8 Reasons Why the Everlast Plasma Cutter Should Be Your First Cutting and Welding Machine

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March 18, 2022
everlast plasma cutter

Perhaps you have already begun your TIG and stick welding journey, and have even perfected these processes. Now, you are ready to try one of the most popular welding activities—plasma cutting. You’ll be in the market to look for the best plasma cutter, so we’re here to assist you!

Getting the best plasma cutter can make or break your love for the craft, so get something reliable like the Everlast plasma cutter. Whether you have heard about the Everlast welding brand or this is the first time, here are the eight reasons why they should be the first brand to look at for a plasma cutter

1. Computer Numerical Control (CNC) Technology

Among the many reasons Everlast plasma cutters are the machines you should choose is their high-tech features. Some Everlast machines like the Everlast 82i Plasma Cutter are already equipped with CNC technology. This technology has the cutting data in the machine system, so you can cut more precisely and have more precise output than doing it with your bare hands. You can also cut faster and more efficiently, reducing the labor and resource costs. Nevertheless, if you still want to show off your expertise with manual cutting, then this machine will oblige. 

2. Has TIG and stick welding combination machines too

Aside from state-of-the-art technology for plasma cutting, the Everlast machines also include models which have TIG and stick functions. With this, you can perform any task using only one piece of equipment. All you need to have are the different torches for the different tasks. It would help to familiarize yourself with the volts and amps to use when TIG welding, stick welding, and plasma cutting. You also need to know how and when these different welding techniques are best used. If you are a beginner in the metal shop world, Everlast machines with complete features will be more than enough to get you started.

3. Designed for decorating homes

Do you dream of a home that has a contemporary design, accentuated with elements made of aluminum, steel, or stainless steel? Achieving your dream home is easier when you have your plasma cutter. With a plasma cutter, you can create designs in metal sheets free hand. The experience is made even better when you have an Everlast plasma cutter because the controls are easy to set up. If you get too into the design process, you will not put your safety at risk, as the machine is designed to interrupt your welding when red flags occur. 

4. Excellent for home, farm, and ranch maintenance

Welding knowledge can go a long way in repairing various damages and broken things at home or on a farm. You can repair broken window grills, steel tables, and chairs quickly through TIG welding with the Everlast multipurpose plasma cutter. You can do the same for any repairs your farm and ranch need, like fixing fences, maintaining plantation rows, or fixing farm equipment. If putting together steel is what you need, TIG welding with an Everlast plasma cutter gets the job done. 

everlast plasma cutter 82i

5. The machine that gets the business rolling

Aside from using Everlast plasma cutters for personal use, they are also a reliable tool if you want to open a small shop or begin a welding and cutting business. They are a great investment, especially when you get the UltraArc 250 or the Multipro 205, which are capable of TIG welding, stick welding, and plasma cutting; you’ll have one piece of equipment for all the welding and cutting tasks you need. For beginners, it pays to know the settings, amperage, and torches for each task to achieve the output you want. Meanwhile, the Everlast Plasma Cutter 82i is an excellent investment if you want to focus on quality cuts.

6. Digitized controls

Traditional welding machines work just fine, especially when you are adept with the amperage and voltage for TIG and stick welding and plasma cutting. Yet, picking machines with digitized controls is still much better, especially for beginners. The digitized control is characterized by an LED screen showing the exact voltage and amperage, so there is no guessing if you have the right settings or not. This is beneficial for you because you'll get just the right air pressure, heat, and fuel on your torch, ensuring better work outputs and prolonging the life of the consumables (Everlast plasma cutter tips) and the machine itself. 

7. Sold in complete sets

There are many benefits of getting a complete welding and cutting machine, such as:

  • You know that all the parts will perfectly fit each other because they are manufactured by one source.
  • You’ll have a manual that will teach you how to properly set up the machine, ensuring the safety and proper working of the tool.
  • When you need replacement and replenishment of consumables, you know where to buy them with no inconvenience of searching the market.

The great news is that Everlast sells plasma cutters and welding equipment in complete sets. You’ll get the machine itself, plus adapters, clamps, regulators, torches, and consumables, depending on the model you choose. After setting the plasma cutter up, you will be ready to work at home or start your business. 

8. Reliable in portability

If you plan to offer your cutting and welding services as a home service, it pays to have a robust but lightweight machine. A durable machine won’t bear any damage even when you move it from one place to another, and being lightweight ensures you can transport it easily. The Everlast machines weigh from 32 lbs. to 67 lbs., which can be conveniently moved using a cart or inside your car trunk. It is also convenient to have a portable machine at home when the materials you need to repair are from other ends of the house. Though you need to invest in a cart, as most Everlast sets do not come with one. 

Final Thoughts

If you're in the market for a quality welding and cutting machine that will last you for years to come, the Everlast plasma cutters are worth looking at. They offer several features and benefits that are hard to beat, and they’re designed with home users and welding beginners in mind. With their combination of TIG and stick welding, plus plasma cutting and CNC technology, these machines can handle just about any job you might need to do. Because it's so reliable and portable, you'll be able to take it practically anywhere you go. So what are you waiting for? Check out Everlast plasma cutters today!

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