Best Radnor Welding Gloves: An In-Depth Review
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Welding Buddy Experts
October 21, 2021

Best Radnor Welding Gloves: An In-Depth Review

Last updated ago
4 min read
Welding Buddy Experts
October 21, 2021

Danger is present in all types of work, especially in welding, where workers are constantly exposed to heat and radiation. With that, wearing the proper personal protective equipment (PPE) while at work is a must.

This article will discuss welding safety attire and review safety gloves we think can give you the hand protection you’ll need while at work.

Welding Safety Attire Must-Haves

Like workers who need to wear their uniform at work, welders and tradespeople must wear specific safety attire while working. The requirement varies from one welding type to another, but here are the basics:

  • Helmet for facial and head protection
  • Goggles for the eyes
  • Respirators for protection from gas inhalation
  • Flame-resistant jumpsuit for whole-body protection
  • Earmuffs or plugs for noise protection
  • Boots to keep the feet safe from spatters
  • Gloves for spattering and heat protection

All these items should withstand and serve as protection from the heat and radiation welding equipment emit. While it is convenient to wear run-of-the-mill versions of the things above, it is unsafe. Ensure that you are using safety attire meant for welding work protection.

If you are looking specifically for gloves, read on to know the characteristics of perfect gloves and the recommended product you must try.

Characteristics of Excellent Welding Gloves

You’ll see several types of gloves for sale: MIG (metal inert gas), TIG (tungsten inert gas), and stick welding gloves. In choosing gloves, you should consider the task you’ll be doing.

For MIG welding, you’ll need gloves that will protect you from heat and spatter, while TIG welding requires having gloves with dexterity as a top consideration, as well as spatter and heat resistance. On the other hand, stick welding requires the highest protection from heat, spatter, and radiation.

In general, you would want to check the following characteristics:

  • Leather Material: The leather is the basis of the gloves’ durability and resistance from heat, radiation, and abrasion. Cow, goat, elk, deer, and pig leather have different strength levels that make them best for specific welding types.
  • Lining: Beneath the leather, welding gloves have another lining layer for additional protection and insulation. You’ll often see Dupont Kevlar lining as it is one of the most durable types. Nonetheless, other types of linings are sufficient in protecting the hands from heat or even extreme cold.
  • Glove Cut: Gloves that cover the arm are better for spatter protection.
  • Other Specifications: Many gloves provide exceptional support to high-pressure areas of the hands like the wrist and the fingers. Check these parts of the glove, too, as they will give you comfort while working.

After getting into the nitty-gritty details, always remember to give your gloves a try. They may be the safest and most durable gloves, but they must fit you for them to be useful. The best test is picking a coin while wearing gloves and ensuring that they are not too tight or loose.

Getting to Know Radnor

Radnor is a brand known for the different gloves they’ve been offering for 20 years now. They produce disposable gloves; MIG, TIG, and stick welding gloves; mechanic gloves; and general-purpose gloves. Who makes Radnor gloves? Trained professionals make their gloves. 

Radnor safety gloves are made from different types of leathers, linings, and cuts mentioned above. You'll have to be patient in looking for the gloves that fit your needs as they offer a vast selection.

For your convenience, below are the best Radnor gloves you should try. Radnor Welding Gloves Review: Blue Split Cowhide

radnor welding gloves

Leather Material

These Radnor welding gloves use shoulder-split cowhide leather. The shoulder split is second in terms of quality and durability among the three split types: side, shoulder, and belly. In addition, it has enough strength to withstand heat and radiation when welding.

The split coming from the cow ensures durability and protection from abrasion.


Many different linings are available, but these gloves use cotton/foam lining, which is comfortable to wear because of the soft texture. Aside from the comfort, your hands are safe from extremely hot or frigid temperatures.

On top of the foam lining is Dupont Kevlar, which ensures that you have gloves that will last for a long time.

Glove Cut

These gloves provide covering from heat and spatter not only to the hands but also to the arms.

Other Specifications

For additional comfort and safety of the fingers and thumb, which come closest to the welding flames while working, the areas are welted without sacrificing dexterity. Because of all these characteristics, you can use the Radnor gloves for different welding activities: TIG, MIG, or stick.

In Closing

Welders and tradesmen have trusted Radnor for the past 20 years for their welding tools and protective equipment needs. Radnor can be the brand you are looking for if you want to use a product from a reliable brand in your work or hobby.

When shopping for gloves, ensure to check the leather material, lining, glove cut, and other specs before purchasing. Otherwise, you can just skip the search and get the Radnor blue split cowhide welding gloves.

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