Safety and Style in the Workplace? Why Cool Welding Helmets Are Your New Work Must-Haves

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January 10, 2022

For most people, welding is not a very interesting activity at first glance. It’s simply just putting together some pieces of metal. Nonetheless, it’s an integral part of constructing things we use in our daily lives.

You know how difficult the welding process gets if you’re a welding enthusiast. Besides the tricky problems regarding the standard operation, challenges concerning safety arise while doing the job. They are caused by exposure to hot metal, UV radiation, sparks, etc.

Thus, welders must always wear safety equipment like gloves, face shields, helmets, and heat-resistant covers. However, just because you have to do hard work while wearing all this equipment doesn’t mean you can’t look rad. Looking badass while ensuring your safety is possible with cool welding helmet designs!

Here are four reasons these badass welding helmets are becoming popular must-haves!

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4 Reasons Cool Welding Helmets Are Becoming a Trend

They ensure your safety

Even though they are customized to make you look and feel cool, badass welding helmets are mainly crafted to ensure your safety while handling dangerous materials. This is because exposure to heat, radiation, splashes, and sparks can cause a serious toll on your health and safety.

For instance, the bright light and sparks given off by welding can cause eye-related health concerns like vision loss. In addition, the process of metal fabrication can put you at risk of burns and even skin cancer due to radiation and toxic gasses. Thus, having the right custom welding helmet and using it properly by following instructions can save you from accidents and health hazards.

They provide extra comfort while working

By wearing the coolest welding helmets, you can work with intense heat and brightness without squinting your eyes or feeling too uncomfortable. You can even attach welding accessories to them, such as welding helmet fans for ventilation. Thus, you won’t have to stop working intermittently due to discomfort. 

You can save a lot of time and stay comfortable while working with the best welding helmet.

They improve your work performance

It is difficult to work with bright, hot materials when working with powerful welding machines. This requires you to wear equipment that will make it possible to handle such things under harsh conditions. Welding helmets aid you in performing your tasks and ensuring that your work is done properly.

There are customizable auto-darkening welding helmets you can find in the market. An auto-darkening welding helmet is a great upgrade to a passive helmet with a passive lens. That is because you don’t need to keep lifting your helmet to check on your progress and lower it back on your face to start welding again. 

The auto-darkening welding helmet has an LCD electronic shutter, and it can detect the brightness and sparks emitted by the welding arc. This feature allows the LCD to darken automatically, making it more convenient and safer to use. In addition, its lens shade will automatically protect your eyes from the brightness of the welding arc and the splashes caused by the welding process.

They make you look and feel badass

Who says you have to look plain when working with heat and metals? You can absolutely wear a stylish welding hood without sacrificing your safety, comfort, and performance. There are even manufacturers that allow you to customize the coolest welding helmet of your preference!

Wearing a custom welding helmet will not only make you look cool but also make you feel badass. When you enjoy how you look while working, it will give you the confidence and motivation to do well and get your tasks done faster. Of course, you get the standard amount of safety, too! What is better than a hood that ensures all of these?

cool welding helmets-2 – customized auto darkening welding helmet

What to Consider When Buying a Cool Welding Helmet

Fit and Comfort

Since you are wearing your welding helmet for long periods, the fit is crucial for you to comfortably work with it. You don’t want to have the coolest-looking welding helmet but feel hindered by it. Therefore, its design should have a balanced weight distribution and many adjustable points for a custom fit. Additionally, it should have soft head and neck covers to make sure you won’t feel any discomfort or experience any strain while using it.

Viewing Lens

It is very important to have a clear view of the weld, weld pool, and the area surrounding it while wearing your welding helmet. When your viewing lens offers optical clarity, you can make precise details and avoid making even the smallest mistakes on your welds.

Thus, you must choose the best welding helmet with a large viewing lens and high-quality optics to increase color contrast. The color technology will help you see what you are welding in high definition. Additionally, it will improve the overall quality of your welds.

Lens Performance

The lens of auto-darkening welding helmets should have arc sensors to detect the welding arc consistently. Thus, it should have precise photo-sensors that can detect flashes from all angles to ensure your eyes are protected throughout the welding process. There should also be settings for darkness shade and options for switching speeds. Thus, you can match them with your preferences and avoid eye strain.

Furthermore, your welding helmet should be marked for ANSI Z87.1 – 2003. With the American National Standards Institute and Society of Safety Engineers’ approval, you won’t have any problems with low-standard helmets risking your safety.

Power Source

There are a variety of power options available for welding helmets, so you need to pick one that works best for you. You can choose from helmets with replaceable lithium or AAA batteries to solar-powered ones.

With each option, you need to be mindful that battery-powered helmets need their batteries replaced regularly, and solar-powered helmets need to be fully charged. By ensuring these, you won’t have to worry about stopping in the middle of the welding process because of a low power source.

Final Thoughts

Welding helmets are vital gear for welders because they ensure their safety, comfort, and quality work performance. However, you don’t have to limit your welding helmet choices as a welder. There are various choices that offer all the essential qualities of a welding helmet but give you extra freedom to select a customized design.

Having a badass welding hood without sacrificing performance will make you feel more confident in your work. Therefore, it’s a great way to revamp your welding experience, so if you’re thinking of getting the best cool welding helmet, what are you waiting for? Purchase yours now and enjoy making the best welds!

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