Metals for Interior Design: Cut and Weld Using Everlast Welder Machines

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March 25, 2022
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You involve yourself as much as possible when decorating your home to ensure that the vision in your mind will come to fruition. If you are a self-proclaimed DIY-er, you may also take charge of some areas to add a personal touch to your interior design. Do you know how to weld or cut? Then, adding some custom metal ornaments in your home would be a great idea. Using steel, stainless steel, aluminum, titanium, and other materials for home designs has a lot of benefits. You can put your welding capabilities and your Everlast welder, TIG/MIG/stick/plasma cutter to good use.

Benefits of Using Metals in Interior Design

While researching for your next decoration inspiration, you must have seen the benefits of metals in interior design. You’ve also probably seen metals firsthand when visiting hotels and new houses. Wherever you get the enthusiasm to incorporate metals into your home, the additional benefits below will encourage you to put the idea to life. 

Unleash what’s in your imagination

Interior designing is another form of boundless art, so in brainstorming for your next decoration, be as creative as possible. Know that sky's the limit, and sheet metal or metal alloys, bare as they are, can turn into something fantastic with your creativity. 

Get a little inspiration from homes that already have metals as interior design. Search various house areas, from the living room, kitchen, dining area, bathroom, to even the bedroom, to see how professionals have incorporated different materials to create something beautiful. Then, inject your personal touch with your final design. 

Widens space and gives an airy feeling

If you aim for a home that feels and looks clean, having metal as a material for interior design is a great choice. The cleanliness gives the space a more airy feel as there is no mess blocking the airflow inside your home. Meanwhile, retaining the metals' bare colors will let you achieve a minimalist look. It is easier to relax after a long workday when you have a home that emanates these energies. The atmosphere clears your mind too. As an old adage goes, “Clutter smothers. Simplicity breathes.”

Rust and wear-resistant

Aside from the aesthetics, another factor that finalizes your decision with your interior design is the longevity of the materials you’ll use for your design. Wood is susceptible to rotting, staining, and cracking. Tiles and ceramics may break with pressure, while stone may look dull. Like these other materials, metal also has its advantages and disadvantages, but if you are looking for something robust, metallic materials are your best choice. These materials are made to be rust and wear-resistant, perfect for various parts of the house, such as wet areas or places exposed to heat. 

Easy to clean

Aside from the durability, metal is also easy to clean. This is why many interior designers pick metals for kitchen and bathroom islands. When you have a metal kitchen island, you’ll have a fresh and clean table for food preparation ensuring that everything you serve is prepared with proper sanitation. Meanwhile, you can skip the worry of your bathroom being all slimy because it is always wet. With metals as its primary material, you can easily wipe off any water splash. You can reap these same benefits when you have stairs, tables, chairs, and other home accents and furniture made of metal. 

Repurposing scrap metals

Do you dream of an environmentally-friendly home? It is refreshing to see plants indoors and various house parts accentuated with wood. In contrast, it is easy to think that metal is a less Mother Nature-friendly metal, but it is the opposite. Metals are robust, so you won’t be required to change them for a long time unless you revamp your interiors. Even when you redecorate your home, the scrap metals can be repurposed. You can recycle them into new home ornaments or sell them in shops and let other metal fabricators reuse them. 

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DIY Interior Design With Everlast Welder Machines

Now that you have plenty of reasons to incorporate metals into your home, it is time to discover how. Make sure that you have practiced and honed your welding skills before taking on the challenge. It is also necessary to get the right Everlast welder, TIG/MIG welder/plasma cutter to ensure quality outputs. 

Shapes on sheet metals

Get ready to flex your artistic side and create abstract or real-life shapes on sheet metal. It is best to use the Everlast plasma cutters for this task as you can hold and control them by hand. Everlast plasma cutters are known for their power, cutting abilities, and Computerized Numerical Control/CNC—meaning they can cut through sheet metals with various thicknesses. You can either mark your sheet metal in detail with the design you want to achieve or let the artist in you do the work and cut it directly. The output you create can make for great partitions, wall designs, bedroom headboards, or artwork to accentuate an area. 

Bent metals

The beauty of putting your interior design into your own hands is the authenticity and uniqueness of every output you make. Bend metals to create chairs, tables, stair railings, or even sculptures that you can only find in your home. For this task, you should get an Everlast TIG welder or a multipurpose Everlast machine to succeed in bending metals for decoration. With TIG welding, heating a metal sheet or alloy steadily will allow you to bend it to your desired shape. 

Many Everlast plasma cutters are equipped with TIG welding capabilities. Just make sure to be knowledgeable on setting the amperage and changing the torches and accessories for safe and perfect welds. 

Home ornaments or the main piece

Some projects are so easy that even hobbyists can handle them. However, some tasks need professional help. If you’re good enough, you can handle creating main pieces for your home decoration. Nevertheless, do not be discouraged if you are a beginner because you can still create ornaments for your home, like small pieces of artwork to accentuate shelves or cabinets.

Final Thoughts

There are many benefits to using metals in interior design, including the ability to unleash your imagination, widen space, and give a feeling of airiness. Metals are also rust and wear-resistant and easy to clean. They are environment-friendly too as you can repurpose scrap metals into beautiful home decoration and furniture. With some creativity and DIY skills (and of course, your trusty Everlast welder), you can create stunning interior designs. You can begin by creating something small, or you can take the total revamp of your interiors into your own hands. When you know how to cut and weld and have the right welder to do the job, great interior design will be easy peasy!

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