5 TIG Welding Machine Choices for New Fabricator Hobbyists
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Welding Buddy Experts
February 23, 2022

5 TIG Welding Machine Choices for New Fabricator Hobbyists

Last updated ago
7 min read
Welding Buddy Experts
February 23, 2022

Metal fabrication is a fun hobby to get into. The simple things make it enjoyable: things like the clicking sound of your welding helmet as you nod it in place or the hypnotizing light produced by the arc. But one thing is for sure: you will like seeing a good, clean welding finish best.

Tungsten inert gas (TIG) welders can bring you that beautiful weld finish, the kind that will make you want to do more passion projects and pull an all-nighter at the workshop. Let us help you get the right equipment in this article.

Top Picks for Stick and TIG Welding Machine for Sale

Starting out a fabrication hobby at home is an exciting endeavor. And part of the excitement is window-shopping welders. So let's narrow down your search and give you a shortlist of machines that will bring out the fun hobbyist in you.

Simder Dual-Process TIG Welder

Simder offers quality welding equipment built to maintain high standards. They produce machines for stick, TIG, and metal inert gas (MIG) welding while considering the welder’s needs. As a result, they manufacture world-class products just like the Simder 2-in-1 TIG welding machine, an outstanding piece of equipment that yields smooth and beautiful TIG welds.

Quick Features

  • Gas delay. This feature allows you to control your shielding gas flow rate with the turn of a knob. The gas control delays the flow from 1 to 10 seconds, saving you money and preventing weld porosity.
  • Dual-process. Flip a switch, and you'll get TIG welding. Flip it back, and you get arc welding.
  • Portable. The welding machine's dimension is 26 × 12.3 × 21 centimeters with a unit weight of 4 kilograms. It's smaller than a briefcase and lighter than a bowling ball.
  • IGBT inverter. The insulated gate bipolar transistor is a relatively new technology that makes switching in between welding processes seamless.


  • TIG-200l welding machine
  • Power cable (1.5 meters)
  • WP-17 TIG torch
  • Torch cable (4 meters)
  • Ground clamp (1.8 meters)
  • Electrode holder cable (2 meters)
  • Gas nozzle (2 pieces)
  • Gas hose (3 meters)
  • Hose adjuster (2 pieces)
  • Collet and collet body


  • The machine is suitable for different fillers. For TIG, it can accommodate 1 to 2 millimeters of tungsten electrodes. For welding rods, it can cater to 7018, 6013, and 6010. This capability is amazing when you're trying to weld different metal workpieces with similar or even different fillers.
  • Switching processes is easy and efficient. It only takes flipping a switch to activate either TIG or stick, and you can use it right away. 


  • The arc/stick process can be inconsistent when you do a pass. The amperage may pulse, and it can potentially ruin your weld.

S7 TIG and Arc Welder

S7 is a brand name under the company Win Win Technologies. The company manufactures value-for-money products, and the S7 is a brand reserved for its high-quality but low-cost welding equipment.

The S7 TIG and stick welding machine rivals, high-end welders, in terms of function and weld result. And you'll only need to shell out less than $200 for it. 

Quick Features

  • 85% duty cycle. Most machines will average 50% to 60%. The S7 yields an astonishing 85% duty cycle: it will let you run your torch welds at fewer intervals with longer and more complicated passes.
  • Voltage protection. Fluctuating voltages can ruin your desired welding outcome. The voltage protection keeps it constant, preventing your machine from surging or dipping in power.
  • Amperage and gas control. You can adjust the amps from 10 to 200. For gas, you can delay it from 0.1 to 6 seconds, which gives you more control over your weld quality.


  • TIG and stick welding machine
  • Torch gun
  • Electrode holder
  • Electrode clamp
  • 220-volt wire and plug
  • 110-volt adapter plug
  • Manuals
  • Collets
  • Torch caps


  • It's a high-frequency (HF) start. Typically, this feature is available only on high-end brands such as Lincoln. So, it's impressive to fit an HF on something expected to be a lift TIG welding machine. In addition, the HF start makes it easier for you to weld with precision because you control it by pulling the trigger on the torch.
  • It yields an impressive weld finish. The end result looks smooth and clean on both TIG and stick welding; you won't need any post-weld cleanup. On the other hand, producing a beautiful weld is easier with the stick. Using TIG on this machine is amazing but may require advanced skill due to its sensitivity.


  • The leads included in this purchase are a little shorter than expected. If you don't mind carrying around your machine more often, this will not be a problem. Otherwise, you may need to purchase longer lead cables to increase your range of motion.

Primeweld TIG 225X Welder

Primeweld takes pride in its reputation for trustworthy quality. The brand endlessly pursues innovation for constant improvement. Apart from that, their products, such as the TIG 225X, go through rigorous quality standards.

The TIG 225X is a powerful, heavy-duty machine. And along with its size comes the intensity its TIG welding yields that will make any fabricator's dream come to life.

Quick Features

  • Flex head torch. The Primeweld has a bendable TIG torch. Instead of adjusting your workpiece, you can move the torch head for a better reach and an accurate weld.
  • 225 amps. TIG welding aluminum and other thick metals is possible with this heavy-duty machine that spits out as much as 225 amps of power. It's enough for 3/16 inches or 4.8 millimeters of metal thickness.
  • Amp control knobs. This TIG/stick machine gives you high-sensitivity knobs for setting up your start current, upslope, downslope, and finish. In addition, you can turn the knobs in minuscule increments to get the precise settings.
  • High-frequency start. The TIG hand torch operates on a high-frequency start; it lets you pull the trigger to start the arc and begin welding. You get to choose when you start and stop.


  • Welding machine
  • Bendable CK TIG torch
  • Flexible torch cable
  • Stick welding cable
  • Ground clamp
  • Foot pedal
  • TIG torch consumables
  • Argon/gas flow meter
  • Manual


  • Powerful and controllable. The Primeweld machine sure has a lot of power because it's 225 amps; you can weld various metals with that kind of range. Also, the control knobs may seem old-fashioned, but they do give you every bit of adjustment you want.
  • Smooth AC TIG welding. This powerful machine will yield beautiful weld passes if you switch it up to AC, especially for stainless steel and aluminum. 


  • It's bulky. You'll need to invest in a good welding machine rack to haul this beast around the workshop because it is unusually big and heavy.

Weldpro Digital Stick and TIG Welder

Let’s move up to the higher price ranges. Weldpro is a brand that commits to making its heavy-duty TIG and sticks welding machines available for everyone. This full-featured machine can go toe to toe with premium welder brands. It is a formidable contender as it focuses on giving you as much amperage and electric current customization.

Quick Features

  • Brass flow meter. The flow meter measures your shielding gas's outflow and serves as a gas regulator. The equipment lets you know how much you still have left inside the cylinder.
  • AC/DC change button. With the push of a button, you can change the flow of electric current through your welding machine.
  • Pulse/straight button. This button will allow you to control the current intensity by alternating between high and low (pulse) or a constant one.
  • Amperage settings. You can set your preferred amperage on both the upslope and downslope of a pulse weld. Similarly, you can set limits to your peak amperage to ensure spotless welds.
  • TIG/stick button. Switching between processes is as easy as pushing a button. It also has a light indicator that turns red beside the machine's process.


  • CK Superflex TIG torch
  • Gas flow meter
  • Ground clamp (1.8 meters)
  • Electrode holder
  • TIG torch consumables (collets, tips, fillers)
  • Rocker foot pedal


  • Full features at a good price range. This automatic tig welding machine’s price is low considering its loaded features. It also has high-quality inclusions. We're saying this because a welding machine alone can cost $1000, and you’ll still have to put out for the accessories.
  • The Weldpro lets you determine the amperage settings on different stages, from the arc's start to the finish, setting itself apart from other premium welding equipment brands.
  • It works wonders on AC TIG. You can do a pass on a ⅛-inch aluminum at 200 amps, and it'll work. The arc has enough power to handle tough metal workpieces.


  • This welding machine doesn't offer a lift-to-start option despite its many features. You'll have to be content with the high-frequency trigger start.

Lincoln Electric Square Wave TIG Welder

Last on the list is Lincoln, a premium brand that offers superior welding machines. Perhaps what makes this welder stand out at the outset is how simple it looks. The Square Wave's front panel only has one knob right in the middle, a straightforward design.

Inside this machine is where the real deal is. The features built into it are useful if you're going pro. For example, the electrode configuration feature allows you to control the quality and neatness of your weld.

Quick Features

  • Asymmetric TIG. The asymmetric welding capabilities of this TIG and stick rig help you achieve amazing finishes on metals like magnesium and aluminum.
  • Plug and play. This TIG welder is ready to go once plugged in. You can work faster if you have configured the machine from your previous sessions. 
  • Adjustable AC range. You can control the AC electrode, negative or positive. Play around with this, and you control the bead width, penetration, and travel speed, resulting in a beautiful weld.
  • Dual voltage. The machine is compatible with 120-V and 230-V power sources. It also has separate cords for each voltage type, ensuring the machine gets adequate power and avoids short circuits.


  • Square Wave welding machine
  • PTA-17F TIG torch
  • 120-V power cord
  • 230-V power cord
  • Gas regulator (3 meters)
  • Ground clamp
  • Stick electrode holder
  • Gas hose kit
  • Foot amperage controller


  • Adaptable. The dual-voltage and dual-process capabilities of the Square Wave allow you to plug it indoors or outdoors, wherever you want to do TIG or stick welding.
  • It's simply an awesome machine. You can expect the Square Wave to always stay cool, even with a cranked-up arc. It's also reliable: the arc starts are consistent when you fire it up.


  • The pulse welding option has a limit of 20 pulses per second, which can be problematic when welding thin metal.
  • The price can be a bit lower, considering some multiprocess welders cost the same or less.
tig welding machine - A welder joining a spherical-shaped metal in the dark

Our Pick: Weldpro TIG Welding Machine

We choose Weldpro because of the balance between price and features. If you have less than $1000 to burn for a home workshop, Weldpro is worth taking home.

The Weldpro machine includes everything necessary for welding. You have the AC/DC control option, a detailed amperage configuration, and a straight weld setup. Most importantly, you get to choose either TIG or stick welding.

Not sure if getting a dual-process TIG and stick welder is right at your current skill level? Or maybe you're wondering about the difference between a MIG and a TIG welding machine. Don't worry. Read more guides and reviews on Welding Buddy to get more information about MIG and TIG welding and other things in between.

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