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March 21, 2022
lincoln plasma cutters

Lincoln Electric provides reliable cutting tools for every curve, odd shape, and interesting cuts you want. The company has provided quality plasma cutters for years and is continuing to innovate

Luckily for you, this article narrows down Lincoln plasma cutters from A to Z. So, let’s check out Lincoln’s product lines and see what you can bring home to your workshop today. 

Types of Lincoln Electric Plasma Cutter 

Lincoln Electric has developed a wide range of plasma cutters for every consumer, from construction and autobody professionals to DIY hobbyists at home. 

People use Lincoln plasma cutters in light and heavy industries for those seamless and quick cuts of much-needed sheet metals. But which cutting machine works best for you?

Here are the types of Lincoln plasma cutter machines with their significant features. 

Handheld Air Plasma Cutters

Portable plasma cutters are popular due to the increasing demand for portable cutting machines. 

They’re not exactly lightweight, but at least they’re a great improvement on industrialized plasma cutters. Each plasma cutter offered by Lincoln is easy to operate with its Touch Start System and safety features for the proper installation of consumables and torches.

A handheld Lincoln plasma cutter comes with an air compressor, hand torch, consumables, and other accessories. Lincoln offers four portable plasma cutters:

Performance in Cutting (inches) 
Tomahawk 375 AIR Plasma Cutter with 10 ft. Hand Torch Tomahawk 625 Plasma Cutter with a 20 ft. Hand Torch Tomahawk 1000 Plasma Cutter with 25 ft. Hand TorchTomahawk 1500 Plasma Cutter with 25 ft Hand Torch 

Mild Steel





These portable plasma cutting machines may not have the longevity and capacity as its big brothers, but it gets the job done. 

Mechanised Air Plasma Cutters 

This is what you could call the conventional plasma cutters—the ones that you see at your friend’s home garage or professional production workshops

These types of Lincoln plasma cutters use only air and oxygen for cutting, unlike high definition plasma cutters. They may not provide excellent cut quality, but they have the fastest cutting speed. These work best when cutting mild steel.

Here is a brief overview of Lincoln Electric’s conventional plasma cutters: 

Max. Cut Capacity (inches)
FlexCut 80FlexCut 125FlexCut 200
Mild Steel1.251.502
Stainless Steel11.502
Aluminum 11.501.50
Gas Pressure87–109 PSI90–120 PSI90–130 PSI

You can also opt to buy cutting tables with your mechanized air plasma cutter. It is highly suggested since these machines are already intended for light industrial use.

High Definition Plasma Cutters 

We’re not talking about HD TVs here. We’re talking about high-end cutting with fewer excess metals. This plasma cutter is perfect for those large, more demanding applications—like in the construction, recycling, and automotive industries. 

HD plasma cutters can keep you operational 24 hours a day, unlike small to mid-sized Lincoln plasma cutting machines.

There are two Lincoln Electric products under the Fineline line:

Cut Capacity (inches) 
FineLine 170 HDFineLine 300 HD
Mild SteelProduction Capacity 

Max. Cutting Capacity23
Stainless SteelProduction Capacity

Max. Cutting Capacity1.52
AluminumProduction Capacity 

Max. Cutting Capacity1.5 2
Input Power: Voltage 380–575380–575 
Inlet Gas Pressure105–145 PSI 105–145
Cutting GasMild Steel 
Oxygen/Air, Oxygen/Oxygen
Stainless SteelNitrogen, H17/Nitrogen/Air/Air, Air 
AluminumNitrogen/Argon/Air, Nitrogen 
Rated Output: Current/Voltage/Duty Cycle 170/210/100%300/210/100%

Gases used for your plasma cutters are collected through the plasma cutter’s compressor. In addition, some welders use gas tanks filled with the gases needed to make them more concentrated. 

That said, plasma cutter gas is an integral component of your plasma-cutting process. Mixed gases can give you cleaner and faster cuts. However, they come with a safety warning. So make sure you have the right tools and equipment to maintain these huge plasma cutters.

CNC (Computer Numerical Control) Plasma Cutters 

Do you remember those cool cutting machines from the first scene of the 1999 classic robot movie, Bicentennial Man? Fine line cutting brought that robot to life. Plasma cutting used to be fictional, but now, we have Torchmate CNC plasma cutters, one of the most advanced plasma cutters of Lincoln Electric. 

What’s convenient about this technology is that it comes with a downdraft, also known as a water table, and software that lets you draw on any metal without ever holding the torch itself. 

You can do the cutting manually by using the arrow keys on the plugged-in computer. In addition, you can add the metal thickness and the amps you need to do your cutting. 

We've taken the liberty to jot down Lincoln Electric's Torchmate products. These products have a downdraft, a cutting table in different sizes, and a plasma cutter of your choice. It's a one-stop shop for your plasma-cutting needs. 

Torchmate 4400

This product has a 4x4 cutting table that's perfect for small spaces. In addition, it is fully assembled, meaning you or a technician doesn't have to set up your plasma cutter.

If you're a professor teaching engineering and any related field to plasma cutting, then having this product can be quite handy for classroom discussions. 

Torchmate 4800

It has a 4x8 table that's also fully assembled. If you happen to work in a medium-scale fabrication shop, this is what you want. 

Torchmate 4510

Another cutting table that suits well with mid-sized production. This 5x10 table will surely fit into your shop nicely.

Torchmate X5x10 

It is designed to cut thick metal plates and endure harsh shop environments. Recyclers and construction workers will appreciate this product. 


This plasma cutter has a table that goes up to 8x22, perfectly paired with a Lincoln HD plasma cutter.

Torchmate 5100

This is the ideal package if you operate 24 hours a day and want only minimal maintenance. The Torchmate 5100 is the big gun of the Lincoln Torchmate's plasma-cutting line. 

Masterpipe Compact Profiler 

The cutting table of this cutter stretches up to 25 feet. However, instead of having a square-like cutting table, it is elongated. As a result, it is ideally designed for narrow fabrication shops. 

Cut shapes from using a plasma cutter

Choose Your Lincoln Plasma Cutter Today! 

Lincoln Electric has the best and most complete selection of plasma cutters for any workshop. Picking the best, whether for leisure or business, is greatly relevant to the results of your plasma-cutting work. Nevertheless, you won't regret purchasing a one from Lincoln. 

Are you intrigued? Do you want to learn more about plasma cutting or any other welding-related information? Then, explore more of Welding Buddy's interesting blogs right here. 

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