Improve Your TIG Skills with the Miller Diversion 180 120V TIG Welder
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Welding Buddy Experts
January 27, 2022

Improve Your TIG Skills with the Miller Diversion 180 120V TIG Welder

Last updated ago
6 min read
Welding Buddy Experts
January 27, 2022

Buying a basic TIG machine is a distraction for your TIG skill improvement. You'll spend more time trying to figure out the machine and identifying what else you'll need to get started. And if you're starting with zero knowledge, you'll have to source your educational material as well.

This diversion is counterproductive to your true task-learning and improving your TIG welding skills. Let the Miller divert your attention from the distractions and dazzle you to the easy feature of this machine that will help you focus on the TIG skill-building journey you intend to embark on.

Inclusions of the Miller 120V TIG Welder

The Miller Diversion 180 welder comes as a ready-to-learn-and-use package that can be bought by both absolute beginners and professionals alike. Note that the inclusions may vary depending on the supplier you're going to buy. But the standard will include the following.

Features 120V TIG Welder by Miller

The Miller Diversion brings a lot of cool features to the table that will make its competitors nervous. In a nutshell, this machine is an easy-to-carry one that produces beautiful tig welds and is easy to operate. If you're drooling to get some more details, then read further.

Intuitive Operator Interface

The control panel in front of the Miller TIG-specialized welding machine boasts an easy-to-use interface. There are only two things you need to configure before your welding rig is ready: the thickness range of the metal and the type of workpiece material you'll weld (e.g., steel or aluminum), and then you're set.

The LCD screen on the front panel will show you the settings of your machine incomplete details—word, graphics, and number values, to be exact. That way, you can easily adjust according to your preference after a few practice welds.

MVP (Multi-Voltage Plug) System

This technology makes the Miller Diversion 180 an adaptable machine that can run almost anywhere with a power outlet. You can plug it into a 120v or 240v socket, provided that you have the plug to attach to the machine's power cord.

The Miller also provides plug adaptors for both 120v and 240v. It can also be applied easily by plugging it into the wire and tightening the collar attached to the tip of your power cable. This multi-voltage capacity offers safety and flexibility for the versatile TIG or even MIG welder.

Fan-on Demand

Your welding machine only needs to cool down when it's heating up. Thus, an inefficient fan that's always turned on or turned off when needed is a waste of resources. Over time, this fan will wear out and will create noise.

The fan-on-demand feature is automatic. It turns on only when it's needed. That way, it saves up on electric consumption, cools your machine when things get heated, and prevents any contaminants from entering the machine as a result of continuous airflow.

Ergonomic Torch Design

The Miller's torch is designed to be easy to grip and matches with a TIG welding glove. The idea is for welders to apply different grip styles to it, such as the pen holder. This is crucial if your project requires small detail weld work.

The torch can spit a 150 amp of power and also has an air-cool feature that evens out the temperature, allowing you to squeeze the torch trigger longer. It has a diamond grip that's slanted a bit to make it easy to do a pen grip and the weight is distributed in such a way that won't strain your hands and fingers.

Inverter Technology

Miller Diversion's inverter enables a high-quality welding finish. An AC/DC TIG welding machine with a power source that relies on inverter tech will yield a more stable arc than any TIG machine with a transformer.

As a result, it makes the Miller machine capable of giving enough power for rapid pulsing when you switch to direct current (DC). If you're going to use alternating current (AC), the inverter will give you a lot of control when it comes to waveform shaping. The result is a beautiful and refined DC and AC TIG weld.

Aside from enabling beautiful welds, the inverter also prevents sagging or drop through on your metal workpiece whenever you apply a pulsing technique.


The amount of shielding gas flowing out of the torch tip after the trigger is released is important. This minuscule difference will make a huge difference to your weld quality.

Miller's auto-post flow feature will prevent any premature stoppage of shielding gas from being released to the torch tip. In addition, it will automatically control the gas flow after you have released the trigger to make sure the weld zone, as well as the torch's welding tip, is free from any contaminants seconds after you stopped welding.


Being able to carry your machine around is a big deal if you're a metal artist or a professional welder. Your TIG machine is at the center of all your welding equipment and tools, so it's only fitting that it must be light and small enough to be dragged around.

Miller's 50-pound machine brings just the right balance between weight and features. The 26.5 x 13.5 x 21.5 inches dimension is also small enough to fit inside the trunk of your car, perfect for that long-haul, money-making gigs that require a superb TIG machine. 

Long Duty Cycle

Getting good momentum is difficult if you have to start and stop. In a perfect scenario, it's ideal that you make only a single pass and keep that weld momentum going for as long as it takes. But, sadly, machines also have their limits.

To get a consistent, good-quality weld depends on momentum. And your momentum depends partly on the machine's duty cycle. If it takes 5 minutes to finish one weld pass and your torch overheats at the one-minute mark, your machine has to take a break, even if you're just getting in the zone.

To avoid this kind of buzzkill, Miller's Diversion 180 will give you a maximum output of 180 amps and a 35% rated output on your duty cycle. That's 3.5 minutes squeezed-trigger time for every 10 minutes. That will be enough to get your momentum going.

3-year Warranty

Upon purchasing your Miller welder, you get three years of their branded True Blue Warranty. That's equivalent to a premium service warranty on most electronic products. But for Miller, the premium is having every part of your machine covered for replacement. So depending on the type of parts needed, you'll get 90 days to as much as 3 years of warranty for it.

The True Blue warranty offers a signature service to avoid any further loss of business or welding activities. This program promises that the parts to be replaced will ship to the nearest Miller distributor within 24 hours of acknowledging your warranty claim. 

What Makes Miller the Best 120V TIG Welder?

  • The Multi-Voltage Plug (MVP) system is a neat feature. The voltage option also expands your use of the machine.
  • It can run AC and DC. You get more control of your weld quality as well as broaden the range of metals and thickness levels you can work with using a TIG. 
  • We love that you'll be left wanting for nothing when you purchase the Miller Diversion 180 package. It even comes with an instructional DVD and a book reference that you can read if you're a welder starting from zero. You can learn and apply as quickly as possible.
  • It's just amazing not to have to borrow someone's welding machine from the job site. You can just haul your own machine with its presets, plug it in, and start working as soon as possible.
  • The capability of welding 3/16" on both steel and aluminum is a huge deal because it gives you a lot more range that you can work on.
  • The Diversion 180 TIG's arc gives off that quiet start and is combined with a powerful heat glow. 
  • Controls are ergonomic on both the machine and the torch. It's easy to get the hang of it, and pretty soon, you'll get a handle of how to mix it up to control your weld puddle—with more ease.

Things That Miller 120-Volt TIG Welder Can Improve

  • The fan can be a bit larger. The smaller fan may be a contributing factor to the noise, especially if the fan-on-demand feature is firing up for a prolonged period.
  • The ground clamp can be a little stronger with some serrated clamp design and a tighter spring.

TIG Skills Right Out of the Box

The Miller Diversion 180 120v TIG Welder is a product that's easy to use and comes in with all the stuff you'll need to get started—no more additional shopping needed. Once it arrives in your garage, unbox it, watch the video instruction, and breeze through the manual and the book. In a moment or two, you'll be ready to test your newfound TIG knowledge. 

Whether you have experience with other welding processes or you're a complete beginner, Miller makes it less intimidating to conquer TIG and makes it a breeze to learn and improve your skill.

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