Cut Through Anything With a Cutting Torch Head: Here’s a List
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December 22, 2021

Cut Through Anything With a Cutting Torch Head: Here’s a List

Last updated ago
4 min read
December 22, 2021

Cutting torches are some of the most versatile tools in the metalworking industry. You can use them for any heat cutting or welding job you need to do. When it comes to buying parts, however, keep in mind that its way better to acquire the cutting torch head that will meet your specific needs rather than a general-purpose one.

In this article, we’re looking at the different cutting torch heads for your desired welding process along with the best products in the market.

The Cutting Torch Head and Its Different Types

The head is the part of a cutting torch that does the cutting. There are a few different types of cutting torch heads that you can use for your welding projects. Let’s take a look:

Straight Head. It is a type of torch head that can cut straight, especially if the materials to be cut are dense and the danger of explosion to the surrounding material is shielded.

If you want a straight head to cut straight wire, it's important to have enough heat to melt through the wire, so it does not curl, kink, or twist while being passed quickly in front of an open flame. The straight cutting head with less heat may only be recommended when it’s less likely to come in contact with heated surfaces, resulting in damage.

The most popular welding straight-cutting torches are MAPP gas-powered since they provide more heat than others without requiring any auxiliary fuel tank. A MAPP gas is a mixture of three different gases. The straight head is powered by this gas, although it's necessary to have a regulator for the machine to function properly.

There are two subtypes of the straight head, such as:

  • Swan Neck. The swan neck is the first type characterized by a long, curved neck. This type is often used for precision work because the long neck gives you more control over the flame. It's also great for reaching into tight spaces or around curves in your project.
  • Right Angle. It is a type of straight head that has a 90-degree bend in the neck. It is perfect for welding in tight spaces because it lets you get up close to your project and still have easy access to the flame. It's also great for welding in straight lines or around corners.

Curved Head. A curved head is a type of head designed to cut curves in metal. This type is ideal for applications where straight lines are impossible.

Piercing Head. This one is used for delicate work, such as removing one side of a straight edge to provide clearance for a protruding part.

The Best Cutting Torch Heads in the Market For You!

There are great selections of cutting torch for sale that you can buy in your favorite welding stores or online shops. Here are some of the best cutting torch heads you might want to add to your cutting torch kit.

A Victor straight cutting torch head

Victor Straight Cutting Torch Head

The Victor cutting torch head is a great option if you are looking for one straight head for all your welding needs. It comes with two tips, one for general use and another which is narrower and more pointed for greater precision. The oxygen and acetylene tanks hook up easily to the rear of the unit, making it easy to transport from job site to job site.

A Harris type 62-5E straight heavy duty cutting torch

Harris Type 62-5E Straight Heavy Duty Cutting Torch

The Harris Type 62-5E straight heavy-duty oxy cutting torch is a great option for those who need a straight head that can handle a lot of heat. This torch head is designed for use with oxygen and acetylene tanks, and it comes with a built-in flashback arrestor for safety. It also has an adjustable regulator so you can control the amount of heat applied to your project.

A ESAB RebelCut 48 straight cutting torch head

ESAB RebelCut 48 Straight Cutting Torch Head

The ESAB RebelCut 45 is an excellent choice for those who need a versatile straight head. You can use this torch head with either oxygen or acetylene tanks, and it comes with both a general-purpose tip and a precision tip for greater accuracy. It also has an adjustable regulator to control the amount of heat applied to your project.

These straight-cutting torches are perfect for straight lines and curves due to their long neck design, giving more precision while welding and getting in tight spaces. The best part? You don't have to worry about running out of fuel, thanks to the large gas capacity of these bad boys!

A SPARC MAPP propane gas torch

SPARC MAPP/Propane Gas Torch

SPARC MAPP/Propane gas torch has a start/stop functionality that allows you to ignite and extinguish the flame easily. The run-lock button is used to maintain the torch lit for extended periods.

If you want maximum heat, you can unleash the ultra swirl flame, typically for large diameter soldering, light welding, and heat-treating. This head is made of solid aluminum body construction for maximum durability.

Uniweld TYPE17-2 Weld/Braze Tip #2

This curved head is made in the United States and is 100% flame tested. You can use it with natural gas, propane, acetylene, and MAP/Pro. With Uniweld Type17-2 Weld/Braze Tip #2, you can weld ⅛-inch of metal and even braze 1–inch copper. It also fits with the 71 handles or the WH550 handle. In addition, you can hand tighten the tip nut for fast and easy change of tips.

Select the Right Cutting Torch Head

It's a practical move to acquire either straight, curved, or pierced cutting torch heads to use depending on the metal cut you need to achieve. If you think you’ll be needing the other types for different applications sooner or later, you can also opt for a cutting torch set that comes with all cutting torch heads. Consult our list and say hello to hassle-free shopping.

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