Heavy-Duty Protection: Caterpillar Men’s Second Shift Steel Toe Welding Boots
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Welding Buddy Experts
May 5, 2022

Heavy-Duty Protection: Caterpillar Men’s Second Shift Steel Toe Welding Boots

Last updated ago
4 min read
Welding Buddy Experts
May 5, 2022

If you're a welder, you should know that you are prone to many hazards in your working environment. Welders often work with extreme heat and high-powered electricity. That's why a welder must be protected from head to toe. Welding gloves and helmets are a must when you weld. But your feet need protection too. 

Your casual or workout shoes will not work well in a welding environment. There are specialized steel toe welding boots to help you with many hazardous situations. In this blog post, we'll take a closer look at one of the popular choices for welding work boots, the Caterpillar (CAT) Second Shift Boots.

CAT second shift boots

Complete Your Protective Gear with The CAT Second Shift Welding Boot 

This line of Caterpillar boots is the best and the most popular when it comes to working boots. You'll find their boots packed with many excellent features and benefits. We'll take a closer look at the Second Shift model and determine if these work boots are suitable for your welding needs

Stylish and functional 

Many people usually go for the looks before considering the features of the shoes. But with the CAT's second shift, you don't have to sacrifice looks for excellent features. You can have both! These work boots are available in four colors: black, dark brown, honey, and tan. You can rock these shoes while you work and keep your toes protected. 

Moreover, these leather boots are suitable for many hazardous jobs like welding, construction, electrical work, handyman jobs, and indoor manufacturing. 

Full-grain leather upper material 

You know they’re quality shoes when the material used is leather. But unlike other footwear brands that use faux leather, the CAT footwear uses full-grain leather, which is the sturdiest part of a cow's hide, and it’s the perfect material for protective footwear. As a result, you can guarantee that your shoes will last through the wear and tear of welding. 

This safety boot has a nubuck lining that gives another layer of protection and durability. Finally, the inside of the shoes has a nylon mesh lining that promotes good air circulation to keep your feet fresh and dry. 

Protection for hazardous situations

One consideration for the best steel toe boots for welders you should look for is their electrical protection. Welders work with high power outages. Live wires and high-powered machines are scattered in the workstation. Sometimes, it is hard to be mindful of where you step with so much to do. The CAT Second Shift can protect you from those unwanted electrical hazards up to 600 volts. 

These shoes can protect you from the hot spark emissions coming from the welding process. The shoes also feature a steel shank that provides additional reinforcement for your feet's protection. Finally, the steel toe can protect you from heavy falling objects and prevent sharp tools from puncturing the shoe and wounding your feet. 

T3 rubber sole material 

The Second Shift's rubber sole has slip-resistant properties, helping to prevent accidents. The sole is designed to have an excellent grip and stability for climbing ladders. The sole also features oil-resistant traction. As a result, you can guarantee that you won’t slip in any situation you are in. 

In addition, the shoes only weigh 12oz. It's a heavy-duty safety shoe but it’s lightweight. Because of this feature, you can work for long hours comfortably. It also lessens the strain and stress when you walk about your workstation. 

The Downsides of The CAT Second Shift Steel Toe Boot 

Before you buy yourself steel toe welding boots, it is important to know every detail about the protective footwear, even its downsides. The Second Shift work boots have many excellent features, but some users may still find them lacking. So, let's examine the downsides of this welding shoe further and see if it's still worth your money.

The boots are not completely waterproof

It would be rare for welders to come in contact with water. But in cases they do, their shoes need to be waterproof as well. Unfortunately, the Second Shift shoes are only water-resistant and not completely waterproof. The nubuck lining helps with repelling the water, but it can't hold it out if your boots have prolonged exposure to liquid. 

Furthermore, the shoes' electrical protection only works well in dry conditions. Water is an electrical conductor, and without the waterproof properties, you are vulnerable to electrical accidents in wet conditions. 

It takes a long time to break in the shoes

All new shoes require a certain breaking in period so they can adapt to your feet. Many users of this shoe report that it takes weeks to break these shoes in. During the first week of wear, the shoes can be very uncomfortable, and it takes time to get used to them. You can attribute the long breaking in period to the sturdy material of the boots. 

You can try other models that may be more comfortable for your daily activities. 

Not suitable for the cold

Although the boots can protect you from the hot emissions of the welding process, the Second Shift boots are not suitable for cold working conditions. Other work boots have fur lining to keep their toes warm during the winter, but these boots do not. With the addition of the steel shank on the front part of the shoes, the cold will spread faster and may make your toes feel numb and uncomfortable. 

Other Caterpillar shoes are designed to withstand the cold and heat all in one. You can explore their other choices to suit your needs.

welding boots in welding work

Our Verdict 

Investing in a piece of high-quality protective equipment is a must, especially for individuals working in hazardous environments. Besides helmets and gloves, protective shoes should complete your ensemble. For footwear protection, steel toe welding boots are the perfect pair for the job. 

The Caterpillar Second Shift work boots boast many features to help you work efficiently, properly, and safely. We hope this blog post helps you decide on your protective footwear. 

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