Find Pipeline Welds Daunting? You Need a Good Pipeliner Welding Helmet!
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Welding Buddy Experts
May 11, 2022

Find Pipeline Welds Daunting? You Need a Good Pipeliner Welding Helmet!

Last updated ago
4 min read
Welding Buddy Experts
May 11, 2022

Is your first pipe welding project stuck in the pipeline? We understand if you're hesitant. After all, pipeline welding is notorious for being difficult; you have to stay in tough positions for a long time and weld different curved metal sizes.

Plus, you're surrounded by outdoor welding hazards. It's inevitable to think of the worst things that could happen. Fortunately, there's a way to make pipe welding easier and safer: wear a good pipeliner welding helmet!

You can overcome your hesitation and accomplish your pipeline welding task with the right tools and knowledge. So don't shy away from welding pipelines because of its challenges.

Instead, find equipment that will provide the convenience, function, and protection you need. Check out our four welding helmet recommendations for pipeline welders!

4 Pipeline Helmets For Pipe Welding Convenience and Protection

If you're hesitant to weld large pipelines because they look tough, you need a good pipeline welding helmet! It will make the job simpler and safer for you to weld pipes without any trouble at all.

Check out our four welding helmet reviews below!

pipeline welding helmet pancake - sarge black pancake helmet

1) Sarge's Black Pancake Welding Helmet 

This helmet is your go-to for convenient and lightweight protective gear while heavy-duty welding for long periods!

Helmet Anatomy

The Sarge Black Pancake Welding Helmet is made of balsa wood and phenolic Formica (brown paper soaked in resin). It weighs 12.5 ounces, with a dimension of 10.5 inches for the face shield and 5.8 × 8 inches for the side shield. Additionally, it involves an adjustable 1.5 inch elastic headband and 100 cm sandpaper for eyepiece fitting customization.

Best Welding Helmet for: Anti-Neck Fatigue and Cost-Effectivity

Welding for long periods can cause neck fatigue, especially if you work in tough positions. But with this lightweight and comfortable welding helmet, you can save yourself from that and work with ease. Plus, this is one of the most cost-effective welding helmets!

Drawbacks: Durability Issues

The metal shield may easily bend if you're not careful. The band's stitches may also become loose after a few uses.

white pipeliner welding helmet - honeywell fibre metal tigerwood welding helmet

2) Honeywell Fibre-Metal Tigerhood Thermoplastic Welding Helmet

Having trouble with low-light welding environments? Then, trust in the superior visibility of the Honeywell Tigerhood FibreMetal Pipeliner Welding Helmet!

Helmet Anatomy

This welding helmet is constructed from thermoplastic Noryl. It features a molded-in glass holder with a 2 x 4 1/4 inch aperture and a shade 10 welding lens. Furthermore, this model comes with a flexible and speedy loop hard hat mounting system.

Best Welding Helmet for: Clarity and Simplicity

This lightweight Honeywell model gives you an optimal view of your welding area and workpiece, even better in darker environments. On top of that, it's easy to operate and offers solid protection.

A flipping telescoping lid helps you check the weld easier and make modifications. Lastly, the helmet is constructed to block smoke and fumes, resist heat and sparks, avoid light leaking, and provide UV/IR protection.

Drawbacks: Sensor Count and Hard Hat Issues

This helmet has two sensors, which is good but doesn't offer as much coverage as a four-sensor helmet. Additionally, some users find that the hard hat is uncomfortable and has poor quality.

3) HZXVOGEN True Color Solar-Powered Auto-Darkening Welding Helmet

Meanwhile, if you're looking for a protective helmet for overhead pipe welding, the HZXVOGEN True Color Welding Helmet is your go-to.

Helmet Anatomy

This auto-darkening welding helmet features an aerodynamic construction with curved corners. It also has an adjustable headgear, four premium sensors, sensitivity adjustment, and a 92.5 x 42.5 mm viewing area.

Best Welding Helmet for: Enhanced Visibility, Affordability, and Protection

This helmet incorporates true color technology, enhancing visibility and allowing you to distinguish colors instead of the traditional green screen. If you don't want to break the bank for a good-quality welding helmet, it's also a good alternative.

Lastly, it has safety features that can withstand the demands of pipeline welding. These include excellent heat tolerance, flame resistance, spark deflection, and extended throat protection.

Drawbacks: Lacking True Color Function and Sensor Count

This helmet has a lower true color technology than expensive welding helmet brands. Additionally, it only has two arc sensors, lacking some light coverage.

fibre metal pipeliner welding helmet - original pancake welding helmet

4) Original Pancake Welding Helmet/Hood

Do you want to invest in a long-standing brand that manufactures pipeline welding helmets resembling real pancakes? If so, the Original Pancake Welding Hood is perfect for you!

Helmet Anatomy

This pancake helmet is designed for pipeline welding work, handcrafted from phenolic and balsa wood. Plus, it features a unique side shield with an ear guard design, sandpaper, adjustable strap, and a cover lens.

Best Welding Helmet for: Protection, Lens Support, and Glare-Free Vision

The unique side shield of this pancake welding hood is constructed for better coverage than a standard helmet design. It guards your face and ears against spatters when you weld in tough positions. Plus, the phenolic material has great impact resistance.

Furthermore, the balsa box allows easy lens accommodation and glare-free vision. Lastly, it's made lightweight and comfortable to prevent neck fatigue and help you weld at ease for longer periods.

Drawbacks: Higher Cost and Lens Issues

This pipeline welding helmet from Pancake is more expensive than the previous products. It's also tricky to adjust the balsa eye box necessary for fitting the lens. Consequently, you may have to check the lenses for stability now and then.

Weld Pipes Fearlessly With the Right Welding Helmet

Pipeline welding is tough, so welders tend to shy away from it. You have to weld curved metals in difficult positions and protect yourself from many outdoor welding hazards. However, making the process easier and achieving the perfect weld is not impossible.

All you need is the right equipment, particularly a welding helmet for pipeline welding. It helps you get the work done easily and precisely while minimizing hassle and hazards. We hope our roundup encourages you to push through your pipeline welding project and fearlessly achieve the best welds!

Are four products not enough? Perhaps you're looking for a pipeliner welding helmet made in the UK or a white pipeliner welding helmet to match your color preference. In that case, explore our website for more welding helmet articles.

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