What Makes the Hypertherm Powermax 65 the Ideal Cutter For Your Welding Projects

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May 26, 2022
Hypertherm Powermax 65

We rely on roads and transportation for faster service and production. Heavy metal construction and road services are essential for day-to-day operations. Excavators, automobiles, skyscrapers, robots, and footbridges are essentials that require accurately constructed metals. Metals are naturally durable, making them the best choice for almost anything that needs to be particularly strong and sturdy.

The irony is that the power of metal is also its weak point. Metals are resistant to damage, and they are extremely difficult to modify and shape into specialized pieces. How then do professionals accurately cut and modify metals required to construct something as huge and strong as an airplane wing? For most cases, the plasma cutter is indeed the ultimate solution. The plasma cutter may seem like something out of a science fiction novel, but it has been a common device since World War II.

A plasma cutter has a very simple concept. It accomplishes its goal by utilizing one of the universe's most common states of matter. Keep reading to know more about plasma cutters and the powerful machine called the Hypertherm Powermax 65.

Peeking Inside a Plasma Cutter

Plasma cutters emerge in several different forms. First, there are monstrous plasma cutters that produce accurate cuts with robotic arms. There are also portable, handheld units available in a handyman's shop. Irrespective of their size, all plasma cutters perform the same functions and are built on a similar design.

Plasma cutters operate by passing a compressed gas—like nitrogen, argon, or oxygen—through a central tube. A negatively charged electrode can be positioned in the center of this channel. A circuit is formed once you impose energy on the negatively charged electrode and touch the metal with the nozzle's tip. In between the electrode and the metal, a strong spark is produced.

The plasma itself produces electricity and the arc creation process is constant as long as power is applied to the electrode. The plasma should remain in contact with the metal object you are working with. The cutter nozzle does have a second nozzle to secure this contact, guard the cut against oxidation, and control the unpredictable nature of plasma. These channels circulate a steady stream of shielding gas around the metal surface. The gas flow’s pressure completely controls the radius of the plasma beam.

Plasma cutters are now commonplace. They are used to personalize, modify and create chassis and brackets in tailored machine shops and automotive manufacturers. Building contractors use plasma cutters to cut and fabricate massive beams or metal sheets goods in complex projects. Locksmiths utilize plasma cutters to drill into safety deposit boxes and vaults when customers are locked out.

6 Things to Think About When Selecting a Plasma Cutter

Plasma cutters are one of the most effective methods for cutting metal parts such as steel, alloy steels, bronze, and aluminum. If you're looking for a good plasma cutter, these are the attributes you need to keep an eye on:

Air Compressor

Plasma cutters require pressurized gas supplied by an installed air compressor or an external compressed air supply. Each of these generates excellent results, but when selecting a plasma cutter, you must consider which is the most advantageous for you. For example, a built-in compressed air will be more costly, but it allows you to manage small jobs better.

Arc Pilot

A pilot arc is a trimming feature that enables you to cut metal without the torch's tip touching it, resulting in a much more steady arc with a longer consumable existence. It is useful when cutting rusted metal parts because it eliminates the need to clean the whole metal.

Rating Reduction

The width of metal that a plasma cutter can cut is another crucial factor to consider. Recognize the total thickness of metal you'll be working with and select a device that can handle it. A plasma cutter has three different cut settings: rated, quality, and severe cut.

Torch for Cutting

The size of the torch is essential. If you're dealing with a large workshop, a longer torch will allow you to work in different areas of your working space without needing to relocate the heavy plasma cutter around.

High Cut Quality

The cut performance refers to how clean and professional the final cut is. Because the best plasma cutters have such a high cut quality, cuts will be accurately sharp and clean. It will also give you more time to do other welding-related tasks since you won't be spending time cleaning up the mess to get a smoother surface.


When selecting a plasma cutter, you want to have high-quality equipment that will last a long time. Plasma cutters are not cheap, so ensure your investment will last and won’t break down while you're operating on something significant.

Select a reputable brand from a reputable retailer. Brands such as Hypertherm, which some professional welders highly recommend, are available on Amazon.

Hypertherm Powermax 65 Hand System

Plasma Cutters to Consider

A plasma cutter is a machine that can create intricate pieces with just one pass. It’s perfect for those who want something more complicated than an average blade or tool in their arsenal. If you have to cut metal, this type of cutter won’t disappoint you. It's small and lightweight so it won't take up too much space on site. Plus this cutter is user-friendly with its simple buttons for operation.

Here are the plasma cutters that can do the job well:

Hypertherm Powermax 65 plasma cutter

This plasma cutter raises the bar high. Its plasma system is a multifunctional device for heavy-duty plasma cutting. However, this favorite was discontinued in 2021, but you can still buy its consumables like the Hypertherm Powermax 65 consumables #220930 on Amazon and other web stores.

There are still plasma cutters from Hypertherm that are as powerful as the Hypertherm Powermax 65, such as Powermax 30. Here are our other picks:

  • Warfox Plasma Cutter 120/240V Dual Voltage Plasma Cutting Machine: If you are looking for an indispensable machine, the plasma cutter from Warfox comes with IGBT inverter technology; you can expect efficiency from this machine. It has a current display feature, and you can also adjust the air post time whenever you want. This air post time provides cooling that can extend the consumables’ working life.
  • Flaring Plasma Cutter Equipment: The Flaring plasma cutter is a 50A automatic machine with 110/220V AC-DC dual voltage and a maximum severance cut of 8mm to 10mm. It has a handle that allows easy transfer from one place to another. The machine also highlights the use of non-hazardous compressed air for cutting.

Final Thoughts

The Powermax 65 Hand System is undoubtedly one of the best cutters; it provides numerous benefits that are not present in several other brands. One of these benefits is the ability to switch torch modes from standard to short barrels. While it is not ideal for home use, it is worth considering for larger, heavy-duty users.

Hypertherm is a manufacturer of plasma cutters and other welding machines and accessories like the Hypertherm Powermax 65 consumables. Though they stopped producing the Hypermax 65, you can still enjoy other plasma cutters from the same brands like the Powermax 30 and Powermax 40.

The plasma cutters from Warfox and Flaring are well-received with favorable reviews and high ratings on Amazon. Try one of these powerful and affordable plasma cutters—they won’t let you down!

If you want more reviews and information about your welding needs, Welding Buddy has got you covered. Explore more of our website today.

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