Stick welders are a great choice for DIY mechanics, metal fabricators, and casual homeowners looking to add a little flair to their garden gate or driveway gates. These machines can produce strong welds on various types of metal, including steel and iron. The user simply applies a stick of filler rod as they work, making it easy to learn. 

A stick welder is likely your best option if you are new to the world of do-it-yourself home improvement and are looking for a welder that can take care of minor repairs around the house. They are user-friendly, affordable, and portable, all in one package. 

So whether you're tackling small or even bigger repairs, keep reading to know our thoughts on this tiny but mighty stick welder. 

TIG or Stick Welding?

If you want to get into metal sculpting or jewelry making, then a TIG welder might be the way to go. Of course, it is more expensive than a stick welder and requires training before you can use it properly, but it will allow you to create amazing pieces of art from scratch instead of just fixing things around your home.

If you've been considering welding as a hobby but don't want to invest in expensive equipment until you know how much time you'll spend with it, stick welders are probably the tool for you.

Of course, like any other tool, not all stick welders are created equal. So, which product in the market is our pick? Which is the best of the best?

Best of Both Worlds: 2019 Everlast PowerARC

What if you want the flexibility that stick provides and the power of a TIG welder? In our last roundup of 10 Best 110V Stick Welders, we talked about the 2019 Everlast PowerARC. We commended it for its "versatility, small size, and TIG capability." 

Here are our full thoughts on this tiny yet mighty stick welding machine:

Small Size, Big Capability

If you are looking for the best stick welder with a TIG capability, the 2019 Everlast PowerARC is a great choice. With its portability, ease of use and maintenance, affordability, and versatility, this little welder has quickly become one of the most popular welders for hobbyists and professionals alike.

With dual voltage power of 110v/220v, the 2019 Everlast PowerARC may be used for both DIY and heavy-duty projects. In addition, it is small and lightweight, weighing only 25 pounds, making it easy to transport and store. A clamp and a 6-foot cable are included in the box. You can, however, easily modify the length to meet your specific needs.

TIG Capacity

This welder is an excellent device that includes everything you require in a welding machine. Despite being built like a stick welder, it has TIG capability. On any metal, this stick welding machine makes precise and clean slices.


This is a good deal if you are looking for an affordable stick welder that will serve you well in the home garage or on light professional jobs. 

There are a lot of stick welders available on Amazon from different price points. Unfortunately, some of them are just a waste of money. This is one of the reasons why it is hard to purchase a piece of equipment online, especially for those just starting. 

The 2019 Everlast PowerARC proves that it is not just for welders with no prior experience but also for hobbyists and professionals alike.

If you are interested in the benefits and drawbacks of owning a 2019 Everlast PowerARC small stick welder machine, check the list below.


Green small welder from Everlast Canada



Stick welders are a great option for your home garage, especially those that offer the capabilities of a TIG welder. Whether you're an occasional hobbyist or a professional welder, the 2019 Everlast PowerARC is easy to use, easy to maintain and set up, and small enough to store in the corner of your shop or take on the go. 

We hope this article will assist you in selecting the best small stick welder for your needs. Welding Buddy inspires and educates the welders of today and tomorrow. Check out our buying guides to know which equipment you should be eyeing next for your welding jobs. 

A sudden power outage is frustrating when you're in the middle of tasks. If your place has constant power interruptions, having a portable power station will come in handy. Your tools and appliances can run on the electricity produced by these generator machines.

So we've picked the best generator for individuals who use it daily. This generator can run different construction tools like cutters, welding machines, and torches. Consequently, you can continue working even without a power source. Let's take a more detailed review of the Champion Power 4500-watt inverter. 

What Is an Inverter Generator? 

As a backup power source, inverter generators are relatively new on the market. A conventional generator is still reliable for the longest time. Still, inverters are more efficient and consistent than traditional ones. Here are some practical differences between inverter generators that make them a better choice. 

champion 4500-watt portable inverter generator

Features of the Champion Power 4500-Watt Inverter Portable Generator

Let's get into detail with this inverter generator review to know if it's worth the purchase. 

Output Ports 

The Champion 4500-watt power equipment generator is equipped with 120V AC 3-prong receptacles, a USB port, and a 12V DC outlet for RVs and automobiles. The generator receptacles are standard, so you won't need to use adapters. Furthermore, the generator outlets have covers to protect them from external damage. 

Dual Fuel Feature 

This inverter can run on gasoline and propane, which makes it convenient because these fuel options are easily available anywhere. 

The generator dual fuel feature also has an impressive tank capacity. The generator can hold up to 2.4 gallons of gasoline, which is equivalent to 14 hours of running power working at 25% capacity. With a 20-pound propane tank, the generator has a run time of 21 hours. You can use the machine for almost one whole day at this capacity. 

Furthermore, you can double the power of your Champion generator by purchasing a set of parallel kits. Champion parallel kits are cheaper alternatives instead of buying another generator for more power. 

Engine Specifications 

The Champion 4500-watt generator has a 212cc 4-stroke engine. There are two ways to start the generator. The first one is the more traditional method using the manual recoil. One to two pulls should do the trick to start your generator. 

The second approach is easier to use and more practical. The machine features an electric start with EZ dial, which starts engine operations with a single and smooth twist. Furthermore, there are options to configure the engine speed depending on the power requirement. 

These configurations also come with benefits. It can decrease fuel consumption and lessen engine noise and wear, ultimately leading to a long-lasting generator. 

Ease of Use 

Let's say you need to change the oil to use your generator. You don't need to run to a service station. The generator has an oil panel that is easily accessible and removable for easy oil changing. No need for a tool to remove the oil panel. Simply flip the dial lock, and it will come right off. 

The battery is located on the opposite side of the generator, along with the air filters, spark plug, and carburetor. All the battery connections are labeled, so you won't have to guess where the cords go. The battery is also easily accessible, so no need to remove the whole battery panel to make configurations. 

Champion Power Equipment Features 

The brand added some features which make the Champion power equipment different from other inverter generators. First, the machine comes with a wireless remote. This wireless feature is rare on generators. You can turn on and off your generator up to 80 feet away. 

The generator has a power meter where you can easily check the frequency, voltage, and machine run time. It also features an economy mode that analyses the machine power usage to assess the engine's wear and tear. 

Lastly, Champion provides a 3-year limited warranty for all their models and a lifetime technical assistance from the brand's experts. 

open frame portable inverter generator

Drawbacks of the Champion Power 4500-Watt Inverter Portable Generator 

The 4500-watt Champion generator has many impressive features and is a must-have backup power supply. But before running to spend your hard-earned money on this generator, you may want to know the potential drawback you may encounter with this generator. 

Price Point 

Generally, inverter generators are more expensive than standard generators, so be ready to spend a few hundred dollars. The Champion 4500-watt model comes with a hefty price tag of $830. You may want to consider other brand models, like the Champion 3400-watt inverter generator. 

The lower running watts, the lesser the price. Check out their other models to see what suits your needs and budget. 

Frame and Noise Reduction 

You can hear the difference between the standard generator and this inverter. However, many users say that, as an inverter, it still produces a significant noise level. Other inverter generators are quieter compared to this brand. 

Also, the Champion 4500-watt model does not have an open frame design. Open frame designs are more efficient in preventing the generator from overheating. It is also convenient for accessing panels and switches. Although the cover gives an extra layer of protection, some users find it a nuisance. 


Is the Champion 4500-watt inverter generator a worthy candidate for a home backup power supply? We'll give this brand a thumbs-up. It has a power outlet compatible with devices around the household, power tools, and for automobiles. More so, it can run to different fuel types and has a wireless remote that is rare for generators. 

This inverter generator is worth the investment. But if you still want to consider other brands to expand your choice, we got you! Head on to our blogs for inverter generator reviews and other reviews on construction tools like welding machines, safety gears, and accessories.

In addition to helmets, a welder needs other equipment to be fully protected from head to toe. From the helmet, suit, jacket, gloves, and down to the boots, each protective gear should be able to withstand the harsh conditions of welding. 

Welding boots are one of the most overlooked safety equipment for welders. Just because you don't use your feet when welding doesn't mean they do not need protection. We searched the marketplace for the best safety boots for welding and found Timberland PRO, which features a wide range of protective footwear

We'll closely inspect the Timberland PRO Powerwelt Wellington Boots, look at its features, and know why this is a must-have for every welder. 

Important Things to Look for in Welding Boots 

Your casual sneakers or fanciest boots may not pass as safety shoes for welding. Welding boots are specialized shoes designed to protect individuals in the welding profession. When purchasing protective boots, here are some considerations you should note of. 

timberland pro powerwelt wellington
Source: https//

Introducing the Timberland Powerwelt Wellington Boots 


The line of Timberland footwear is one of the best and most preferred by customers. Let's look at the Powerwelt Wellington boots and see why it's worth getting a pair. 

100% Leather 

Tough jobs need tough shoes. So the Timberland Powerwelt Wellington shoes are 100% leather. The footwear uses Ever-Guard leather, which is abrasion-resistant and extremely durable, making the boots long-lasting. 

It's also full-grain leather from the top of the animal hide and produces the best leather for footwear. The boots have a mid-calf design, ensuring wider protection for your feet and lower legs. 

Comfortable Boots

Comfort is key in the design of the Timberland boots. First, the leather is soft and comfortable to the skin and won't cause irritations after a long day. The boots have a contoured Ortholite footbed for ultimate cushioning, providing comfort for individuals who stand all the time. 

The special foam adapts to the contours of your feet and specifically targets pressure points like the arch and heels to prevent any pain. 

Construction-Centered Shoe Design 

The boots have electrical hazard features that protect you from electric shocks, which are perfect for individuals who work with high-voltage machines. In addition, the boots are oil-resistant and have anti-slip soles, so they help you be stable in slippery situations. 

Timberland also features Ladder Lock technology sole design, which gives extra support for workers who use ladders or climb on edges. In addition, the soles give extra gripping power to ensure your fall or slip on your steps. 

Finally, the boots are 100% waterproof. You can use these boots indoors, outdoors, or in any weather. 

PowerFit Comfort Technology 

The Timberland Powerwelt Wellington is made with Goodyear welt construction, dubbed as the gold standard for shoes among footwear aficionados. Only 1% of shoes produced around the globe have Goodyear welt construction. 

It has been popular because of its extreme durability. Even if you abuse your shoes, you won't need to worry. It will last you decades. 

The boots also have an antimicrobial lining to keep your feet fresh and prevent foul odors. It also has a pull-on design for convenience on and off. It's a great advantage that these boots have no laces because they can catch fire from sparks from welding

Steel Toe Boots and Wide Sizing 

The steel toe feature is one of the most outstanding features of these protective boots for welding. The steel toe cap protects you from potentially falling heavy objects which can crush your feet and cause injuries. Even with the steel toe protection, the boots do not crowd your toes together, thus avoiding irritation. 

Furthermore, the Timberland PRO Powerwelt Wellington has a wide range of sizes. They are available in sizes 7 to 15 and in a wide option. These boots cater to a wide range of feet sizes, so every welder gets high-quality boots for welding. 

worn out boots for welding and construction


The Timberland Powerwelt Wellington sounds like the best welding boots you can get, but it's also important to see its potential drawbacks. Following are some disadvantages of Timberland footwear that you should be aware of before making a purchase.

Not Completely Fireproof

There is no clear description of the Timberland Powerwelt Wellington being fireproof. Although the boots are made from leather with natural fireproof properties, other boots for welding are tailored with other materials and chemicals for a better fireproof feature. 

In addition, the Powerwelt Wellington boots can withstand only a specific amount of heat, so be mindful when working with extreme heat. 


The Timberland PRO Powerwelt Wellington boots are made from premium materials and crafted from high-quality construction. As a result, these boots come with an expensive price tag. Its starting price is $180 for the smallest size. The bigger and wider shoes you get, the more expensive the welding boots. 

There are cheaper options that cost twice as less as these boots. If your budget is a little tight, you may want to consider other brands that won't break the bank. 

Final Verdict 

Overall protective equipment for welding is necessary for every welder. Welding accidents have roots in improper welding equipment, even if you're skilled and experienced. The Timberland PRO Powerwelt Wellington is one of the best welding boots out there. These boots are specifically designed for welding and packed with protective features. If you want more in-depth reviews of safety gears—boots for welding, welding helmets, welding gloves, and other accessories, don't forget to subscribe to our blogs.

It is no secret that welding can be a dangerous profession. Welders are constantly exposed to many dangers, including fires, explosions, and health hazards. Good thing experts have designed ways to minimize and even prevent those risks.

Welders and construction workers rely on their safety equipment to perform flawlessly every time – and that is why the Waylander Svalinn welder's blanket for a smoker is a valuable accessory for your protection. 

In this detailed review, we will take a closer look at what makes this welding blanket great and some of its key features and benefits. Let's explore! 

Waylander Svalinn Welding Blanket Smoker Cover: Under a Microscope

Waylander welding blanket in black

Waylander Welding has been fabricating safety apparel and welding blankets for years. They are created for welders and tested by welders. So rest assured, their products are made for safety in all welding conditions. 

Like all of their products, the Waylander welding blankets are specialized heat-resistant materials that protect you and your welding station from the extreme heat and sparks produced during welding. Check out the Svalinn welder's blanket for a smoker in detail. 

Fiberglass Blanket

Welding can easily damage your furniture and other objects nearby. You can easily ignite a fire with weld splatters and sparks, and the intense heat can cause serious burns, from flash burns to third-degree burns. 

Take extra precautions when welding with Waylander fiberglass blanket. Thanks to its high heat resistance, fiberglass fabric can withstand temperatures up to 1,000 degrees Fahrenheit. This makes it an ideal choice for welding blankets, which protect nearby workers and equipment from the intense heat of the welding process. 

Dual-Side Vermiculite Treatment 

On top of using a fiberglass fabric for fire protection, Waylander also uses vermiculite as another layer of protection. Vermiculite is a type of mineral that can withstand high temperatures. 

Thus, the Svalinn welding blanket can put out flames up to 1,400 degrees Fahrenheit with the combination of fiberglass and vermiculite.

Reinforced Kevlar Stitching

Kevlar thread is a high-strength, heat-resistant material used in a variety of applications. Its strength and heat resistance make it ideal for fire-resistant clothing, reinforcing tires, and making bulletproof vests. 

In addition, Kevlar does not break down in high heat, making it ideal for even aerospace and automotive applications. Waylanderuses Kevlar to stitch the ends of their welding blanket. Thanks to this flame-retardant material, the Syvalinn became the ultimate flame-proof material. 

Strengths of the Waylander Welder's Blanket 

Thermoplastic helmets, layered-leather gloves, and five level shades are many of the safety gear a welder must possess. The Waylander welder's blanket is a valuable protection for your safety and your surroundings. 

Here are the many reasons why the Waylander Syvalinn welders blanket for a smoker is a must-buy. 

Multi-Purpose Fire and Smoke Retardant 

Welding involves using high temperatures to melt metal, producing a lot of smoke. The Waylander blanket helps deflect the heat away from the welder and blocks out the smoke. This allows welders to work safely without inhaling harmful byproducts coming from their welds.

But you can use it for many other applications, despite it being called a welding blanket for a smoker. 

Skin-Friendly Protection

Blankets with fiberglass have a harsher feel to them because they easily harden up when exposed to high temperatures. But due to infused Vermiculite, the Waylander blanket became tolerable for body protection. This makes the blanket low-irritant to the skin.  

Brass Grommets for Flexible Positioning 

While most grommets for welding blankets are metal, a brass grommet offers several advantages over other materials. Regarding thermal conductivity, a brass grommet is far more conductive than stainless steel or metal, making them less likely to break or tear. 

At first glance, brass grommets might not seem essential to a welder's blanket. However, these metal eyelets serve an important purpose: they give you the flexibility to hang the blanket in various ways. 

Whether you are using it to cover up your table or furniture, the grommets allow you to easily change the way the blanket is laid out. 

Reusable Safety Gear

Waylander tops its competitors due to its long lifespan. Due to its reinforced hem and dual heat-retardant materials, this welding blanket will last for many years, making it an excellent investment for any workshop. 

They are also much more convenient than disposable welding blankets, making them a cheaper option in the long run. 

Weakness of the Waylander Welding Blanket  

Waylander welding blanket in beige

The Svalinn welding blanket comes in three different sizes: 

At 6 ft by 6 ft, this welder's blanket is the perfect size for small welding projects. It is also large enough to cover an average height welder. However, other welders have larger welding equipment and space to cover, so sometimes, they end up buying two 6' x 6' Waylander blankets instead of one. 

We hope in the future Waylander can give larger sizes, so their welding blankets have extra cover for accidental fires. Having an 8' x 8' blanket will give Waylander a more competitive edge against other welding blanket brands.  

Waylander's Welding Blanket Can Handle the Heat

So, is the Waylander Svalinn welder's blanket a good investment for your safety needs? 

Overall, it is an excellent product that can help you fight fire with fiberglass and vermiculite. The skin-friendly fabric and brass grommets make it flexible and easy to use, while the multi-purpose fire and smoke retardant quality make it a valuable piece of safety gear. 

If you need more protection than this blanket can cover, check out our other reviews and buying guides at Welding Buddy to make perfect welds without slag!

Lincoln MIG welding machines are superior and reliable. That is why you will see many skillful welders use these machines and finish their projects with the highest quality.

If you are one of those MIG fabricators, try your expertise on a Lincoln welder. We are lining up some of the Lincoln MIG machines known to be reliable. Examine the 4 of them and see what suits your style.

1. The Power MIG 210 Multi-Process Lincoln Electric MIG Welder




Want to get more in-depth information? You can explore this review of the Lincoln Power MIG 210 here

If you are ready to get the Power MIG 210, check out this Amazon listing.

2. The Lincoln Electric Handy MIG Welder K2185-1




If you want to take a further look at this machine, check out this review of the Lincoln Handy Welder here

If you are ready to get this Handy MIG welder for your home use, you can visit this Amazon listing.

3. The Lincoln 180 MIG Welder




This Lincoln model is heavy-duty, and with that comes better durability. You can check out the Lincoln 180 review here if you want to know more about it. 

When you are ready to get this machine, visit this Lincoln 180 Amazon listing.

4. The Lincoln 140 MIG Welder 




The Lincoln 140 yields standard, high-quality welds on any project. For more details about this welder, you can check out the Lincoln 140 review here.

On the other hand, if you think this machine is what you need, go to this Lincoln 140 Amazon listing.

The Practical Choice: Power MIG 210 Lincoln MIG Welder

Of all the Lincoln MIG welder models, the Power MIG 210 is the one that offers a lot to any individual welder. Whether you are an entry-level or a welding pro, you will benefit from this machine's multiprocess feature. Lastly, being able to carry your MIG welder anywhere is a useful feature to have.We hope you enjoyed this brief showcase of Lincoln MIG welding machines. If you are looking for more brand-specific reviews like this, explore our blogs. We have reviews of branded machines and welding equipment to help you make the best decision. Find what you need on our website.

Are you in the market for a new welder? Purchasing a specialized welder like a gasless MIG welder can help you diversify your metal fabrication equipment. Having such kind of welder at your disposal opens up a whole world of possibilities in terms of metal fabrication. If you wish to work outdoors, a flux core welding machine will be your best friend.

But looking for one can be time-consuming. Why not save yourself from reading endless product reviews? In this article, we list down some of our best picks and answers to your questions about gasless MIG welding or flux core welding.

What Is The Best Gasless MIG Welder?

1. Forney Easy Weld 261

At a glance:

What to Love

What to Dislike

2. Etosha MIG 160

At a glance:

What to Love

What to Dislike

3. Simder MIG 140G

At a glance:

What to Love

What to Dislike

4. Yeswelder MIG-205DS

At a glance:

What to Love

What to Dislike

Frequently Asked Questions (FAQ)

Can You Weld Aluminium With A Gasless MIG Welder?

Yes, both gas and gasless MIG welders (like the Draper gas/gasless MIG welder) can weld aluminum. However, the welds that gasless MIG welding (with aluminum) produces will be less secure compared to those made by a gas welder.

Is Gasless MIG Welding Any Good?

The answer depends on what you want to use the welder for. If you plan on using a welder for quick repairs out in the field, welding with a gasless MIG welder is the way to go.

Final Thoughts

Our best picks for welders for gasless welding consist of candidates from different price brackets. For instance, the most expensive option on our list is a jack-of-all-trades welder. Meanwhile, the cheapest one is a single-process yet very reliable gasless welder. Take your pick among any of these options. While you are at it, complement your purchase with safety gear and other welding accessories to protect you from welding-related injuries!

Welders like you are more prone to developing ocular melanoma and arc eye because of your work. So, wearing the best welding helmet for eye protection is required for welders and employers. 

Welding helmets have different designs, but all are made to protect your eyes from sparks and other flying debris. There are also different welding helmets, including auto-darkening. 

In this article, we'll check out four of the best auto-darkening welding helmets. This roundup review will help you decide faster amid all the excellent options. Let's start!

1. Kobalt Welding Helmet

Lens Features

The Kobalt auto-darkening welding helmet uses lens shade level 5-13, which ensures that you get the right protection for your eyes depending on the welding activity you are engaged in. The lens adjusts at 1/20,000th speed, so eye flash burns are kept at bay. 

Even when you work in tight spaces, you can have a good view of the piece you are working in because of the 3.94” x 3.66” viewing area. 

Comfort and Aesthetics

Aside from the eyes, the Kobalt welding helmet headgear also protects the face and neck from metal sparks and spatters. Among the many helmets sold, this one will stand out because of its cool and catchy design—a black base with lightning bolts.



2. YesWelder LYG-L500A True Color Helmet

Lens Features

With the YesWelder welding helmet, you won't see only shades of green but the true colors of the metal, the sparks, and everything in between. The helmet has variable shades of 9-13. You can clearly see your workpiece and welding area because of the lens size of 3.64” x 1.67”. 

The YesWelder helmet uses manual control to adjust the helmet's light sensitivity and delays. You can set it accordingly for TIG, MIG, or Stick welding. 

Comfort and Aesthetics

If you seek exciting helmet designs, you'll find them with the LYG-L500A. You can have the classic pitch-black helmet, the one designed with lightning bolts and another with red flames. 



3. Antra AH6-660-6104 Large Viewing Welding Helmet

Lens Features

With the Antra AH6-660-6140, your eyes are protected from radiation and metal splatters because of its passive filter and double layers of auto-darkening LCD shutter. After setting the shade and speed, the helmet adjusts accordingly using its super-fast switching technology after the LCD detects light from the weld. 

After triggering the auto shade, you can clearly view the material you are working on because of the helmet's 3.86” x 2.50” lens viewing area. 

Comfort and Aesthetics

The large viewing area also keeps your posture, especially the neck, free from pain—no difficult neck tilts needed. The Antra helmet also does not fall short of six available helmet designs.



4. Tooliom TL-21800F Large Viewing, True Color Helmet

Lens Features

To use the Tooliom TL-21800F welding helmet for eye protection, set the external sensitivity delay and shade adjustment knobs outside the helmet. This way, the helmet can auto-darken once it detects welding light. 

Because of the helmet's True Color technology, you'll have extra eye comfort seeing everything in real color instead of green hues. 

Comfort and Aesthetics

You can add a cheater or magnifying lens to the Tooliom TL-21800F to get a clearer view of the material you are working with. The Tolliom helmet is also breathable and sweat-absorbing, ensuring you can focus as you work.



5. ESAB Sentinel A50 Infinitely Adjustable Helmet

Lens Features

With the ESAB Sentinel A50's LCD touchscreen panel, you can accurately and conveniently adjust the shade and delay settings of the helmet. So, when you start welding, the lens will auto-darken to protect your eyes

On top of this, the spherical shape of the lens will allow you to see your workpiece. Not to mention, the helmet also has a large viewing area measuring 3.93” x 2.36”. 

Comfort and Aesthetics

If you are looking for classic helmet designs, you'll find the ESAB Sentinel A50 extremely appealing. Its yellow lens stands out from the helmet's pitch-black shell. For a comfortable fit, utilize the helmet's infinitely adjustable five-point contact headgear feature. 



Protect Your Eyes With The Correct Welding Helmet

The eyes are an essential part of the body that needs to be protected. As a welder, you need extra protection because you are exposed to harmful materials at work. You can do this by using the correct welding helmet for your needs.

We hope this roundup review helped you slim down your options. If you need more information about helmets, questions like who makes a Kobalt welding helmet, and other welding safety gears, check out our reviews and buying guides. You'll get more information from this site!

Choosing the appropriate cutting or styling equipment for your project can significantly impact the outcome. To achieve greater efficiency and safety in your welding process, you must be careful in selecting the appropriate cutting that can cut through metals.

Cutting torches typically generate positive pressure and are used at identical pressures of both acetylene and oxygen. These single-hole copper-alloy tips are connected to a torch grip that has a mixer. It then combines the fuel with the oxygen, similar to how a car fuel system blends gas and air.

Read on and learn the cutting torches and tips you can use for your next welding project.

Oxy-Fuel Welding and Cutting

The oxy-fuel welding or oxy welding is a method of utilizing fuel gases and oxygen to cut and weld metals. Oxy-fuel has been considered one of the oldest welding and cutting techniques, and acetylene is the most commonly used fuel gas for this process.

Torch tips are very important for cutting, heating, gouging, and brazing and are usually made from tellurium copper with a precision swaged calibrated orifice. There are many types of regular and special cutting tips and welding nozzles.

Take note that the Purox cutting torch tips are the most well-known design used by most professionals. Here are some cutting tips you can acquire from Amazon and Harbor Freight cutting torch tools.

1. Victor Cutting Torch 0381-1621 ST900FC

This torch comes from ESAB, a well-known brand for budget-friendly welding equipment and accessories. ESAB has a selection suitable for your oxy-fuel welding and cutting project, like the Purox type E cutting torch and Victor 0381-1621 ST900FC Torch Assembly. Both are designed for maximum and medium industrial use. ESAB also has the essential Purox cutting torch parts.



2. 10 Pieces ABN Oxygen & Acetylene Torch Kit

Here comes another budget-friendly yet heavy-duty cutting tip—the ABN torch kit. It is a well-known provider in the market and the #1 option for several professionals.

The ABN oxygen and acetylene torch kit is highly accurate that can be used for brazing and soldering, among its many other functionalities. You can create a neutral flame using the cutting torch kit, which is responsible for producing carbon dioxide. It also cleanses the air from the molten weld pool for easier cutting and welding.

The cutting torch tips are made of brass, giving them high performance and toughness. The pack contains a torch handle with regulator valve knobs, an oxygen regulator, an acetylene regulator, brass joints, a variety of small welding and cutting pieces of equipment and attachments needed for the job, a tip cleaner, and a storage case. 



3. TOAUTO Heavy Duty Oxygen Propane/Acetylene Cutting Torch with Propane Tip

The TOAUTO Oxygen Propane/Acetylene Cutting Torch with Propane Tip is a heavy-duty cutting torch that can be used as a substitute for nearly every torch. It can also outperform some of the most well-known cutting torches. 

It's one of the best torches on Amazon and comes with a torch handle, cutting torch, and propane torch tip. So you can effectively complete heavy-duty tasks with assurance and accuracy.

This torch is intended for all oxy-fuel uses, but it is most commonly used with oxy-acetylene mixtures. It's built with quality components and delivers a smooth and precise cut and weld. You can also modify the flame's width and length.



The Best Purox Cutting Torch with the Best Tips

So what's the best among the three cutting torches

We highly recommend the ABN cutting torch set! It is affordable, can do different welding processes, and allows you to select the level and heat of flame you want in a project. Though all products on our list have pros and cons, the set from ABN can deliver the kind of quality you can expect from a cutting torch and its tips.

Keep learning and be updated with Welding Buddy! We have information that will surely satisfy you as a welding enthusiast. Explore our site and read our latest reviews!

Welding with a 110-volt MIG machine is fun, but you want more. You've been practicing with the machine for a long time and know all the tricks. Plus, the machine is getting old and needs a replacement anyway. Yet, you don't want to part with what you're used to.

That's why we're reviewing this perfect welder replacement for you. Here are the specs and features of the Hobart Handler 210 MVP—a machine that doubles up your current one.

Hobart Handler 210 MVP Specs Overview

The Hobart Handler 210 MVP promises a welding machine beyond what a typical 110 MIG Welder can offer. Here's an overview of what you can expect under this Hobart MIG rig's hood.

Welding Process: MIG, Flux Core
Voltage Input: 115/230 volts
Amp Range: 115V @ 25 - 140 , 230V @ 25 - 210
Wire Feed Speed: 40 - 680 inches per minute
Duty Cycle: 20% @ 90 amps
Weight: 79 pounds / 35 kilos
Dimensions: H 12.03" x L 19.5" x 10.06"

Hobart Handler 210 MVP's Features Double-Up

Hobart Handler MVP is a 110-volt welder's hefty competition. While some of these MIG welders offer only singular features, the Handler doubles it. Here are some of the qualities that prove Hobart Handler 210 delivers twice the MIG machine abilities you expect it to have.

Dual Process

You can switch the Hobart Handler processes to either metal inert gas (MIG) welding or flux-cored wire welding (FCAW). This multiprocess welder expands the kind of metals and projects you can work on.

Dual Spool Hubs

With Hobart Handler, you can enjoy dual hub capabilities for your solid wire spools. The machine can accommodate spools that are 4 or 8 inches in diameter. This enables you to load plenty of wire varieties that fit the MIG and FCAW welds you're working on.

Dual Voltage

Hobart Handler has improved welding power. You can still enjoy the capacity of a 110-v welder, but your machine can also take in 115 up to 230 volts. This puts your mind at ease because the machine can be plugged into most electrical sockets.

Dual Gun Compatible

A typical MIG welding machine is only compatible with a MIG welding gun. Additionally, these guns are specifically designed for MIG use and nothing else. 

Hobart Handler 210 MVP allows you to plug in not just the welding gun but also a spool gun. So if you're having a tough time working metals like stainless steel or aluminum, you can switch to a spool gun in a heartbeat.

What Else Can Hobart Handler 210 MVP Offer?

Apart from the welder offering twice the expected features, Hobart Handler has more benefits. Anyone who wants to work with this machine can expect the following highlights of this MIG equipment.

Controls Are Effortless

Some welding machines can be a challenge to operate because of complicated controls. With Hobart, it's effortless.

Hobart has a total of three switches. You have the voltage and amperage knobs on the front panel. At the machine's back is the on/off switch. It's simple enough that even newbie welders can work with it.

You Get a Built-in Settings Guide

To match the simplicity of controls, Hobart designed the 210 MVP with a built-in guide as a follow-through. You get a chart that gives you the correct settings for the type of wire, metal, and gas you will work on.

It Can Make Welding Aluminum a Blast

It's amazing that Hobart 210 MVP is designed to have a ready port and is built with the right circuitry that makes using a spool gun desirable. Imagine having the right power capacity and tool to take on a delicate ¼-inch aluminum without any trouble. 

Expected Improvements to the Next Hobart Models

As much as we want the Hobart to give us twice of everything it can offer, there are limitations. With the welder's budget in mind, the manufacturer had to dial down on some aspects of the machine.

But perhaps in the next set of Hobart 210 MVP models, we'll see some improvements while maintaining its current price point.

Weight Reduction

Hobart MIG machine's weight is relative to the power it brings. Yet lifting a 79-pound machine can be quite a workout, especially if you're not used to it.

It would be better if Hobart would reduce the weight without sacrificing the features so welders can carry this machine anywhere in their workshop or outside.

Increase the Duty Cycle

Hobart MVP's duty cycle will work for projects where you can take your time. 20% is enough for most home or DIY MIG and FCAW welding. On the other hand, if you're an expert in making end-to-end weld passes without a sweat, you may find these duty cycle specs lacking.

Welders will appreciate an additional 30% to 40% increase on the duty cycle on the next model. This will bring the Hobart 210 MVP among the ranks of superstar MIG rigs.

Add-Ons for Your Hobart Handler 210 MVP

If you want an upgrade to your Hobart Handler, get a dedicated spool gun. This tool will let you work on aluminum workpieces and load up wires with ease and precision.

Hobart offers its spool gun called the SpoolRunner 100. Sometimes, it will be included in the package when you get the 210 MVP. Otherwise, getting the separate tool also offers its own cool accessories that enhance your Hobart Handler's aluminum welding potential.

A 110V Welder, But Better

Hobart Handler is an amazing replacement for your old 110 mig welder. You will ease into it well because it can operate on the 110-volt capacity. Hobart will still let you have all the fun you used to have playing with your old MIG toy, but it gives you the option to double up if you're ready to take that leap. So take a peek at the Hobart Handler 210 MVP here. More awesome MIG rigs are in the lineup when you check our blogs. Be ready for more awe-inspiring welding machines that will have you thinking about the wide possibilities of welding as a hobby. Come check them out on our website.

Welders understand the importance of safety in their profession. If there is one piece of equipment that is often disregarded when it comes to safety, it is pants. 

Some welders, believe it or not, still wear conventional pants when welding. They have no idea that specific pants made for welding can provide an extra layer of protection against sparks and other hazards associated with the trade.

If you are still unsure about the type of welding trousers to wear, learn more about their importance and what best welding pants to pick for your safety and protection.

Risks and Dangers Associated With Welding

According to the National Institute for Occupational Safety and Health (NIOSH), welding is one of the most hazardous occupations in the United States. Some of the specific dangers associated with welding include:

Welding is a dangerous job. Keep in mind that welding equipment is vital to the welding process. Without suitable welding equipment, health risks and severe injuries are more likely to be present.

The Importance of Welding Safety Gear

Welding safety equipment is non-negotiable for any welder. It shields you from the strong heat and sparks produced by welding and the damaging UV rays created by the welding arc. Furthermore, welding safety equipment limits the danger if you come into touch with the welding arc by accident.

Here are some common welding safety equipment that you need and how they protect you:

Welding safety equipment are necessary for everyone who wants to weld safely.

In Focus: BOCOMAL Men's Cargo Pants for Welding 

BOCOMAL Men's Cargo Pants for Welding

Welders' safety should be prioritized; hence taking precautions is essential. Getting the appropriate gear for your welding activities is part of that safety. For example, you will need a nice pair of welding pants to be safe from the sparks and heat in your field.

The BOCOMAL Men's Cargo Welding Pants is the best pants for welding we can recommend. It is made of cotton and is treated with flame-resistant chemicals so you can safely work in your field.

Product Details

Here is some relevant information you need to know before purchasing this protective clothing for welding. 


Let's narrow down some of the best features of these best work pants to see if you will be impressed with their quality and value.

Elastic Waist Bands

The BOCOMAL Men's Cargo Welding Pants are the perfect choice when you need a pair that will move with you while working. It presents an elastic waistband for a secure and comfortable fit. Thus, no more baggy pants get in your way when you are trying to work!

Double Front on Knees

Nothing is more inconvenient than having your pants unhinge at the seams while you are on the job. But here in BOCOMAL, these welding pants are made with reinforced knees to prevent rips and tears.

Boot Cut Relaxed Fit

With BOCOMAL's boot cut relaxed fit to move around pants, you can have the best of both worlds. These good pants for welding provide a comfortable boot-cut leg opening that won't restrict your movement since they are easy to slip on and off over your boots.

Hook and Loop Closure

These best pants feature a comfortable hook and loop waist closure that won't come undone, even during the most strenuous work.

Cargo Pockets

The cargo pockets on the BOCOMAL's pants are spacious enough to contain all of your tools and welding accessories for good measure.

Flame-Resistant Material

These welding jeans are made with flame-resistant fabric, so you can rest assured that you'll be protected in an accident.


BOCOMAL men's cargo welding trousers have one possible downside, despite having several qualities that make them excellent for welding. Customers note that they do not fit true to size. Most say they are too long or too short for their bodies, so they are forced to alter the pants to fit snugly. 

Final Thoughts

Having the proper safety gear is critical if you weld or work in an environment where sparks and heat are a regular occurrence. While welding helmets and gloves get a lot of attention, welding pants are often underrated.

The BOCOMAL Men's Cargo Welding Pants is an amazing choice with many unnoticed qualities but with a downside. Ultimately, it is up to you if you want to alter the pants or look for another one. Nonetheless, it still works against safety and risks.

We hope this informative guide points out the importance of having safety welding equipment. If you want to explore other welding items—such as helmets, gloves, and boots, explore our full selection of welding reviews to find everything you need to stay safe while you weld.