The Fiber Metal Welding Hood: Your Ultimate Protection Solution

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November 22, 2021
fiber metal welding hood

Fiber welding hoods are a piece of safety equipment that protect the welder's eyes and face from sparks, molten metal, and other harmful substances such as ultraviolet light. Fiber metal welding helmets come with various features, depending on what you need for your particular work. 

If you work in the construction industry, having safety equipment is important. This way, you can level up your craftsmanship while making sure you're well protected with the proper fiber metal welding helmet. To aid you when purchasing a fiber welding helmet, below are the helmet’s strong points.

What Are Fiber Welding Masks? 

If you are a first-timer yielding welding tool, it can be overwhelming for you to remember everything all at once. From the preparations for the equipment, you should be well knowledgeable on what to use and when to use them. A metal hood is a welder's best friend and protector. Welding can be dangerous without the proper protective gear. But what makes a fiber metal welding mask stand out? Read on below.

High Tensile Strength 

Fiber metal is known for its lightweight feature and durability. Welding hoods made from fiber metal have high tensile strength, meaning they are resistant to breaking under intense pressure. In case of forceful impacts, these masks can give you the ultimate protection and incur little to no damage at all. 

A welder’s helmets can be made from several materials, including thermoplastic materials that can withstand intense heat and mechanical resistance. Special glasses are also used for the viewfinder that lets the welder see what he's working on without having to suffer a burning sensation on his eyes.

High Chemical Resistance  

As a welder, you will most likely work with different materials and chemicals. Unfortunately, some of these chemicals can affect the integrity of your gears and equipment. Fiber metal welding hoods have high chemical resistance that makes them corrosion resistant, which is perfect for you to use in any welding activity you need to do. 

High-temperature Tolerance

The welder sparks or the incandescent particles form when welding. Using low-grade plastic or materials for your hood can be dangerous for you. These sparks can melt through plastics and other low heat resistance materials. 

Fiber has high-temperature resistance so it can withstand intense heat. This way, you can work closely on your projects without worrying about the consequences of a cheap welder’s hood. 

Low Thermal Expansion 

Heat can affect the shape and size of a certain object. Have you ever noticed that some types of metals easily melt under intense heat while others retain their shape and size? Fiber metal is one of the materials that are not susceptible to high heat. So, you can be sure your fiber metal welding hood will not be deformed and loosen the fit around your head. 

Things to Consider Before Buying a Welding Mask 

There are still several things you should tick off the checklist before deciding to buy your welding mask. Some of the features we will share with you will give you a better experience while doing your work. 

Auto-darkening Feature 

Fiber metal welding hood auto-darkening feature is available in all entry-level masks in the market. This feature protects your eyes from the harmful productions that happen during the welding process. In addition, you can look into more advanced auto-darkening features that automatically change once it detects the bright sparks from welding. 

Helmet’s Weight 

Another factor you should consider is the weight of your helmet. If you are a worker that works for at least 6 hours a day, wearing heavy helmets can put stress on your neck and back that can slow you down and affect your performance. 

Fortunately, there are lightweight helmets available that you can use comfortably without compromising your safety during work. 

Legal Safety Measures 

There are specific tests that are carried out to test the required safety level of welding hoods. The tests include if your helmets can protect you from high impacts, provide ultraviolet and infrared filtering, and if they can withstand intense cold and hot temperatures. 

Remember, when purchasing a helmet, it should be labeled EN 175 or EN 379 to make sure it passes the safety standard test. 

Final Thoughts 

Choosing a helmet is a decision you cannot take lightly. Aside from protecting you from harmful incidents that come with welding activities, make sure you are comfortable so you can work at your 100%. Custom fiber metal welding hoods are also available if you want your equipment to match your personal preferences up to the littlest details. Choose safety and comfort all in one welder's mask.

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