How to Set Up a Plasma Cutter: 6 Frequently Asked Questions About Plasma Cutting

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July 12, 2022
how to set up a plasma cutter

It is normal for every beginner to have so many questions because of their curiosity, desire to achieve excellent output, and assurance of a safe workplace. If you are starting your journey in using cutting machines, you must be in search of answers, from how to set up a plasma cutter to what the most exciting projects and output you can make from the machine.

Don’t worry; we got you! Let us provide you details you need by teaching you how to set up a plasma cutting machine and answer frequently asked questions about plasma cutting. So, prepare your notes; you will get the explanation you need today!

1. How do you set up a plasma cutter?

Like any machine, a plasma cutter has several wires, buttons, and ports that are mind-boggling for new eyes. However, this step-by-step process can help you get started!

Step 1: Look for a clean workspace.

Step 2: Plug in the plasma cutter power cable.

Step 3: Attach the air hose to the air compressor port.

Step 4: Turn the machine on.

Step 5: Set your desired amperage and cutting type through the dials in front of the machine.

Step 6: Get the metal you will cut ready by attaching the work clamp.

Step 7: Prepare the torch and check if it works.

Step 8: You can now begin cutting.

Just a reminder to always turn off the machine after working to avoid fires and work accidents.

2. What is plasma cutting?

So, what is a plasma cutter, and what makes it different from other welders? As the name suggests, it creates precise cuts on steel, aluminum, copper, and different metal types. To do so, the machine uses a combination of electricity and compressed air to create a hot plasma.

It can cut through thin and thick metals as long as you set the machine correctly. When icons represent the different cutting modes, check out the machine manual to know what the symbols mean for you to choose correctly.

3. What output can you make using a plasma cutter?

You can do many things with this machine, from the classic personal projects at home to farm repairs and machine maintenance. The machine will also help widen your services if you have a welding business.

Nevertheless, one of the most famous and well-loved functions you can use the plasma cutter with is for installation art. The seamless cuts the machine can do allows you to create lines and curves and bring about eloquent metal art.

4. What safety attire should you wear when plasma cutting?

Just like any welding activities, you are also required to wear safety attire when plasma cutting. So, aside from the machine, invest in a plasma welding helmet for eye, face, and neck protection.

When plasma cutting, metal sparks can fly off left and right, so keeping your hair neat and covered with a welding beanie and your arms and legs with a welding jacket and jeans can give your body parts the protection they need. Also, pick boots designed to withstand heat and protect your feet from sparks and falling metals.

5. What should I look for to get the best plasma cutting machine?

Get a plasma cutter with complete accessories from the hose, torch, tips, clamp, and the machine itself. Having the entire set ensures all parts perfectly fit into the machine.

Check out the voltage capacity of the plasma cutter. A dual voltage machine is handy as it gives you more flexibility in amperage adjustments, allowing you to work on thin and thick metals.

There are also plasma cutters available that are lightweight, which are beneficial to own because of their portability. You can carry it with ease and work anywhere.

6. Do cheap plasma cutters work?

It won’t hurt to try our bang-for-buck plasma cutters as long as you see the features above satisfied. In truth, you can find efficient plasma cutters costing less than $200 on many eCommerce sites. If you are trying plasma cutting out to see if it is a craft that fits you, cheap plasma cutters are okay.

Nevertheless, if you see yourself plasma cutting in the next years to come, going for slightly more expensive machines is also worth it. Usually, these machines have investment-worthy features like a dual voltage, automatic amperage adjustment, complete parts, and digitized settings.

Lincoln Electric, Miller, and Hobart are some of the reliable plasma cutter brands you can check.

Enlightened and Plasma Cutting Ready

Invest in the best plasma cutters and set them up correctly for safe and efficient work. With the machine capable of cutting through different metals, thick or thin, your imagination is the limit on how you will use it. So, set up your machine now as home and farm repairs and installation art projects await!If you need more information on how to set up a CNC plasma cutter or are looking for the best plasma cutters, feel free to check out our reviews and buying guides, we have plenty of dependable machines for you!

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