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May 24, 2021
industrial plasma cutter

If you're concerned about productivity and speed, you should invest in an industrial plasma cutter. You will be amazed not only by the quantity of your output but also by the cleaner and more accurate cuts that you won't need to rework. It is a time-saving tool worth purchasing if you want to grow your business.  

Searching for a plasma cutting machine wouldn't be a problem, given the many plasma cutter manufacturers out there. The challenging part is shopping for a new plasma cutter that suits your needs and the nature of your business. 

You're lucky that you've stumbled onto this blog. We have compiled here our top picks for commercial plasma cutters and the reasons why they made it to this list.

Hobart Airforce 40i 

Hobart Airforce 40i Industrial Plasma Cutter

Hobart is a new player in the plasma cutter market. Still, they have managed to build a powerful machine that can cut steel up to 7/8″ thickness, which is impressive considering that an entry-level industrial plasma cutter for sale nowadays can only work up to 3/8″. They’ve made sure that their introductory models can stand out from competitors.

Besides industrial use, it is also suitable for non-industrial work in the farm, workshop, or garage. Hobart Airforce 40i is easy to set up, and it doesn't need a pressure or flame-tuning setting. For a heavy-duty plasma cutter, it is portable and only weighs 21 lb. 

Its XT40R torch features an ergonomic design, so you don't have to worry about getting wrist fatigue, allowing you to work for long hours. The Hobart Airforce 40i has safety features such as Fan-on-Demand technology, Wind Tunnel technology, thermal overload protection, and a post-flow cooling system. All of these prolong the life cycle of this commercial plasma cutter.

Northern Industrial Plasma Cutter 375 

 northern industrial plasma cutter 375


Northern Industrial 375 is an IGBT inverter plasma cutter that can slice through metals with up to 3/8″ thickness. It also has a pilot arc feature that lets you work on expanded metals.

Its duty cycle is 35% at 40A. Northern Industrial Plasma Cutter 375 can handle base metals like carbon steel, aluminum, stainless steel, and copper. It has a built-in gas regulator, gas pressure adjuster, and cutting current adjuster. 

You can easily monitor the condition of this plasma cutter since it has a gas pressure display, work indicator, and low gas indicator. Its package includes the following: 

  • Grounding cable
  • TRAFIMET Cutting Torch 
  • Electrode
  • Nozzle

Hypertherm Powermax65

Hypertherm Powermax65 Industrial Plasma Cutter

Do you want an industrial CNC plasma cutter used at NASA's Kennedy Space Center? Then get yourself a Hypertherm Powermax65. You probably think that this might be an expensive purchase. Unbelievably, it only costs less than 700 bucks!

Hypertherm Powermax65 has a 50% duty cycle at 65 amps, and it is already dual-voltage. Its body is made of steel, weighing 63.9 lb, so expect it to be slightly heavier. One of its defining features is that it has four different torch styles, which offer much flexibility when cutting different types of metals of any thickness.

Hypertherm Powermax65 has a Smart Sense Gas Regulation technology that auto-adjusts the gas pressure to set the correct cutting mode. Another feature that will be useful for you in the future is that it is compatible with a CNC machine. If you're planning to automate your operations, it is possible with this plasma cutter.

Super Deal CUT 50

Super Deal CUT 50 Industrial Plasma Cutter

Super Deal is a DC inverter plasma cutter. It is a lightweight machine that falls under a lower price range. It can automatically recognize whether your input power is 220V or 110V. 

It can handle various applications such as light industrial use, sheet metal fabrication, automotive, ducting work, site work, and maintenance services. Its pilot arc-striking system provides easy starts so that you can achieve a clean cut without slag or dross. It can slice through stainless steel, copper, steel, brass, and aluminum with up to a 1/2″ thickness.

Super Deal CUT 50 has a user-friendly design because of its digital display with adjustable output current. This plasma cutter is packed with safety features like over-voltage protection, overheat protection, and protection from lack of compressed air pressure.

PrimeWeld Premium 50A Air Inverter

PrimeWeld Premium 50A Air Inverter Industrial Plasma Cutter

If your primary concern is the accuracy of your metalwork cuts, perhaps PrimeWeld Premium 50A Air Inverter is the one for you. It can cut up to 1/2″ metal with ease and has a maximum severance thickness of 3/4″. This machine is designed for home, construction, and industrial use.

You don't need to purchase a separate adapter because PrimeWeld Premium 50A has dual-voltage compatibility. It is also less noisy and lighter thanks to its DC inverter technology. 

Given its admirable features, PrimeWeld Premium 50A Air Inverter remains a budget-friendly industrial plasma cutter for sale. Its package includes the following:

  • Cutting torch
  • Air filter
  • Air hose connections
  • Ground clamp and cable
  • Clamps
  • Couplers air hose

YesWelder CUT-55DS

YesWelder CUT-55DS Industrial Plasma Cutter

One of the defining features of YesWelder CUT-55DS is its built-in non-touch technology. It allows you to slice through painted or rough metal pieces almost slag-free. The technology also keeps the nozzle tips in their pristine condition, which lessens your expenses on maintenance fees.

YesWelder CUT-55DS has a rated output of 55A at 60% duty cycle. It means you can use it for a long time without overheating. It can cut metals such as aluminum, steel, and stainless steel.

Its maximum rated clean-cut thickness is 1/2″ while the maximum severance thickness is 3/4″. You can also count on its portability and dual-voltage features. What’s more, YESWELDER is one of the plasma cutter manufacturers that care for its customers because it doesn't use hazardous compressed air.

SUNCOO Cut-50 Plasma Cutting Machine

SUNCOO Cut-50 Industrial Plasma Cutter

SUNCOO Cut-50 is a durable plasma cutter made from heavy-duty iron. It has a compact build and a carrying strap, making it easier to carry it anywhere. It is suitable for site work, sheet metal fabrication, automotive repair, light industrial use, and maintenance work.

Its maximum cutting thickness is 1/2″, and its cutting speed is 1.8 times as fast as a flame cutter. The output rate of this machine is 50A at 60% duty cycle and has a high-frequency start.

This machine is user-friendly because of its LED digital display. It also has overvoltage and overcurrent protection safety features. It can work on copper, iron, carbon steel, aluminum, stainless steel, mild metal, and painted metal.

Primeweld CUT60 Plasma Cutter

Primeweld Cut60 Industrial Plasma Cutter

Primeweld Cut60 plasma cutter is a dual-voltage machine capable of running on 60A at a 60% duty cycle. With that amount of power, you can use it to cut through 7/8″ steel. Take note that this is the maximum cutting thickness and not the maximum severance thickness.

Despite being a low-cost machine, it has a pilot arc feature which lets you start an arc without touching the metal. For this reason, it can handle painted or rusty steel without having direct contact with it.

The Primeweld Cut60 is a versatile plasma cutter perfect for construction, hobby, and home use. Another plus factor is that you can use it as an industrial CNC plasma cutter. 

MG-CNC Prlasma Cutting Machine

MG – CNC Industrial Plasma Cutter

This MG Industries plasma cutter from MicroStep is designed for heavy-duty industrial use. It has a user-friendly PC-based CNC control system interface.

It can cut and drill up to 6″ base metal thickness. This CNC machine can cut sharp angles, corners, and intricate contours.

Rest assured that this machine from MG Industries adheres to environmental and safety standards. Its mechanical parts are also covered to protect it from damages and fumes. Thus, it’s less maintenance work and cost for you.

In Closing

We hope the list above gave you an idea of what to look for in a commercial plasma cutting machine. These are only suggestions, but it is still up to you which plasma cutter suits your business needs. In choosing the best machine, consider important factors such as input current, output power, cutting capacity, duty cycle, and CNC table support.

Another thing to consider is that it must be certified by Canadian Standards Association (CSA) to both Canadian and US standards. Why? According to ScienceDirect, the amount of fumes produced while using a plasma cutter presents a health hazard to the operator. A CSA-certified plasma cutter has passed the international safety and quality standards. 

So don't buy a plasma cutter just because it's popular or expensive. Choose an industrial plasma cutter that makes you a happy customer, meets your business requirements, and doesn't compromise your health. 

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