals Together Using a Brazing Torch Kit
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Welding Buddy Experts
November 12, 2021

Braving Dissimilarities: Join Different Metals Together Using a Brazing Torch Kit

Last updated ago
5 min read
Welding Buddy Experts
November 12, 2021

MIG or TIG welders who are great with their craft don't notice the potential of using other processes. Instead, they start welding projects that involve the use of the same metals, and this yields consistent and even excellent outputs. They stick to it because they're used to it. They have perfected the method of starting high-quality welding project ideas that give them the feeling of accomplishment.

The fulfillment that comes with this mastery is valuable. But these welders might be missing an opportunity that could expand their artistic and metal crafting skills.

This article serves as a statement and as an encouragement to brave a different process and be open to the idea of brazing dissimilar metals using a process they've never done before—using a brazing torch kit.

Let's introduce MIG and TIG welders to the advantages of brazing and the idea of using a torch kit.

Advantages of Using a Brazing Torch Kit

Welding using a MIG or TIG process is the norm for most welding enthusiasts. But the torch process has its advantages for welding that the MIG or TIG process doesn't offer. Here are some of them.

  • Brazing with torch kits lets you join together two or more metals that are different from each other. This is perfect for metal craftsmanship, wherein you have to put together several different metals to create a beautiful metal sculpture.
  • Brazing with torch kits can produce a tougher metal joint than soldering.
  • Brazing with torch kits reduces the possibility of warping the metals being joined together. A brazing torch kit produces a low temperature compared to other processes.

Unpacked: Hobart 770502 Medium Duty Oxy-Acetylene Brazing Torch Kit

Hobart Welders have been around since 1917. They've spent their time perfecting the process of developing, testing, and producing welding products that can be used for industrial welding. Their decades of experience have led them to design one of the most reliable kits any welder can have—the Hobart Medium-Duty Brazing Torch Kit. We're unpacking this reputable brand's product and examining what's included in the package that makes it worth your money.


The Hobart 770502 Oxy-Acetylene Torch Kit is purchased as a package that includes the following items:

 1 Brazing tip Also called the welding tip. A #0 tip that comes with the package and can be attached to the torch handle for welding different metals.
 1 Cutting attachment with tip The cutting attachment gives you an option not only to braze with this oxy-acetylene torch kit but to also cut metals with it. It has a lever at the bottom of the cutting attachment that regulates the flow of oxygen used for cutting.
 1 Torch handle The torch handle is the lower portion of the whole cutting or brazing torch setup. This item serves as a connecting tool between the cutting and brazing tip and the oxy-fuel hoses and also provides the needed distance for safe cutting or brazing. 
 2 Oxy-fuel hose Two pieces of grade T-gas hose that measure 20 feet in length. Green indicates a hose for the oxygen tank while the red hose is for an acetylene tank or a propane tank. 
 2 Oxy-fuel regulators These oxy-fuel regulators are color-coded. Green is attached to the oxygen tank and red for the acetylene tank or propane tank. These regulators have a pressure meter that indicates the amount of gas pressure (psi). These regulators are both made of brass material. The oxygen regulator can measure psi of up to 4000 while the acetylene regulator measures up to 2800.
 1 Flint striker Also called a spark lighter. This tool uses a flint at the tip to create a spark that ignites the oxy-acetylene torch. This igniter can also be used to start a propane-fueled torch. The length provides the needed distance for safety and ensures you don’t get burned. 
 1 Goggles The goggle’s lens has a number 5 shade and the lens can be flipped forward. Its size is 2 x 4 ¼ inches.
 1 Tank wrench The tank wrench of the Hobart Oxy-Acetylene Brazing Set is universal. It can be used to tighten regulators, cylinders, stems, and even torch tips. It has 8 slots that let you use it 10 ways.
 1 Tip cleaner Welding tips used for brazing can become plugged with carbon. This affects the quality of the flame coming out of the welding torch tip. A tip cleaner lets you remove these deposits from the tip to ensure you’re getting the best out of your oxy torch.
 2 T-handle The T-handles are used for adjusting the oxygen and the acetylene gas regulators once they’re installed on the tanks. It controls the gas flow when you turn the T-handles.


Flashback arrestors - The torch handle is fitted with a flashback arrestor, an added protection that will prevent a catastrophic gas tank explosion. The arrestor is made of a cylinder inside the torch handle that diminishes the flames from the flashback and prevents it from crawling upstream to the gas cylinders.

Propane-ready - The Hobart 770502 kit regulators can also accommodate an alternative to acetylene—propane. This is convenient for a welder as they don't have to worry about purchasing a specific propane regulator to accommodate this gas substitute.

Superior cutting capacity - The Hobart 770502 can cut steel of up to ½ inch thickness with its stock cutting tips. But if you buy the optional ones, you can jack up Hobart's cutting potential to 6 inches of thickness.

Amazing brazing power - Hobart's brazing torch can weld 3/32 inches of metal thickness on just the supplied brazing tips. The optional tips can increase the brazing power to cut 1 ¼ inch of metal.

Long gas hoses - The 20-feet gas hoses provide adequate length between the torch and the tanks. Length is important. The further the distance of the torch to the gas tank, the more safe it becomes. The length of the hose gives allowance to move around and it improves your mobility within your workshop. You don't have to move your tank around, especially if it’s big and heavy.


  • The tank wrench is a nice addition to the package. You won't have to dig into your toolbox to find the right handyman tools to install this brazing and cutting kit. Just have the universal tank wrench ready, and you'll put the pieces together in no time.
  • It can accommodate propane. Sometimes acetylene doesn't quite do the work for you, and you need a substitute. If you're going to buy propane, you'll also need to purchase a regulator for the gas. But Hobart made the acetylene regulator also compatible with a propane gas tank which saves you money and the time spent looking for another regulator.


  • Better if it has a tank. There are a lot of oxy torch brands out there that offer portable gas tanks of oxygen and acetylene. It would be a convenient addition to Hobart's package, along with a gas tank rack. Purchasing separate gas cylinders can be inconvenient.

Possibilities in Dissimilarities

The Hobart 770502 is the best gas torch for brazing for any MIG or TIG welders who want to expand their knowledge and creativity. The kit has everything they'll need to get started. The only letdown is that if they don't have an oxygen and acetylene tank, they'll have to make an extra effort to get one. But that's just a minor inconvenience compared to the possibilities an oxy-acetylene torch kit can do, which is to allow you to join together dissimilar metal components. So get the Hobart kit and ready yourself for all the exciting brazing and welding projects you can put together with this rig!

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