Lincoln Electric Tomahawk 625 Plasma Cutter K2807 Review

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April 28, 2021
lincoln electric tomahawk 625 plasma cutter k2807

A plasma cutter is your companion in shaping and cutting metal to your desired shape. But what makes a plasma cutter good? Since metal fabrication is a tough job in itself, a good plasma cutter will provide you two things: (1) ease and convenience in cutting thin sheet metals and tubings and (2) precision to decrease the time spent on post-cut grinding and smoothing. 

Lincoln Electric is a known world leader in design and industrial technologies, offering the latest innovations that place a premium on performance, safety, and comfort. A machine like the Lincoln Electric Tomahawk 625 Plasma Cutter K2807 is an excellent choice for both beginners and professionals.

The Lincoln 625 Tomahawk Plasma Cutter

The Tomahawk 625 is a leading-edge plasma cutter equipped with all the modern bells and whistles any metal fabricator will need—from touch-start pilot arcs to built-in water separators so you can have water-free air flow to the nozzle. The 625 also comes with plenty of safety features so that you can tackle any project, from artwork to automotive maintenance, with ease and convenience. This model can cut a maximum thickness of 0.625 inches or 5/8 inches of mild steel. The Tomahawk 625 is a premium and high-end model of the Tomahawk series compared to the Lincoln Electric Tomahawk 375 Plasma Cutter K2806.

Who should consider buying the Lincoln 625 Tomahawk Plasma Cutter?

The Lincoln Electric Tomahawk 625 plasma cutter's specifications allow its users to perform various projects. Its lightweight build will enable operators to carry it around with ease, whether for offsite or onsite jobs. For metal fabricators looking to work with mild steel, brass, stainless steel, copper, or aluminum, this plasma cutter will perform exceptionally.

Heavy industrial applications are discouraged in order to preserve the cutting torch's lifespan and performance as with the other consumables. Welders should look for more heavy-set cutters in the market. The unit is well suited for onsite jobs at automotive workshops, small-scale construction sites, air duct or HVAC (Heating, Ventilation, and Air conditioning) installations, and demolition work.

Read this Lincoln Tomahawk 625 Plasma Cutter review to know more about why this plasma cutter is the right one for you.

Quick Specs:

  • Single Voltage Capabilities - 240v 
  • Touch Start System
  • Rapid Arc Restrike
  • Front Panel Purge Control
  • Longer consumable life
  • Engine drive compatible
  • Air regulator and gauge
  • 20-foot long torch
  • Can cut up to 5/8-inch steel
  • Weighs 34 pounds
  • Standard PT-31 LG-40 torch
  • Air pressure: 80-110 PSI (6-7.5 Bar)
  • 70 psi @ 125-200 SCFH
  • 35% duty cycle
  • 3-year warranty


  1. Power and Performance

The Lincoln Electric Tomahawk 625 is designed with a vast power output ranging from 10 to 40 amps, providing work flexibility from thin auto body sheet metals to trailer frames or other structural work. This model has been rated to cut through a 1/2 inch mild steel at 20 inches per minute (ipm) with a maximum cut of 12 ipm through a 5/8 or 0.625-inch mild steel. The 625 can also cut 3/4 inch steel but requires a much slower pace of 5 ipm and may need some cleaning up after.

The 240v input may be limiting to hobbyists as 120v is more frequently seen in household outlets. If you're looking to use this in your garage, you'll have to install the proper voltage for it to function. The continuous output control feature monitors and senses the material thickness and variable conditions like rust, grease, or paint. It adjusts the arc focus to optimize the cutting quality and performance.

You can rely upon the Tomahawk 625 to perform standard drag cutting and efficient gouging, although the cut performance may vary depending on the metal you're working on. You can expect a 10-20% faster cutting rate with aluminum compared to mild steel and about 40% with stainless steel. 

  1. Duty Cycle

Duty cycle is the amount of cutting power a machine can do over 10 minutes without overheating. The longer the duty cycle, the longer you can cut—a feature heavily applicable in high-volume industrial workplaces or high-temperature environments.

At the maximum amperage of 40A, you can expect a duty cycle of 35%. With a 24A output, you can improve the duty cycle to 100%, although such a small production is only suited for very light cutting operations.

  1. Build

The Tomahawk 625 comes with a no-frills, rugged design meant to personify functionality and efficiency. With dimensions of 15.2 in x 8.5 in. x 18.9 in and a weight of 34 lbs, fabricators can easily carry it around from workstation to workstation. The internal electric components are well protected and encased in epoxy. The unit casing overall is built to withstand impacts and vibration, a factor that readily explains its higher price point compared to other cutters in the market.

  1. Safety

Safety designs that buffer against user error are subtle factors that operators must consider before cutting metal. A plasma cutter with good safety features will help the operator work for hours on end, focusing on the output itself, without worrying much about machine problems like overheating, overvoltage, moisture contaminating the compressor, etc. Lincoln Electric takes pride in its meticulous attention to detail regarding ensuring the user's safety. The following are the Tomahawk 625's safety features:

  • Rapid Arc Restrike

The Tomahawk's rapid arc restrike feature is an automated refire technology that shuts off the torch when crossing gaps and turns it on again upon resumed contact with the metal surface, increasing cutting speed and efficiency. The machine is capable of sensing a difference in the contact surface. The arc restrike improves safety and efficiency in one go, protecting users from the jet stream in sudden jolts or movements when handling the torch and prolonging the lifespan of the consumables.

  • Over-Current and Voltage Protection

The unit has been designed to cut off the electrical supply in the event of a current surge or voltage error to prevent overheating and consequent injuries.

  • Internal Water Separator

Water is plasma's kryptonite. A plasma cutter needs clean, dry, compressed air to achieve the velocity it needs to create an effective plasma jet stream. The presence of moisture in the air chamber leads to increased oxygen and hydrogen content in the machine, which can cause rapid wear on the nozzle orifice and electrodes. This can lead to suboptimal temperatures and eventually low-quality cutting and sputtering of the jet stream. For this reason, an internal water separator for your air compressor is essential to prolong and maintain your plasma cutter's performance.

  • Parts-in-Place Mechanism

The parts-in-place system detects the correct installation of the consumables and torch.

  • Front-Face Panel Purge Control

The panel purge control is easy to locate and manipulate on the front part of the machine and allows you to control the airflow rate without starting the arc.

  • Touch Start System

Many modern plasma cutters come equipped with a High-Frequency (HF) start. This unit comes with a Touch Start method that might be inconvenient compared to the non-touch pilot arc. Although some users prefer the Touch Start as the HF start sends a damaging signal to nearby electronic equipment. The Touch Start is one of the oldest start methods and still results in the same satisfactory plasma jetstream.

  1. Accessories included
  • 20-ft (6 meters) Lincoln Electric LC40 hand torch cable
  • Air regulator and pressure gauge
  • Internal water separator
  • Work clamp and cable
  • Spare consumables
  • Input power cord


  • Costly consumables
  • Touch-start pilot arc is more corrosive to consumables.
  • Some users find the 240v exclusive power input limiting.


The Lincoln Electric Tomahawk 625 is a plasma cutter you should buy when you're looking for a product with reliable, easy, and durable performance, as well as an established brand name you can easily find in many major stores. 

The Tomahawk may not be the best tool for aluminum welds, but it can certainly cut through mild and stainless steel with minimal effort. 

The price is higher and may be a breaking point for some since there are plenty of plasma cutters under $500 in the market. However, most plasma cutters at this price level will hardly be comparable to the build and design features unique to Lincoln Electric.

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