3 Powerful Purox Cutting Torch You Can Get on Amazon

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July 18, 2022
Purox cutting torch.

Choosing the appropriate cutting or styling equipment for your project can significantly impact the outcome. To achieve greater efficiency and safety in your welding process, you must be careful in selecting the appropriate cutting that can cut through metals.

Cutting torches typically generate positive pressure and are used at identical pressures of both acetylene and oxygen. These single-hole copper-alloy tips are connected to a torch grip that has a mixer. It then combines the fuel with the oxygen, similar to how a car fuel system blends gas and air.

Read on and learn the cutting torches and tips you can use for your next welding project.

Oxy-Fuel Welding and Cutting

The oxy-fuel welding or oxy welding is a method of utilizing fuel gases and oxygen to cut and weld metals. Oxy-fuel has been considered one of the oldest welding and cutting techniques, and acetylene is the most commonly used fuel gas for this process.

Torch tips are very important for cutting, heating, gouging, and brazing and are usually made from tellurium copper with a precision swaged calibrated orifice. There are many types of regular and special cutting tips and welding nozzles.

Take note that the Purox cutting torch tips are the most well-known design used by most professionals. Here are some cutting tips you can acquire from Amazon and Harbor Freight cutting torch tools.

1. Victor Cutting Torch 0381-1621 ST900FC

This torch comes from ESAB, a well-known brand for budget-friendly welding equipment and accessories. ESAB has a selection suitable for your oxy-fuel welding and cutting project, like the Purox type E cutting torch and Victor 0381-1621 ST900FC Torch Assembly. Both are designed for maximum and medium industrial use. ESAB also has the essential Purox cutting torch parts.


  • The torch assembly is packaged in a box
  • It comes with a variety of cutting tips
  • You can change the tips depending on the metal you're working with


  • Some users didn't receive a guidebook that explains how to use the torch tip
  • This particular item has satisfied customers production-wise, and most complaints came in delivery because some claimed that their package had missing cutting tips

2. 10 Pieces ABN Oxygen & Acetylene Torch Kit

Here comes another budget-friendly yet heavy-duty cutting tip—the ABN torch kit. It is a well-known provider in the market and the #1 option for several professionals.

The ABN oxygen and acetylene torch kit is highly accurate that can be used for brazing and soldering, among its many other functionalities. You can create a neutral flame using the cutting torch kit, which is responsible for producing carbon dioxide. It also cleanses the air from the molten weld pool for easier cutting and welding.

The cutting torch tips are made of brass, giving them high performance and toughness. The pack contains a torch handle with regulator valve knobs, an oxygen regulator, an acetylene regulator, brass joints, a variety of small welding and cutting pieces of equipment and attachments needed for the job, a tip cleaner, and a storage case. 


  • Torch kit for precision welding and cutting
  • Welding, cutting, brazing, and soldering processes are all possible
  • Strong and well-made


  • It can be quite uncontrollable and backfires on several occasions, probably when overused
  • It leaks and can make the process messy

3. TOAUTO Heavy Duty Oxygen Propane/Acetylene Cutting Torch with Propane Tip

The TOAUTO Oxygen Propane/Acetylene Cutting Torch with Propane Tip is a heavy-duty cutting torch that can be used as a substitute for nearly every torch. It can also outperform some of the most well-known cutting torches. 

It's one of the best torches on Amazon and comes with a torch handle, cutting torch, and propane torch tip. So you can effectively complete heavy-duty tasks with assurance and accuracy.

This torch is intended for all oxy-fuel uses, but it is most commonly used with oxy-acetylene mixtures. It's built with quality components and delivers a smooth and precise cut and weld. You can also modify the flame's width and length.


  • Stainless steel construction that provides a longer lifespan
  • The torch is small but can produce the same results as larger torches
  • Heavy-duty and can give you the cutting flame you desire
  • Handwheel adjustment is built-in


  • Some customers had trimmed the tip to fit it in with the torch
  • The handle can become extremely hot when used longer than necessary
  • The whole torch gets hot overtime

The Best Purox Cutting Torch with the Best Tips

So what's the best among the three cutting torches

We highly recommend the ABN cutting torch set! It is affordable, can do different welding processes, and allows you to select the level and heat of flame you want in a project. Though all products on our list have pros and cons, the set from ABN can deliver the kind of quality you can expect from a cutting torch and its tips.

Keep learning and be updated with Welding Buddy! We have information that will surely satisfy you as a welding enthusiast. Explore our site and read our latest reviews!

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