Cut With the Right Machine: The Industry-Best CNC Plasma Cutter List
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Welding Buddy Experts
July 16, 2021

Cut With the Right Machine: The Industry-Best CNC Plasma Cutter List

Last updated ago
5 min read
Welding Buddy Experts
July 16, 2021
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You got your hands on an incredible CNC table, and you're reading this to find a plasma cutting machine to match your table. Whether you're a hobbyist or a professional, the variety of options for CNC plasma cutters can be stressful to choose from. This article serves as a guide to lead you to the right machine.

The Key Feature of A CNC Plasma Cutter

There is one key feature of a CNC plasma cutter that separates it from other plasma cutting machines: a computer port. The interface port enables the CNC table to connect with the plasma cutting machine.

4 Industry-Best CNC Plasma Cutters for Your CNC Table

Don't waste time on extensive research. We compiled four of the best CNC cutters with indicated specialties for your preference. All of the models have good quality and valuable rates— all you need is to find what works for you best. Check out our list below to select your preferred CNC plasma cutting machine!  

Hobby CNC Plasma Cutter

If you're into hobby-level cutting projects, this one is a good hobby CNC plasma cutter table to get you started.

Everlast Powerplasma 82I CNC Compatible Plasma Cutter (80 Amp)

Highlight Features: Blowback pilot arc, digital air pressure guide, Italian designed iPT 80 torch, 3-second pilot arc tip saver, adjustable post flow, and a CNC socket

Quick Specs:

Weight60 lb
Dimensions26 x 21 x 17 in
Voltage220 V
Source of PowerDirect Current
MaterialStainless Steel
Duty Cycles60% at 80A/112V
100% at 63A/105V
Cutting Capacity● Maximum of 1-inch daily use at 15-20 ipm
● Maximum of 1 1/4-inch clean cut at 8-12 ipm
● Maximum of 1 7/16-inch severance cut at 3-5 ipm
● Maximum piercing at 5/8-inch
Note: Various factors can affect the capacity.

Comes with: iPT 80 torch, central connector, work clamp, air pressure regulator, and starter kit

The Everlast Powerplasma 82i allows the hobbyist to cut with ease and simplicity. The Blowback pilot arc cuts easily through corrosive, painted metals and can start without high-frequency requirements. The torches are easy to use and allow for neat, smooth cuts and the machine also features a pilot arc tip saver— it shuts down after 3 seconds of operation to prevent consumables from quickly wearing out.

You can use the Everlast cutter in your home, auto shop, commercial fabrication, shipyards, CNC, pipelines, HVAC, farm, ranch, motorsports, muffler shops, and factory maintenance. You can cut steel, copper, nickel, stainless aluminum, titanium, cast iron, and nickel alloys with this machine.

Downsides: Cutting thin metals with a lot of detail isn't going to work well.

Affordable CNC Plasma Cutting Machine

The following model is something you can find in CNC plasma cutter for sale lists— with prices ranging below $1000. This plasma cutting machine is excellent for your CNC table.

Primeweld CUT60 Dual Voltage Torch Plasma Cutter (60 Amp)

Highlight Features: Excellent cut quality, lightweight, Blowback start technology, 3-year warranty, Continuous Pilot Arc, user-friendly, good customer support, Euro Central Connection

Quick Specs:

WeightSee manual / Contact manufacturer
Dimensions20 x 11 x 19 in
VoltageDual Voltage with adapter; 120 V and 140 V input power
Source of PowerSee manual / Contact manufacturer
Duty Cycles60% at 60A
Cutting CapacityUp to 7/8-in of thickness
1/32 in for thinness

Comes with: PT60 Blowback cutting torch, CNC plug, ground clamp, wire brush, 220V-110V pigtail adapter, and extra welding helmet consumables

Primeweld machines are built for tough conditions and work environments, so it's perfect for large volume projects. The CUT60 is structured to make top-notch, artistic cuts that reach 7/8 inches thick on steel and thin as 1/32 in sheet metals. What makes this machine unique is the cutting torch with Euro Central Connection. It gives you absolute control over your project. 

Downsides: The welding helmet doesn't have the best quality in the market.

CNC Plasma Machine for Professionals

Are you thinking of purchasing a CNC cutting machine to use for professional shops and services? Then the Hypertherm machine is suitable for you.

Hypertherm Powermax 65 G4 Plasma System

Highlight Features: Smart Sense™ technology, Duramax™ torch style, SpringStart™ technology, Hypertherm Certified™ reliability, user-friendly, custom configurations

Quick Specs:

Weight57-64 lbs
DimensionsDepth: 19.7 in
Width: 9.2. in
Height: 17.9 in
VoltageCSA Marking
● 200-480 V, 1-PH, 50/60 Hz
● 200-600 V, 3-PH, 50/60 Hz
CE Marking
● 380/400 V, 3-PH, 50/60 Hz
Source of PowerInverter - IGBT
Duty Cycles● 40%-50% at 65A
● 100% at46A
Cutting CapacityMaximum of 3/4 in
Maximum piercing of 5/8 in

Comes with: Power supply, machine torch, torch consumable kit, work cable, and remote power switch

Get your hands on the versatile Hypertherm Powermax 65 G4 Plasma System! The machine incorporates Smart Sense technology to allow auto-adjustment of air pressure. In addition, there are seven Duramax styles of high-impact torches you can choose from to achieve maximum efficiency.

It’s a cutting tool recommended for professionals, but the controls are easy enough for beginners to use. The Powermax65 promotes maximum productivity with its fast cutting skills, consistency through SpringStart™ technology, and excellent performance in harsh environments. This machine works on mild steel, stainless steel, and aluminum.

Downsides: Reviews state that the start and end of the piercing process aren't clean, so it needs metal cleansing.

CNC Plasma Cutting Machine for Light-Duty Tasks

If you plan to work on a lighter project this time, a CNC cutting machine makes an excellent tool for it. 

Lotos LTP5500D-CNC Plasma Cutter (55 AMP with THC)

Highlight Features: Non-High Frequency (Non-HF) Start Arc (NPT 1/4" industry type D), Blowback technology, 1-min. installation, 1-year warranty, Dual Voltage (Automatic), Back Striking design, and Torch Height Control (THC)

Quick Specs:

Weight22 lbs
Dimensions16 x 7.1 x 12 in
VoltageAuto Dual Voltage, 110-125V / 215-245V
Source of PowerIGBT Inverter
Duty Cycles60% at 55A
Cutting Capacity● 3/5-inch ideal clean cut
● 1-inch maximum cut

Comes with: Cutting hose (20 ft), power cord (6 ft), pre-installed plug, air filter regulator, consumables, ground clamp,  power supply, and Blowback start cutting torch

The Lotos CNC cutter’s portable and powerful cutting ability is suitable for light-duty DIY and small business projects. It's the ideal machine for CNC, but you can also use it for general purposes. Because of the integrated Blowback technology, you can avoid interference on your system.

You can install the system in as fast as one minute! This is possible because the plug and air filter regulator use a rod on your air compressor to connect to the system. The Non-HF start torch comes with a Euro-type central connector— saving time in connecting the torch to the plasma cutter. Use this cutting machine to work on stainless steel, copper, alloys, mild steel, and aluminum.

Downsides: Customers say the consumables are pricey, the manual isn't very clear, and some items come with parts needing repair.

Choosing the Right CNC Cutting Machine

CNC cutters offer high productivity and lower production costs for businesses and homemakers. Look at the following aspects of a CNC cutter below to ensure you're using the right machine.

  • Weight and Speed - The weight and speed will depend on the task level. A machine made of iron cast is generally the best for tough jobs, while aluminum, polymer, and other materials are good for light tasks.
  • Power Requirements - Look at the power consumption of your CNC machine and ensure that you can adjust your workplace to fit the power requirements.
  • Specific Cutters - It is best to choose a CNC cutter designed for the specific material you will work on. A cutter lacking specific modifications can cause damage to your material.
  • Size - Bigger tools are more robust to prevent deflection, while smaller tools work best in tight corners and tiny details.
  • Spare Parts - If your machine breaks down or starts to wear out, it would be great to have readily available spare parts for quick repair.   


Aside from your expertise level in using a CNC cutter, the machine is doing the majority of your cutting work. Therefore, it's essential to find a suitable cutter for your CNC plasma cutter projects. Of course, skills and knowledge matter, and it's best to combine them with appropriate tools. We hope this list guides you to the CNC cutter you've been looking for!

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