Miller Diversion 180: A Versatile TIG Welder for Craftsmanship

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March 17, 2022
miller diversion 180

Welders are always looking for new equipment to help them get the job done better, faster, and with less frustration. Thus, choosing the right welding equipment to handle various welding projects is crucial. 

If you want something impressive, the Miller Diversion 180  may be the perfect welding machine for you. This reliable tool is incredibly versatile, and welders of all skill levels can use it. It can be the very thing you need to meet your welding objectives: it delivers excellent results with every weld, so you can be confident in your work.

Let's look at what makes the Diversion 180 such a remarkable piece of equipment.

Overview of TIG Welding

TIG (tungsten inert gas) welding is a type of arc welding that generates welds with a nonconsumable electrode. In simpler words, it uses an electric arc to create heat instead of flames or sparks. 

Since TIG uses a smaller heat zone than other methods, it's less likely to cause distortion or warping in your project. This process is often best for thin metals like aluminum, stainless steel, and copper. Thus, it’s the preferred choice for jobs that require precision and quality craftsmanship. 

Modes to Remember When TIG Welding for Your Craft

Below are three modes of TIG welding that beginners and pros can use to their advantage. Depending on the craft you are working on, each can produce a clean weld with minimal spatter. 

Short-Circuit Mode

In this mode, the welder quickly shorts the welding arc while still lit. This process helps create a stable and consistent weld puddle. 

Pulse-Width Modulation

The second mode is called pulse-width modulation. This mode allows the welder to control the weld's heat by adjusting the length of time that the arc is lit. 

Spray-Transfer Mode

The final mode is called spray transfer mode. In this method, the weld puddle is atomized and transferred to the weld joint, which can help to create a strong and consistent weld. 

By using the right mode, welders can create welds that meet or exceed their expectations.

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Create Metal Art Using Miller Diversion TIG Welder

Welding artisans looking for a top-of-the-line TIG welder should consider the Miller Diversion 180 TIG Welder 907627. The Diversion series has superb performance and innovative foot control features. Thus, it quickly became a favorite among welders everywhere. 

Let's look more closely at what makes this machine so distinctive.

Advanced Inverter Technology

The Miller Diversion 180 TIG welder offers welders superior arc performance, smooth start-up, and easy operation. With its Auto-Link feature, artisans can easily achieve consistent welding results. Plus, this apparatus comes with PowerStep™ technology to provide additional voltage when needed. 


Welders need portability in their equipment. Fortunately, the Miller Diversion is a lightweight piece you can easily transport to different job sites. 

Recycling Eliminated Gas

The Miller Diversion 180 TIG features an entirely new way of delivering the shielding gas. Instead of blowing the gas directly at the weld puddle, it uses two separate jets to create a curtain of shielding gas around the weld puddle. The machine then eliminates wasteful blow-back and minimizes turbulence, reducing excess shielding gas consumption by up to 50%. 

Flexible Power Source 

Are you looking for a high-quality machine that can run on both 120- and 240-volt input power? If so, the Miller Diversion is worth the try. This machine is specifically for metalworkers who require flexibility in their power source.


The sound of a running machine can be both loud and annoying. And, as any welder knows, noise isn't the only issue with welding machines—they also produce a lot of heat. 

The Miller Diversion now features reduced noise and vibration, making it more comfortable to use in close quarters. It also has an auto-shutoff feature that reduces wear and tear on the machine, resulting in lower operating costs. 

Consistent Welding Arc

By inverting the current, the welder can confidently start an arc without making contact with the electrode. This method is ideal for welding in tight spaces or difficult positions. With its simple design and easy operation, the Miller Diversion TIG welder is a great addition to any welder's toolkit.

Easy to Use

Are you looking for a powerful, efficient, yet easy-to-use machine? Then you need to check out the Miller Diversion 180. This welding tool is perfect for various projects, and it delivers results quickly and smoothly. Moreover, you can take your welding expertise to the next level with this welder.

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How to Put Miller Diversion to Good Use

With the Miller Diversion 180 TIG Welder, you can work in several industries and use various welding processes to complete your projects, be they home repairs, metal art, school projects, motorsports, or steel welding training.

If you're looking to get the most out of your Miller Diversion, here are a few tips that will help you put it to good use.

  1. First, make sure you have the right parameters set up for your preferred welding process. Doing this will ensure your welds are strong and consistent.
  2. Next, take the time to practice your welding techniques. The more comfortable you are with the machine, the better your results. 
  3. Finally, always use quality materials and equipment when welding aluminum and other metal projects. This practice will help prevent defects and ensure a high-quality finish. 

It cannot be easy to weld aluminum properly, but it's possible to create strong and attractive welds with the right techniques.

Tackle Any Welding Job with Ease

As a welder, you need to be versatile. You may be called on to weld in various locations and situations, sometimes with limited equipment. That's where the Miller Diversion comes in. 

This compact welder is perfect for any situation. Its wide range of capabilities makes it a great choice for anyone looking for a versatile machine that can handle anything you throw at it. 

If you're looking to learn how to elevate your welding experience, read our buying guides and reviews to calibrate your knowledge in welding. 

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