A Rundown Of The Top 10 Best Budget Plasma Cutters
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Welding Buddy Experts
August 10, 2021

A Rundown Of The Top 10 Best Budget Plasma Cutters

Last updated ago
7 min read
Welding Buddy Experts
August 10, 2021
best budget plasma cutter
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best budget plasma cutter
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best budget plasma cutter
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If you are looking for a plasma cutter to buy, there are many options available in the market with various features. Due to the changing times, there are now new plasma cutter features, thanks to advanced technology, which you will surely love so you can choose the best budget plasma cutter and get the best results. Another best part is, you do not end up hurting your pockets.

But before buying one, do you already know the various uses of a plasma cutter? Below is a quick rundown of the uses of a plasma cutter in different settings.

Industrial Cutting

Have you ever observed different machines in factories? All of those will not be completed without the function of a plasma cutter.

For industrial use, a manual cutting method is not practical. If you wanna save up on cost, time, and effort, a cost-effective manufacturing is what you need. With plasma cutters, you can definitely cut metals faster and easier. Compared to saws or grinders, plasma cutters are more precise and have minimal errors. Remember, errors mean losses in industrial firms.

For such manufacturing, aesthetics, precision, quality, and speed are important. All of these factors are managed through a high technology plasma cutter. With it, overall production will be more efficient and effective.

Automotive Cutting

Are you an auto mechanic? Or is welding your hobby?

If you answer yes to either question, this plasma cutter is efficient for metal cutting so you can restore, repair, or customize your car. With this plasma cutter, you can remove automotive parts, cut bolts, prepare surfaces, and manufacture new components.

If you work in the automotive industry, take into consideration the weight and portability of the cutter. It is also important to choose a suitable model. Typically, a high-quality one is good for automotive since you will be cutting metals more than ½ inches.

Artwork Cutting

Metal artists have worked with conventional metal cutting in the past, which is ineffective. It does not produce the desired results and always works in limited performance.

If you are having mass production of metal art, it will be easier by using a high-quality plasma cutter. Also, revising artworks and applying themes to the work will not be possible without advanced technology.

Artists always have unlimited concepts in their minds. But sometimes, they are being limited by the lack of tools to do it. Fortunately, a plasma cutter can bring out all of the concepts and themes that artists have inside them. More specifically, a metal artist needs a high-end metal cutter, especially with the special functions of having precise cuts for art purposes.

Home Use

Try looking around your house. There will always be some parts that need repair or maintenance, which means a plasma cutter is highly reliable when it comes to plumbing, home welding repairs, general repairs of things like garage doors, and fabrication of certain fixtures.

What is important in buying a plasma cutter for home use is durability and ease of use. Durability is important for the long life span of every machine, so it is very important to maintain it properly to avoid damages.

Top 10 Best Cheap Plasma Cutter

Here are the most ideal and best inexpensive plasma cutters in the market with their basic features.

Ramsond CUT 50DX Air Plasma Cutters

The Ramsond Cut 50DX Air Plasma Cutters work efficiently in making sizable cuts. It has a faster cut rate compared to other plasma cutters, especially in severing thinner gauge. With it, you can cut through a ¾ inches thick plate or sever a 1-inch plate.

However, the Ramsond cutter does not have clean cuts and is hard to use when cutting fine lines. It chews more consumables compared to other plasma cutters, too. But with its price and features, it is still a good offer since it is small, affordable, and efficient in cutting large steel.

Miller Spectrum 625 X-Treme Plasma Cutter

For steady cutting, a Miller Spectrum 625 Plasma Cutter is a top choice. It works with an automatic air pressure regulation system which works to even out fluctuations in the air supply. Also, the 30-amp output can cut ⅜-inch steel, and the 27-amp cuts ¼-inch steel.

It also offers versatility as you can plug it anywhere with its dual-voltage input power. You can plug it in either 120-volt or 240-volt circuits. It is also easy to reach places that are hard to reach with its 12 feet torch connection and compact size.

For comfort and easy handling, it has a shoulder strap and an ergonomic torch, as well as a protective carrying case ideal for its protection.

SUNGOLDPOWER 50A Plasma Cutter

If you have a small budget for a plasma cutter, then the Sungoldpower 50A Plasma Cutter is suitable for you. Its price is really eye-catching and works with a nice cut up to 12 inches. It also has a minimal output power from 10 to 50 amps.

However, you should limit your output power to not higher than 35 amps because the machine struggles too much to make a clean cut, unlike other brands which can cut ⅝ and ⅞ inches with less amperage. Also, this cutter lacks technology that makes the cut accurate and clean.

While it is not a heavy-duty cutter, it can still work out for a home welder, which makes it a good deal for its price.

Lotos LTP5000D Plasma Cutter

Next on the list is the Lotus LTP500D Plasma Cutter. It offers a reasonable price with excellent performance and good cutting abilities. This is an all-around cutter since it can work well with stainless steel, aluminum, alloy steel, mild steel, and copper with non-hazardous compressed air.

It is also flexible and portable since it can be plugged with 220v or 100v power. It also has a non-touch Pilot arc and 50 Amp output that works to produce clean cutting.

Though the cable is relatively short, this plasma cutter is excellent with its overall performance as a versatile and flexible cutter.

Hypertherm Powermax30 XP Plasma Cutter

Looking for a versatile and a good inexpensive plasma cutter? The Hypertherm Powermax30 Plasma Cutter works in two functions for thick and thin metals with clean and perfect cuts.

Its durability is also undeniable as it can perform at high speed with precise cutting. This cutter is also suitable for a beginner or a home metal worker since it is easy to use and set up. Plus, it has a starter guide kit for the user.

Though this cutter is not entirely suitable for industrial use, its short duty cycle is manageable for light industrial and household tasks.

Hobart 500564 Plasma Cutter

The Hobart 5000564 plasma cutter is one of the most reliable and best budget plasma cutters on the list. It is ideal for cutting sheet metal with its quality cuts and high-performance speed. It also has a built-in air compressor that improves its performance.

Moreover, the plasma cutter can make an excellent cut with a ⅜ inches thick metal. Also, this unit does not have to adjust gas pressure settings.

Just take note that this cutter does not work well in cutting painted or rusty metals. But for a beginner or a homeworker, they will surely like this since it is user-friendly. It is also portable and lightweight, so you can work anywhere!

Super Deal DC Inverter Plasma Cutter

The Super Deal plasma cutter is a great deal with its cost and features. It is durable and can work flexibly with everything. It has a current regulation and efficient heat dissipation, which makes its lifespan longer.

This machine can work smoothly and produce clean cuts for its 240 volts of power. It has a pilot arc striking system that can be used both at home and in an industrial setting.

This is good for beginners since it is easy to use and has simple control and operations, although the operating instructions in the manual are quite confusing. This machine is also commendable for being energy efficient.

AHP AlphaCut Plasma Cutter

The AHP AlphaCut Plasma Cutter is a versatile machine for cutting metals. With its advanced technology and pilot arc, it can easily be used for cleaning and cutting metal. It is also known for its high-quality components, which makes this cutter an excellent choice.

This metal cutter is available for both 110 and 120 volts and can also cut through painted and rusty metals.

For metal construction projects, it will perform well with its 60 amp and easily cut ⅛ inches stainless steel cuts. Though this cutter is limited for cutting metal thickness, this is still a good choice for home and casual use.

Forney Easy Weld 251 Plasma Cutter

This is one of the affordable plasma cutters in the market, which can be used for a minimal range of up to 20 amp. It can cut up light sections up to ¼ inches thick. With its price, expect this plasma cutter to work with minimal performance.

However, this cutter is difficult to use. This is just a simple plasma cutter for beginners and casual use at home and not for heavy-duty industrial use.

Hobart Airforce 40i 240V Plasma Cutter

The Hobart Airforce 40i 240V Plasma Cutter offers great perks and functions. For a maximum 40 amp output, it can cut up to ⅞ inches. Hobart's Wind Tunnel technology can also protect its internal components from any threats while cutting.

Since this is a bigger cutter compared to others, it works well with substantial cuts. That is why this is not recommended for home cutters. It also needs a 50-amp breaker to run smoothly. Still, this is a good choice for you!


What is the best deal?

In this modern era, finding the right plasma cutter is almost as easy and convenient as walking in the park. Choosing the best budget plasma cutter should not just be about its price. It should also suit your needs, and whether it will be used for home, arts, or industrial use. You also need to consider its main features, limitations, and the materials used. The best plasma cutter should have excellent features that will serve your needs but should also be a good deal in terms of its price.

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